April 10, 2021

North Dakota Strongest Man & Woman VII 2021


Williston, ND


  1. VIKING PRESS: Athlete can use whatever protective equipment. Once Viking press is picked up and ready to press, no re-racking or setting it back down. No double dips, so a standard push press, but no push jerks, split jerks or double leg drive of any kind. Press to lockout, judge will give a good command, weight will go back to shoulders before dipping and start over. As many reps in a 60 second time limit as possible.
  2. MAX DEADLIFT (XPC ARNOLD 2022 QUALIFIER): Athlete will have 3 attempts to do a max deadlift to qualify for the 2022 Arnold XPC. Strongman rules are allowed, straps are ok, hitching is ok, no sumo, belts is ok, etc. and yes a deadlift suit will be aloud. BUT the XPC will only allow powerlifting rules only, no straps, no hitching and 3 attempts like powerlifting.
  3. YOKE: Athletes will have 60 seconds to carry the yoke down a 50 foot course. The yoke must start behind the start line and 100% cross the finish line, only carry one direction and done. Protective equipment is allowed. We will pick yoke heights at weigh ins, but no changes the day off.
  4. FARMERS: Athletes will have 60 seconds to carry the farms down and back the 50 foot course. Farmers must start behind the start line, pick and carry, at the 50’ line the farmers just need to cross the line, but not entirely cross, drop re-pick (no turns) and once picked return to the start line and cross the line 100%. Protective gear is allowed, but no straps. Yes Chalk is fines, no gloves, no straps just grip it.
  5. STONE OVER BAR: Females will have to load the stone over a 48” bar as many reps as possible and the male athletes over a 54” bar for as many reps as possible in 60 seconds. All protective equipment allowed, tacky is allowed, please be prepared to clean up and not touch everything in the facility. Athletes will start with their hands above the yoke and 60 second time limit. A judge will count reps and someone will push the stone back after each rep.


Weigh ins will be at Full Circle Strength Systems at 301 26th Street West, Williston, ND 58801 (701)774-5036

Hotel Will be at Main Stays Suites 200 26th Street Williston, ND 58801 (701) 572-5793

Awards per class for 1st - 3rd. 

Event doors will open to athletes at 8am (free entrance), spectators ($10 fee at door) at 9am, food and beverage sales inside building. Spectators can also pre purchase tickets to get in facility at Full Circle Strength Systems a month prior for $10 to all, except kids 12 and under are free. 

Parking is free. 

Weight can change without notice.

Williston ARC Parks & Recreation
822 18th St E
Williston, ND 58801
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Apr 10, 2021

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Mitch Hughes

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Events and Weights
Division Viking Press - RepsMAX DEADLIFT (XPC ARNOLD 2022 QUALIFIER)Yoke - 50' Course RunFarmers - 50'Course Run (Down and Back)Stone over Bar - Reps
Open W LW (132-)125MAX300125150
Open W MW (165-)150MAX350150175
Open W HW (198-)175MAX400175205
Open W SHW (+)175MAX450200215
Masters Women (Single Class)150MAX350150150
Teen W LW (165-)70MAX25010095
Teen W HW (165+)70MAX25010095
Hero Women (Single Class)125MAX300125150
Novice Men (Single Class)175MAX450175175
Open M LW (181-)200MAX500200215
Open M MW (220-)225MAX600225260
Open M HW (275-)275MAX700250290
Open M SHW (+)300MAX800275320
Masters M LW (220-)225MAX600225260
Masters M HW (+)225MAX600225260
Teen M LW (220-)150MAX350150150
Teen M HW (220+)150MAX350150150
Hero Men (Single Class)200MAX500200215

Regular Price
Registration Closes Mar 27, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
48 spots remain.
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