August 31, 2024

Pioneers Strongest 2024


Greenfield, MA

Qualify for USS Nationals 2025  in North Carolina and a chance to set Massachusetts state record. Top three athletes in each  open divisions or class will qualify for nationals.
Event Date: 8/31/2024                Start Time: 9:30 am

Event Registration Fee: 80        

Spectator Tickets: $10 (kids 12 and under free).  Event Master of Ceremonies: Russell Johnson

Weigh- ins:  Friday 8/30/24 @ Y 3:30pm to 5:15pm   Saturday @ Y 8:00am to 9am

Break at approximately 12pm for Lunch/ little kids' strongman


This event will be held outdoors, rain or shine.  Spectators can bring their own chairs or overhead tent. If bringing a tent remember this event is happening in the parking lot, so have something to weigh the tent down.   

Weigh-ins will be on Friday, August 30th, 2024, from 3pm- 5:15pm  at Franklin County YMCA in Greenfield, MA. We will also allow weigh-ins the day of the event from 8am-9am for those who cannot make it the previous day. All athletes must weigh in.  The rules meeting will be at 9:05am before the start of the event.  All competitors are required to attend.

This contest is a sanctioned event with the United States Strongman.  Up-to-date memberships are required to compete.  Please remember, memberships run on the calendar year.

The kid's strongman will be for 7-11 years old. Will consist of; tire flip, stone over bar (yoga ball), Giant rock speed course (giant beach ball). If interested in having your child participating, please email event director prior to the event so we can plan accordingly. Registration for this event will be through the Franklin county website. Only 20 spots will be available. Kids strongman registration fee is $25. Link to register  for kids strongman and to order competition shirt : 


Event Descriptions

1)Log Press: Athletes will clean and press every rep. Athletes will have 60 seconds to complete as many reps as possible. Strict press, push press, split jerk, and push jerk all allowed. Elbows must be locked overhead, and head through to receive a down call. DO NOT DROP THE WEIGHT FROM OVERHEAD. YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO FOR THIS EVENT. Log must be lowered and controlled to the floor. Equipment allowed: Sleeves, Grip Shirts (No SC/OSG), Wrist Wraps, and Belt. 


2)Tire Flip:  Athletes will have a 60- second time limit to flip as many tires as they can. Tires of varying weights will be lined up in front of the athlete and will be able to flip them over in any order they please. No flipping the same weight tire more than once. Score will be based on total weight flipped. 

Equipment Allowed: hard belt, soft belt, elbow sleeves, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, grip shirt, chalk, liquid chalk

Not Allowed: Tacky, Spray Tacky, Multiple hard belts, Knee Wraps

3) Max Wagon Wheel Deadlift( 18”)- This event will follow Wessels Rules. Athletes will start with hands off the implement.  Judge will announce weight on the bar and athletes may jump in when they want to attempt that weight. 30 second time limit per attempt. 3 attempts per athlete. If an athlete misses an attempt he or she is finished; if there's a tie the person who got the lift in an earlier attempt beats the other. Athlete's hands must be wrapped around the bar; no "finger tipping". Hips and knees must be locked out. Athletes must wait for the judge's down command. No lift / zero will be given for soft lockouts, jumping the down command, dropping the bar from lockout. Athletes must wear socks that cover their shins. If an athlete expels any bodily fluids while lifting, they will be responsible for cleaning the mess up. Supplies for cleaning will be on hand and ready. If attempting for a state record, inform the judge before lift.


Allowed: straps, suits, hitching, wrist wraps, knee sleeves/wraps, belt

Not Allowed: gloves, hooks, tacky of any kind, no bare feet


4) Vehicle Pull: Athletes utilizing harness will pull their respective vehicle and will be scored based on the time and distance they pulled their vehicle. If an athlete is unable to pull a vehicle full length they'll be scored just based on distance


5) Pioneer Medley:  Athlete begins at the starting line with 4 implements to carry 25ft. Starting with 3 object to shoulder carries to over bar ( sandbag and natural stone. The final carry will be a farmers carry. Athlettes will have 1 minute 30 seconds to complete this event.  Distance 25ft.  Weights on chart will be ordered as (Farmer, sandbag, atlas stone, natural stone). The yoke  bar set at 50” for women and 54” for men. 

Franklin County's YMCA
451 Main St
Greenfield, MA 01301
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Aug 31, 2024

Start Time
9:30 AM
Meet Director
Joseph Doyle

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Events and Weights
Division Log PressPioneer MedleyWagon Wheel DeadliftTire FlipVehicle Pull
Novice Women (Single Class)70125/75/65/TBDMAX120-950Pick up truck
Open W LW (123-)70125/ 75/65/TBDMAX120-950Pick Up Truck
Open W LW (132-)70125/ 75/65/TBDMAX120-950Pick Up Truck
Open W MW (148-)90135/100/65/TBDMAX120-950Pick Up Truck
Open W MW (165-)90135/100/65/TBDMAX120-950Pick Up Truck
Open W HW (181-)100145/100/110/TBDMAX120-950TBD
Open W HW (198-)100145/100/110/TBDMAX120-950TBD
Open W SHW (242-)110 155/132/125/TBDMAX120-950TBD
Masters Women (Single Class)70115/ 75/65/TBDMAX120-950TBD
Teen W LW (165-)70115/75/65/TBDMAX120-950Pick Up Truck
Teen W HW (165+)70115/75/65/TBDMAX120-950Pick Up Truck
Novice Men (Single Class)165200/132/110/TBDMAX120-950TBD
Open M LW (165-)165200/131/110/TBDMAXTBDTBD
Open M LW (181-)165200/132/110/TBDMAX120-950TBD
Open M MW (198-)195220/175/125/TBDMAXTBDTBD
Open M MW (220-)195220/175/125/TBDMAX120-950TBD
Open M HW (242-)225220/175/125/TBDMAXTBDTBD
Open M HW (275-)225 225/175/150/TBDMAX120-950School Bus
Open M SHW (308-)250 250/200/185/TBDMAX120-950School Bus
Masters Men (Single Class)195200/132/110/TBDMAX120-950TBD
Teen M LW (220-)125185/132/110/TBDMAX120-950TBD
Teen M HW (220+)145200/132/110/TBDMAX120-950TBD
Transgender WomenTBDTBDMAX120-950TBD
Transgender MenTBDTBDMAX120-950TBD

Regular Price
Registration Closes Aug 10, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 80 athletes.
17 spots remain.
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