December 18, 2021

Rite of Passage VI


Fairmont, WV

Rite of Passage VI

December 18, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Human achievement in modern times is often measured in technology, medicine, and cultural progression. 2000 years ago however, nations measured their greatness by the power of their swords. The kingdom with the mightiest and most numerous warriors was perceived to be the greatest. To join the ranks of these warriors was the goal of many a young man, and even young women. These aspiring champions would often have to prove their mettle in tests of combat prowess, toughness, and strength. To triumph over these challenges was a rite of passage; those that rose above the rest were poised for greatness and glory.

We live in a day and age where participation trophies tell us that just showing up makes you a champion, and when some “gyms” will ask you to leave if you train too hard. Are you ready to hearken back to days of old and battle through extreme challenges to earn your place in the king’s guard? Who will answer the call knowing that victory is not guaranteed, and that the cold hand of defeat will be pawing at your heels? Are you brave enough to risk it all for the glory of standing among the greats and etching your name in the hall of legends?

The challenge awaits!

Rite of Passage VI:

Strongman/Woman Challenge

(United States Strongman membership REQUIRED of all competitors)

Promoter- John Mouser

Date/Time- Saturday, Dec 18th. Action begins at noon sharp.

Location- Crossfit CTRL
80 Riverside Dr, Suite 100
Fairmont, WV

Weigh-ins- 10:00-11:00am

Rules/Safety Briefing- 11:00am. This meeting is mandatory. Any athlete not present by this time may be omitted from the contest without refund.

Divisions – No Weight Classes! Men’s and Women’s classes only!

Awards – awards for 1st-3rd

Entry- $50. Must have USS membership card present. Entries must be post marked by NO LATER THAN Wedesday December 1st. Includes t-shirt.

Contact Info– John Mouser, 304 516 3423

CrossFit CTRL
80 Riverside Dr
Fairmont, WV 26554
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Dec 18, 2021

Start Time
12:00 PM
Meet Director
John Mouser
Events and Weights
Division Max Sigmarsson Deadlift WSM Overhead Press MedleyOdd Object Carrying RaceWrist Roller Sumo WrestlingMystery Event!
Open W SHW (+)20/30lbs JumpsTBDSurpriseJeep WranglerTBDTBD
Open M SHW (+)40/50lbs JumpsTBDSurpriseJeep WranglerTBDTBD

Regular Price
Registration Closes Dec 16, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 40 athletes.
26 spots remain.