May 20, 2023

NY Strong-est Man & Woman 11


Harrison, NY

USS 2023 Membership REQUIRED for all athletes.

Top 3 in each class and 1st place Novice qualify for USS 2024 Nationals in Denver.

Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place.

Competition Day:

Parking:  There is street parking on Crystal St, pay attention to signs and side of street allowed.  Remember we are in a huge park in a residential area.  Overflow parking is at Louis M. Klein Middle School lot on Nelson Ave.  The address comes up as Union Ave., but the lot is on Nelson and that intersects with Crystal St for you to walk over.  This is for spectators too so let your friends and family know.

There is a driveway up to the pavilion area which is for staff only as well as where we will have the Car DL setup.  I am unsure right now, but the registration tables are most likely under or adjacent to the left larger pavilion.  You will check in, weigh in, receive a shirt if you registered on time, AND get a yoke height.  To keep things smooth Everyone will weigh in regardless.

Weigh Ins/Registration: 730am-9am.  Plan Ahead. Do not miss.

** Some weight classes HAVE been combined.  If you want this to qualify for 2024 Nationals, you still need to make weight in the class you want to qualify for.

915am: Live National Anthem

9:20-9:30: Rules Meeting.

9:30-10am: Warmups on Log and DL

10am: Competition Begins!

3/4pm: Awards Ceremony

1. Log Clean & Press: Last Man Standing.  Minimal opening weights listed.  10lb jumps for women, 20lb jumps for men.  Jump in when you want but once you take an attempt you must take every jump thereafter until you miss or until you are the Last Man/Woman standing.  30 seconds per attempt. 10" for women and 12" for men.

2. Car Deadlift: Side Handle @13" pick height.  Reps in 60 seconds.  Up and Down commands.  No suits.  Any kind of straps allowed but hand must remain in contact with handle, no figure 8 dangling from wrist and not actually holding on to handle.

3. Keg & Bag Toss: Alternating between 3 throw bags (Rogue and/or Cerberus) and 3 kegs (1/4 barrel). Ascending order and you must complete the implement (over the apparatus) before attempting the next in line.  All kegs and throw bags will star on a line in front of apparatus and all athletes start with one hand touching apparatus until judge gives start command.  60 second time limit. Weights listed is bag, keg, bag, keg, bag, keg. *MW, HW, SHW and HW Master men have changed to the kegs first and then the bags.  Weights are updated on IP page.

4. Yoke: 80' course/40' down and 40' back. Unlimited Drops.  60 second time limit. Just the front end needs to pass line on both ends.

5. Sandbag Carry: 75' course with 25' turns. No shouldering Sandbag. Unlimited Drops.  60 second time limit.

6. Stone over bar: Men to 52" and Women to 48".  Reps in 60 seconds.  Tacky Allowed.

THIS IS A RAIN OR SHINE EVENT!!!  The Car DL will be in the parking lot and the Toss will be on the grass.  Other 4 events under pavilions.  Log and SB small, right pavilion, Yoke and Stones large, left pavilion.  Plan accordingly and bringing lawn chairs, pop-up tents are strongly encouraged, ponchos, rain gear, etc.  There will be various picnic tables spread out. Bring your coolers, water, food, snacks, etc.  

There is a dog park adjacent to the pavilion for those that ask about dogs!

For all events you can wear a hard or soft belt or both, Chalk, elbow sleeves, knee sleeves, etc.  

Contest Shirt must be worn for all events except stones.  You can wear any non-competing strongman federation grip shirt underneath it as well as that or anything for stones.  

Event 1 Log

  • Lane 1:  All Women, LW Novice Men
  • Lane 2:  MW Master Men, LW 181, HW 275

Event 1 Car Deadlift

  • Lane 1:  HW Novice Men
  • Lane 2:  HW Master Men, MW 220, SHW

Event 2 Log

  • Lane 1:  HW Novice Men
  • Lane 2:  HW Master Men, MW 220, SHW

Event 2 Car Deadlift

  • Lane 1:  All Women, LW Novice Men
  • Lane 2:  MW Master Men, LW 181, HW 275

Event 3

  • Yoke:  HW Master Men, MW 220, HW 275, SHW
  • Toss: All Women, LW Novice Men, MW Master Men
  • Sandbag: HW Novice Men, LW 181

Event 4

  • Yoke:  All Women, LW Novice Men, MW Master Men
  • Toss:  HW Novice Men, LW 181
  • Sandbag:  HW Master Men, MW 220, HW 275, SHW

Event 5

  • Yoke:  HW Novice Men, LW 181
  • Toss:  HW Master Men, MW 220, HW 275, SHW
  • Sandbag:  All Women, LW Novice Men, MW Master Men

Event 6 Stones

  • Lane 1: All Women, LW Novice Men
  • Lane 2:  HW Novice Men, LW 181
  • Lane 3:  HW Masters Men, MW 220
  • Lane 4:  MW Master Men, HW 275, SHW
Veterans Memorial Park
182 Crystal St
Harrison, NY 10528
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May 20, 2023

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Todd Giorgi
Events and Weights
Division PressCar Deadlift YokeKeg & Bag TossSandbag CarryStone Over Bar
Novice Women (Single Class)75TBD25015/20/20/22/25/25125125
Open W MW (165-)115TBD40015/20/20/22/25/25175175
Open W SHW (+)135TBD45020/20/25/25/30/30175190
Masters Women (Single Class)TBDTBDTBDTBDTBDTBD
Novice M HW (220+)175TBD55025,25,30,30,35,35220275
Novice M LW (220-)155TBD50025,25,30,30,35,35200220
Open M LW (181-)175TBD55025,25,30,30,35,35220275
Open M MW (220-)215TBD650Keg:30/35/35 Bag: 35/40/45265300
Open M HW (275-)245TBD700Keg:30/35/35 Bag: 35/40/45300335
Open M SHW (+)245TBD700Keg:30/35/35 Bag: 35/40/45300335
Masters M MW (220-)135TBD50025,25,30,30,35,35200215
Masters M HW (+)215TBD600Keg:30/35/35 Bag: 35/40/45265300

Regular Price
Registration Closes May 13, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
40 spots remain.