December 9, 2023

Santa's Christmas Clash


Greenfield, OH

These will be very fun Christmas Themed Events, short breakdown below, weights soon.

Hercu-Tree Hold- Hercules would with 2 fully decorated Christmas Trees

Load & Pull Sleigh- Mouser block or similar implements painted like Christmas gifts.  Will Start from starting line carrying 1 of 3 implements each trip and load in sleigh, then with harness and assisted pull rope pull sleigh back to start.

Yule Log- Basic log press for max weight

Do You Want To Build An Atlas Stone Man (if you've seen Frozen you know)- Will perform a seated arm over arm pull to bring large stone on sled to the loading position, then you will stack a middle stone and then a top stone to make your stoneman (snowman).  It can be done fairly easy and weights will be manageable for each weight class.

Sandbag Toss into Chimney- Typical yoke and bar set up (height and weights TBD) but the side view will be a silhouette of a house with the chimney returning bag for reps.


We are trying to make this a fun family show with great photo ops and kids activities.  More to post was we get closer, I just want to get this on your schedule.

403 Jefferson St
Greenfield, OH 45123-1354
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Dec 09, 2023

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Robert Arthurs

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Hercu-Tree HoldLoad and Pull Santa's SleighYule Log PressDo you Want to Build an Atlas Stone ManSandbag Toss into Chimney
Novice W HW (+)115107/133/149MAX217/164/11925
Novice W LW (150-)7052/79/107MAX196/148/10515
Open W LW (132-)7052/79/107MAX196/148/10515
Open W MW (165-)9579/107/133MAX217/164/11920
Open W HW (181-)115107/133/149MAX260/180/11925
Open W SHW (+)140133/149/180MAX260/180/11930
Masters W LW (165-) 50+7052/79/107MAX196/148/10515
Masters W HW (165+) 50+115107/133/149MAX217/164/11925
Teen W HW (+)9579/107/133MAX217/164/11920
Teen W LW (150-)7052/79/107MAX196/148/10515
Novice M LW (220-)150133/149/180MAX307/196/16430
Novice M HW (220+)170149/180/209MAX307/217/16435
Open M LW (181-)150149/180/209MAX307/217/16435
Open M MW (220-)170180/209/237MAX307/233/18040
Open M HW (242-)170180/209/237MAX307/233/18040
Open M HW (275-)195209/237/259MAX355/260/18045
Open M SHW (+)195209/237/259MAX355/260/18045
Masters M LW (220-) 50+125107/133/149MAX260/180/11925
Masters M HW (220+) 50+140133/149/180MAX307/196/16430
Teen M LW (220-)9579/107/133MAX217/164/11920
Teen M HW (220+)115107/133/149MAX260/180/11925

Early Bird Price
Available until Sep 30, 2023

Regular Price
Registration Closes Dec 09, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
76 spots remain.