October 9, 2021

Pro Women's Worlds V


Williston, ND


  1. AXLE DEADLIFT – REPS OFF FLOOR – Athletes will have 60 seconds to complete as many reps as possible. Athlete can start strapped in and will receive a down command on each rep. No touch and go reps, a dead stop at each rep will be expected. Judge will give an up and down command. Athlete can wear straps, belts, chalk, long socks will be expected, do not need to wear shoes. No suits.
  2. BB CLEAN & PRESS – MAX – Athletes will have 3 attempts on a rising bar style with a barbell to find a max on a clean and press. Athletes can wear all protective equipment, except no straps. Athletes can do double over hand or continental on the barbell. Lift needs to be completely locked out overhead and feet square, legs locked out. Athletes will be given time to warm up on the main platforms, but once lifting is started and if an athlete needs more warm ups, they can take those on the warm up area off to the side. 60 second time limit per lift. Jumps will be a minimum of 10 pounds total.
  3. Load medley / Giant wheel barrow – Athletes will have 90 seconds to complete a carry and load medley with 4 implements and once finished a giant wheel barrow that needs to come back across the line. The medley implements will start at 40’ (where the athlete will start, hands on the implement) then 30’, 20’, 10’ and wheel barrow back for the 40’ course. Wheel barrow will need to 100% cross the line. Implements will be loaded onto a giant table, then the wheel barrow will be pre-loaded and brought back. Any protective gear is allowed, except straps on the wheelbarrow. Load medley implements will be, a pair of steel “suitcase” style blocks that you can farmer walk and then load onto the table, then a keg, sandbag and engine block all need to go onto the table as well. Wheel barrow weight is included with the actual weight of wheel barrow plus weight inside (they are balanced extremely well). The bench that the implements will be loaded to is approximately 2' deep, 6' wide and  40" tall
  4. SEATED TRUCK PULL – Athletes will be seated down (can stand to start if wish) and will have their feet pushed up against a large “push block” and with a 1.5” rope assist will pull a truck back. The ground the athlete will be on is smooth concrete and can slide nicely. Athlete can use any protective gear they wish to use, this includes gloves and/or chalk. A helper will pull the rope slack out of the way and will have 60 seconds to finish the 75’ pull. Some classes will have a mid-size truck, other classes will have a full size truck, weight may be put into the truck to weigh in down.
  5. STONE SERIES – Athletes will have a 5 atlas stone series and will place each on top of large barrels. Athletes can wear stone sleeves, different shirt (comp shirt needs to be worn on all other events) any tacky they choose and will have 60 seconds to complete the 5 stone series. The barrels will be 48” each.



Weigh ins will be at Full Circle Strength Systems at 301 26th Street West, Williston, ND 58801 (701)774-5036 Friday Oct. 8th from 8am to Noon and 4pm to 7pm. No Weigh-ins on comp Day. 

Hotel Will be at Main Stays Suites 200 26th Street Williston, ND 58801 (701) 572-5793 This hotel is in walking distance from a grocery store, restaurants and anything you may need. Also about 2 blocks from Full Circle where weigh-ins will be. The venue is a 5 minute drive from the hotel as well.  Mainstay has a  block of 15 rooms set up with a cut off date of September 7th, 2021. They are giving you the rate of $89 for either single kings or double queens. To get this rate they must call: 701-572-5793 and they will get you going under the name “Pro Women’s World"

Awards per class for 1st - 3rd. Plus CASH prizes

Event doors will open to athletes at 8am (free entrance), spectators ($15 fee at door) at 9am, food and beverage sales inside building. Spectators can also pre purchase tickets at Full Circle Strength Systems a month prior for $15 to all, except kids 12 and under are free. 

Athlete area will be closed off from spectators and will have a warm up area. Competition area is also closed off to any non-staff or non-athletes. 

Parking is free. 

Weight can change without notice.

*Any questions please email to fullcirclestrengthsystemsllc@gmail.com  or send a message to the ND Strongman Facebook page or Full Circle Strength Systems on IG or FB 

Raymond Family Community Center
1002 11th St W
Williston, ND 58801
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Oct 09, 2021

Start Time
12:00 PM
Meet Director
Mitch Hughes

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Events and Weights
Open W LW (132-)305MAX75# SC, 150# kEG, 150# SB, 150# engine block, Wheel barrow – 600#Mid Size Truck140, 165, 200, 210, 240
Open W MW (165-)355MAX100# SC, 180# kEG, 175# SB, 165# engine block,Wheel barrow – 650#Full Size truck175, 205, 215, 230, 255
Open W HW (198-)405MAX100# SC, 200# kEG, 200# SB, 175# engine block,Wheel barrow – 700#Full Size truck205, 215, 230, 245, 265
Open W SHW (+)455MAX100# SC, 220# kEG, 225# SB, 175# engine block,Wheel barrow – 750#Full Size truck215, 230, 245, 265, 290
Masters W MW (165-)275MAX75# SC, 125# kEG, 125# SB, 150# engine block, Wheel barrow – 550#Full Size truck140, 165, 200, 210, 245
Masters W HW (+)355MAX100# SC, 180# kEG, 175# SB, 165# engine block,Wheel barrow – 650#Mid Size Truck165, 200, 210, 240, 255

Regular Price
Registration Closes Sep 25, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 75 athletes.
65 spots remain.