June 15, 2024

Revolution of the Strong(wo)men


Tomball, TX



You know how we do it at Rise gym! We had the BIGGEST strongman show in Houston history last time  and we want to keep topping ourselves! More vendors, walk-outs, a huge crowd, and a show for the ages! 

We will be indoors once again with A/C at Rise Athletic Center. Even so, I would highly recommend bringing a chair and plenty of fluids as it may be a hot day even indoors.

Follow me here for all questions and updates: https://www.instagram.com/rise_of_the_strongmen/

Sold out

We have had UNBELIEVABLE support with this show selling out so fast. Therefore, we created another show Oct. 5th 2024 for everyone to look forward to! This is currently on ironpodium but the sign ups will drop 6/16 8pm AFTER this summer show ends. Check it out here: https://ironpodium.com/browse/event/resistance-of-the-strong-wo-me


Sign ups have no refunds as we have already made purchasing decisions with your fees, but I can transfer your full fees to the next show as a coupon or you can donate it to a friend or athlete who is unable to pay.


(subject to change)

8:15am MANDATORY rules meeting. All coaches and athletes must attend

9:00am National Anthem

9:05am Stones up! Event begins

10:45 am Event 2 begins

11:45 pm 30 min lunch

12:15 pm Event 3 begins

2:00 pm Walk outs and Showstopper!

4:00 pm Trophy ceremony 

Weigh ins 


available at Rise gym 6/14 7am-9am and 5pm-7pm. Also QUICK (no re-trys, you weight what you weight) morning of weigh ins 6/15 7-7:30am

Appointments can be made at promoter’s discretion. Contact if needed.

Event 1 MAX Stone Load

-Ohhhhhhh yeah! I want to see errbody get a new max! We will run two lanes: 48” yoke bar for dudettes, 51” platform for dudes. 30” per attempt. 3 attempts.

-Modified Wessel’s rules: stones will start at 71 for F, 119 for M and will be rolled out one at a time lightest to heaviest. Once a stone has had all it's attempts, it's "dead" and can no longer be attempted again.

-We are doing this silent auction style! At weigh ins, athlete will pick from the list of stones for their opener. They can choose to change their attempt weight at any time before starting (as long as stone isn't "dead")

-After using an attempt, athlete will immediately tell the score runner their next attempt. Attempt must be same or higher (stone can't be dead)! Again, they can change their mind anytime before it's their turn. 2 min rest max if you're the last on a stone you want to re-attempt

-Score runner will call athletes for ea stone for their attempt based on SIGN UP order. This way we have a semblance of order and no one gets missed.

-Re-attempts are allowed. 

-True tacky is not allowed to protect our floors. We are allowing LIQUID tacky or tacky towels. Will Development has sponsored the show and you are required to go to his provided clean up station after using liquid tacky for an attempt. Any use of true tacky or using liquid tacky outside of our stone area or skipping the clean up station then touching things will DISQUALIFY you from the whole show.

-Our stones will be a variety of sizes since I used regular and light concrete to achieve desired weights. They are all available for practice at rise gym. All tacky sealed. Currently have 71, 84, 92, 104, 115, 119, 130, 143, 151, 159, 168, 172, 188, 192, 212, 221, 227, 247, 262, 274, 287, 289, 311, 322, (working on a 340ish and 360ish), 400 lbs.


Event 2 Trump Log

-The strategy continues! Here athletes will have a light log and heavy log. For 60” they will overhead press a log to score reps. However, the Heavier log TRUMPS any reps on the lighter log. 

-for scoring: heavy log will count as 100 reps while light will count as 1 rep. Think of the light log like a tiebreaker!

-athlete may move back and forth to ea log as they please. Failures don’t count against you (but they will make you more tired)

-pick your hard! All out conditioning on the light log or all out strength on the heavy ;)

-Gals will have an 8” rogue for light, and 10” Texas Power Co for heavy

-Brahs will have a 12” custom for light, and BRAND NEW 12" Texas Power Co For heavy!

-Clean AND Press every rep! No tree-topping. Dropping below head level or guiding to crash pads is fine.

-Standard lockout rules apply. Knees, hips, elbows extended, head through, feet parallel, and demonstrating control. Must wait for judge to scan body and give “DOWN” command. Strict Lockout judging enforced, and you will get a “NO REP” if judge isn’t satisfied.


Event 3 Death via Yoke to Sandbag

How conditioned are you?!

-Athlete will select their yoke height morning of the comp. They can choose a high or low height. Anything for your strategy!

-Athlete will get ready under yoke, on ”GO” athlete will run yoke 25 feet. Unlimited drops. Sliding penalty enforced per judge. 

-They will then drop at or past line (sliding penalty in effect) and run back 25 ft to pick either of two sandbags in any order. They will bring sandbags down 25 ft and load them over same yoke. Hope you picked a good yoke height ;).

