June 1, 2024

Ohio's Strongest


Canfield, OH

Your favorite promoters are back at it again as Team BSS and Iron Fit Crew bring you the 5th Annual Ohio’s Strongest Competition! Join us on Saturday, June 1st at the Canfield Fairgrounds where we will be raising money for the Autism Society of the Mahoning Valley.

Ohio’s will coincide with the Autism Society’s Autism Warrior Event, so there will be activities there for all the family to enjoy!

Events Include:

Barbell Press Ladder: Athlete starts with hands off of implement. Athlete has 60 seconds to clean and press each bar in order lightest to heaviest. You may not drop the bar behind you. Slamming the weight or dropping the bar from overhead will result in a zero. Athlete must wait for a down call. You may clean the bar as you wish. Continental cleans and belt cleans are permitted. Belts, straps, wraps and USS approved grip shirts are all ok. No sticky substances. All bars are in fact barbells!

Deadlift for Reps: Athlete has 60 seconds to get as many reps as possible. Athlete starts with hands off of implement and must strap in on their time. Down calls only. Plates on both sides MUST touch the ground before they start the next rep. Wraps, straps, suits, sleeves are all ok. No sticky substances.

Yoke Zercher Carry: Athlete has 60 seconds to Zercher carry their yoke down 50ft and back 50ft with no drops. If athlete drops or the yoke touches the ground, the clock stops and a distance is given. Athletes may drop after crossing the 50ft mark to turn around to carry it back because we would rather you not attempt to turn with the yoke. Belts, wraps, straps, sleeves and USS approved grip shirts are allowed. Tacky and other sticky substances are not allowed. 

Farmer Hold: Time starts when the athlete locks out the handles. Time stops as soon as the handles hit the ground. Belts, sleeves and wrist wraps are ok. No straps or sticky substances. 

Sandbag Carry and Load for Reps:  Athlete has 60sec to carry sandbag 50ft and then load it over the bar as many times as possible with the remainder of the time. 52" men/48" women. Tack cloth, gloves, belts, wraps, sleeves and USS approved grip shirts are all ok. No tacky! 



Entries are non-transferable 

All weights and events subject to change!

Weigh-in:  May 31 from 9am-12pm and again from 4pm-6pm at BSS Fitness 730 Bev Rd. Boardman Ohio 44512. June 1 from 8:30am-9:30am at the venue.

Rules: June 1 from 9:30am-10am at the venue

First lift will be at 10am 


Canfield Fairgrounds
7265 Columbiana-Canfield Rd
Canfield, OH 44406
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Jun 01, 2024

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Shawn Schumaker
Events and Weights
Division Barbell Press LadderDeadlift for RepsYoke Zercher CarryFarmer HoldSandbag Carry and Load for Reps
Novice W LW (165-)75/95/115/135/155225TBD115100
Novice W HW (165+)95/115/135/155/175255TBD135130
Open W LW (132-)95/115/135/155/175255TBD135130
Open W MW (148-)115/135/155/175/195275TBD155150
Open W MW (165-)115/135/155/175/195275TBD155150
Open W HW (181-)135/155/175/195/215335TBD175175
Open W HW (198-)135/155/175/195/215335TBD175175
Open W SHW (+)155/175/195/215/235375TBD195200
Masters W LW (165-) 50+95/115/135/155/175275TBD155150
Masters Women (Single Class)95/115/135/155/175275TBD155150
Masters W HW (165+) 50+95/115/135/155/175275TBD155150
Novice M LW (220-)155/175/195/215/235375TBD195200
Novice M HW (220+)195/215/235/255/275405TBD225200
Open M LW (181-)195/215/235/255/275495TBD235220
Open M MW (198-)215/235/255/275/295525TBD250250
Open M MW (220-)215/235/255/275/295525TBD250250
Open M HW (242-)235/255/275/295/315600TBD275275
Open M HW (275-)235/255/275/295/315600TBD275275
Open M SHW (308-)255/275/295/315/335625TBD315300
Open M SHW (+)255/275/295/315/335625TBD315300
Masters M MW (220-)195/215/235/255/275495TBD235220
Masters M LW (220-) 50+195/215/235/255/275405TBD225200
Masters M HW (242-)215/235/255/275/295525TBD250250
Masters M HW (+)215/235/255/275/295525TBD275275
Masters M HW (220+) 50+195/215/235/255/275495TBD235220
Teen M LW (220-)155/175/195/215/235375TBD195200
Teen M HW (220+)195/215/35/255/275405TBD225200

Regular Price
Registration Closes May 26, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
55 spots remain.
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