November 18, 2023

Salute to Service Fitness Challenge


Phoenix, AZ

Liberty Performance Training is excited to invite all Police/Fire/Military/EMS/Nurses who want to test their strength and endurance! Who will be AZ's Fittest First Responder? Find out on November 18th! 

We're excited to be hosting Salute to Service Fitness Challenge! For those of you who competed at last year's event, you'll see that we have taken a more fitness oriented approach over the Strongman focus that last year had. We hope to get all kinds of fitness enthusiasts involved to determine who the fittest first responder is!

Because there are no weight classes, we will not be having weigh ins. Athlete check in will begin at 8am on 11/18 and our athlete meeting will begin at 9am. 


First place:

$100 + "AZ's Fittest First Responder" banner + case of NOCCO Energy

Second place: 

$50 + case of NOCCO Energy

Third place: 

Case of NOCCO Energy

*prize $ subject to increase, relative to # of athlete registrations


Event 1: Axle Deadlift AMRAP

Athlete's will have 60 seconds to complete as many reps as possible on an Axle Barbell. At the judge's command of: "Athlete ready? Go!" athlete's will begin their lifts. Athlete's must wait for the judge's "down" command to receive a good rep. No wrist straps will be allowed for this event. The deadlift will be a floater event, meaning athlete's will be able to complete this event at any time they choose before the Mile Run begins. The Deadlift must be completed before the Mile Run begins to receive a score. 

Event 2: Sandbag Carry

On the judge's command, athlete's will pick up their sandbag from the ground and carry for max distance. Athlete's will carry their sandbag as far as possible in a 2 minute (120 second) time limit, turning every 40 feet. No drops are allowed. Points will be scored based on distance completed in the time limit with no drops. 

Event 3: Axe Hold

For this event, women will have a single axe front hold for as long as possible. Men will have two axe's in a side hold position for as long as possible. Elbows must be fully locked out. Any bending of the elbows will constitute an ended time. An apparatus will be set underneath the implement, once one or both axe's touch the support apparatus time will be scored. 

Event 4: Bag Toss Over Bar

Three sandbags will be placed 10 feet away from the cross bar. Athlete's will begin with a hand on the cross bar. At the judge's command, athlete's will run to grab their first sandbag. These throwing bags are designed with handles. Women will have a 12' cross bar height, and men will have a 15' cross bar. Time to completion will be scored for this event. 

Event 5: One Mile Run

Men's and Women's heats will start together. You will be briefed day-of on our course for the run. Athlete's must complete their run at our judge's station to be scored accurately. 

Liberty Performance Training
2313 N 24th St
Phoenix, AZ 85008
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Nov 18, 2023

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Zac Miller
Events and Weights
Division Axle Deadlift AMRAPSandbag CarryAxle HoldBag Toss Over BarOne Mile Run
Women's Open275180x120, 25, 30TBD
Open W MW (165-)200150x120, 25, 30TBD
Men's Open400250x230, 35, 40TBD
Open M MW (198-)300225x230, 35, 40TBD

Early Bird Price
Only 5 available.

Regular Price
Registration Closes Nov 17, 2023

Refund Policy
Refunds available until 30 days prior to event.
This event is limited to 80 athletes.
70 spots remain.