-This will be a POINT system. Athlete can choose to rack up points in any order or anyway they see fit, must do yoke first. Rack up light bag points or try for the heavy!

-complete yoke run = 3 points

-Light Sandbag over yoke = 1 point

-Heavy sandbag over yoke = 2 points

-ONE TIME bonus extra points for completing both bags= 3 points (you do the yoke and light sandbag, the heavy bag is now worth 5 points if you complete it (2 points for bag + 3 point bonus)).

-75“ time limit or until you tap out. Keep loading the sandbags as many as you can! Athlete cannot grab yoke to help sandbag load. Athlete may go around, go under yoke, or pull sandbag to the same side to continue scoring on a bag. No one will help you set up bags after you load them, even if the two are stacked on each other. 


Event 4 Car Deadlift SHOWSTOPPER!!

-This is WALK OUT TIME! We had a huge success with these last time! I will need the song you want to walk out and lift to. Give me the 90 sec chunk of the song you’d like. First come first serve on popular songs.

-After walkout athlete will strap into the car deadlift frame. On “GO” athlete can begin deadlifting car as many times as they can in a minute.

-STRICT lockout standards! Wait for judge to analyze your knees, hips locked out, and control at top, then they will give a “DOWN” command. Popping up and going straight down will not cut it and you will get a “NO REP”. Touch and go is allowed, frame (not just the car tires) needs to clearly be on ground or rep will not count.

-We have a an awesome sponsor Highline Rentals! They are supplying a tricked out Polaris Slingshot to lift! It weights 1700 lbs alone.

-Ok we have effectively tested the slingshot and all weights are updated. We used some scales to get a "feels like" weight while someone locks out. We found the slingshot alone to feel like 420 lbs. We found riders to only add 5% weight (600 lbs of people only added 30 lbs to in hand feel), and we found weights added to the frame to be 90% to feels like weight. Therefore, all weights have been tested and updated for slingshot users (everything over 420 lbs is slingshot). I am not including the rider weight as this may vary day of and it really is just for show at 5%. 

-Please keep in mind, this is NOT a deadlift since you get to lean back and put your entire bodyweight into it, its 18+ inch pick height, and you can take advantage of leverages. If you can only trap bar deadlift 300 lbs, you can probably car deadlift 400+ because of these easier factors. 

-Also, some very short athletes and long arm athletes may not fully lift the car. That is okay because they still have to lift the suspension and lift the frame weights. They may get an advantage, but that's strongman. Everyone has different pros/cons to their body make up. These athletes will probably even out because of the stone loads heights to 48"/51" for example.

-Stay tuned as we still need to test he ATV for W Master's, novice, LW, and MW, BUT I am going to aim for the "feels like" weight listed so you know what to train for.

-See article if you want to nerd out about this: https://startingstrongman.com/2015/11/10/the-science-of-strongman-how-heavy-is-the-car-deadlift/


We have rule videos and instructional videos! Follow @rise_of _the_strongmen to check it out!

Direct all questions to my email or my instagram strongman page!

All events subject to change. Every effort will be made to stay true to events/weights listed within promoter’s best ability

Rise Gym
11703 Spring Cypress Rd
Tomball, TX 77377
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Jun 15, 2024

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Zachary Zamarripa
Events and Weights
Division MAX StonesTrump LogDeath Via Yoke to Sandbag (yoke, sb, sb)Car Deadlift Showstopper!
Novice Women (Single Class)MAX70, 90274, 75, 112.5Feels like 315 lbs (ATV)
Open W LW (155-)MAX80, 105318, 100, 112.5Feels like 360 lbs (ATV)
Open W MW (180-)MAX90, 115340, 112.5, 125Feels like 410 lbs (ATV)
Open W HW (205-)Max100, 125384, 125, 150Feels like 460 lbs
Open W SHW (+)MAX110, 135406, 150, 175Feels like 480 lbs
Masters W 50 years and upMAX70, 95274, 100, 112.5Feels like 360 lbs (ATV)
Novice Men (Single Class)MAX150, 180406, 125, 175Feels like 480 lbs
Open M LW (190-)MAX160, 190494, 150, 175Feels like 520 lbs
Open M MW (220-)MAX180, 210538, 175, 200Feels like 560 lbs
Open M HW (260-)MAX200, 230582, 175, 225Feels like 620 lbs
Open M SHW (+)MAX220, 250646, 200, 250Feels like 660 lbs
Masters Men (Single Class)MAX160, 190406, 150, 175Feels like 520 lbs
Adaptive MenMAX85, 100300, 100, 125Feels like 460 lbs (base slingshot)

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jun 01, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 52 athletes.
2 spots remain.