August 19, 2023

OSG Southwest Regional


Mesquite, TX

Welcome to The Official Registration page for the 2023 OSG Southwest Regional Qualifier held at the Mesquite Convention Center, August 19th, during the North Texas Strength Expo.

Weigh-in/Check-in Times & Locations (no weigh-in/check-in allowed on Saturday)

Morning Weigh-in/Check-in: 9:00a.m.-12:00p.m. at Battle Axe Barbell (1494 W Buckingham Rd Garland, TX 75042)

Evening Weigh-in/Check-in: 4:00p.m.-7:00p.m. at Mesquite Convention Center (1700 Rodeo Dr, Mesquite TX 75149)

Class Qualifications for Official Strongman Games invite:

1-3 in a class = 1st only

4-5 in a class = top 2

6 or more in a class = top 3



1. Monster Dumbbell for Max Reps (10" women & 12" men)

Athletes will start with their hands on the Monster Dumbbell then begin to clean & press the implement as many times as possible in 60 seconds once given the "GO" command. Athletes must receive a "DOWN" command for each rep once locked out overhead before lowering the dumbbell back down to the floor and beginning another repetition. Points will be deducted if athlete drops DB to concrete. Dumbbell must touch the floor each time before beginning new clean & press.


2. Sandbag Carry for Max Distance (32ft back and forth)

Athletes will start with their hands off of the sandbag before picking & front carrying the sandbag once given the "GO" command. Athletes will have 90 seconds to carry the sandbag as far as possible for 32ft back and fourth. Athlete's attempt ends once the sandbag hits the floor. Athletes must cross at least 1 of their feet over the 32ft marker each time before turning around to complete additional distance. 10ft distance reduction if either of the athletes feet do not cross the marker each time. Shouldering the bag is not allowed.


3. Deadlift Ladder (stiff bar x2/deadlift bar x2)

Athletes will start with their hands off of the first barbell. Athletes will then deadlift 4 barbells in ascending order once given the "GO" command. Athletes must receive a "DOWN" command before moving on to the next barbell. Time ends once athlete receives the final "DOWN" command on the 4th barbell. 60 second time limit. Straps allowed. Deadlift suits and briefs are not allowed.


4. Sandbag Throw Ladder (12ft women/15ft men)

Athletes will start 10ft back from first sandbag with their hand on the apparatus. Once given the "GO" command, athletes will begin throwing each sandbag over the bar in ascending weight. Each previous sandbag must be thrown over the bar before the next heavier bag can be attempted. Time ends once the 5th sandbag goes over the bar and hits the floor. 60 second time limit.


5. Fatback Farmers (2 deadlifts+32ft/2 deadlifts+32ft)

Athletes will begin with their hands on the farmers handles. Once given the "GO" command, athletes will then deadlift the handles 2 complete times before beginning the carry aspect of the event. The entirety of the handles must completely cross the 32ft marker before athletes are allowed to turn around and begin the addition 2 complete deadlifts + pick & carry back to the start. Athletes must receive 2 "DOWN" commands each way before beginning each carry portion of this event. Time ends once the entirety of the handles cross back over the start line. Straps are not allowed. 60 second time limit. (ex: 2 deadlifts, pick, carry 32ft, turn around, 2 deadlifts, pick, carry 32ft.)

Equipment NOT allowed: equipped suits or briefs, knee wraps, tacky/tacky towel, liquid chalk, deadlift hooks, doubling up of elbow or knee sleeves.


Hotel Information: The hotel is directly connected to the convention center.

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Mesquite Convention Center
1700 Rodeo Dr
Mesquite, TX 75149
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Aug 19, 2023

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Derek Owens
Events and Weights
Division Monster DumbellSandbag CarryDeadlift LadderSandbag ThrowFatback Farmers
Women U73kg (160.6-)90lbs175lbs315,365, 405,42515,20,25, 30,35185lbs ea hand
Women U64kg (140.8-)80lbs175lbs275,315, 365,40515,20,25, 30,35175lbs ea hand
Women U82kg (180.4-)100lbs200lbs365,405, 425,45515,20,25, 30,35195lbs ea hand
Women OPEN (180.4+)110lbs200lbs405,425, 455,47515,20,25, 30,35205lbs ea hand
Women Masters 40+80lbs175lbs275,315, 365,40515,20,25, 30,35175lbs ea hand
Men OPEN (231+)220lbs325lbs635, 675, 725,76530,35,40, 45,50335lbs ea hand
Men U80kg (176-)160lbs250lbs515,545, 585,60530,35,40, 45,50255lbs ea hand
Men U90kg (198-)180lbs275lbs545,585, 605,63530,35,40 ,45,50285lbs ea hand
Men U105kg (231-)200lbs300lbs585,605, 635,67530,35,40, 45,50305lbs ea hand
Men Masters 40+180lbs275lbs545,585, 605,63530,35,40, 45,50285lbs ea hand
Men Masters 50+160lbs250lbs515,545, 585,60530,35,40, 45,50255lbs ea hand

Early Bird Price
Available until May 13, 2023

Regular Price
Registration Closes Aug 05, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 80 athletes.
16 spots remain.