March 11, 2023

Shamrock Showdown III


Englewood, CO

Weigh ins will be held on Friday, March 10th at Iron Titan Gym (1630 W Evans Ave Unit H, Englewood, CO 80110) starting at 9:30AM and ending at 6:00PM.  Late weigh ins will be from 7:45AM to 8:15AM on March 11th.  Everyone must weigh in, this is how you get your comp shirt and set your openers on the axle press.  If you don't weigh in, you don't compete.  Rules meeting will be for athlete's and coaches only and starts at 8:30AM.  Competitors will have roughly 30 minutes after rules meeting to warm up.  If you need more time, get there early to do your stretching.  The national anthem will be played at 9:20AM and we will start the show promptly at 9:30AM.  Spectator tickets will be sold at the door ($5 via cash or venmo) and there will be a food truck on site.

First to Third place awards for all Open & Master divisions.  First place awards for all Novice divisions.

*NOTE:  The Novice Division will be limited to 16 spots per division.

For ALL events, your competition shirt must be worn on top of your grip shirt except where noted below.  Additionally, any style of shoe can be worn on each event.  The deadlift event does not require shoes. 

Event Rules:

Max Axle Clean & Press - 60 second time limit per attempt. 3 attempts with Wessels Rule. Belt cleans are allowed. Feet parallel, knees and elbows locked, head through.  You call your jumps and opener must be given at the time of weigh ins.  State Records will be set at this show.  If you're attempting a National or World Record, you MUST tell your judge and Willie Wessels MUST judge the lift.  Equipment Not Allowed:  Tacky, gloves, straps, build up belts, suits or briefs.  Grip shirt can be showing on this event. (No SC grip shirts allowed)

Cart of Kegs Deadlift for reps - 60 second time limit.  Athlete will be given the up and down commands.  Bouncing not allowed.  Rig being used is set up similar to a car deadlift style.  If you leak any bodily fluids, you will clean them up or you will zero.  It happens, no big deal, but put the effort in to help clean it up.  Examples are blood, vomit, and urine.  Starting weight in hands for women is around 300 lbs; for men it's 505 lbs.  Equipment Not Allowed: Tacky, gloves, build up belts, suits or briefs.

Harnessed Truck Pull - 60 second time limit.  Athlete will be harnessed to a vehicle and after the start command will pull the truck 50ft as quickly as possible.  A lead rope will be used for all classes except for the Men classes for Middle, Heavy, and Super Heavy.  Equipment Not Allowed : Tacky, straps, build up belts, suits or briefs.

Farmers Carry - 60 second time limit.  Athlete will carry the farmers 50 feet down, set the farmers down, repick and carry them 50 ft back down.  For the first 50 feet, just the tip of the implement has to cross.  On the second 50 feet back, the full implement must cross to finish the full distance.  Equipment Not Allowed : Tacky, gloves, straps, build up belts, suits or briefs.

Keg Over Bar - 60 second time limit.  Athlete will load the keg over a bar for as many reps as possible in the time allowed.  48" for women and 52" for men.  Athlete can not use the yoke to load the keg (no hands on the bar and chest bumping over the bar).  The keg will be returned by a spotter.  Equipment Not Allowed : Tacky, straps, build up belts, suits or briefs.

Tie Breaker - If any podium spots come down to a tie, we will do one final event to see who wants the win more.  Event will not be announced until we are in the moment.  Bring your gloves.  

Iron Titan Gym
1630 W Evans Ave
Englewood, CO 80110
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Mar 11, 2023

Start Time
9:30 AM
Meet Director
Justin Menning

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Events and Weights
Division Max Axle Clean & PressCart of Kegs DeadliftHarnessed Truck PullFarmers CarryKeg Over BarTie Breaker
Novice Women (Single Class)Max30025.5K Dump Truck w/ lead rope130150TBD
Open W LW (132-)Max30025.5K Dump Truck w/ lead rope130150TBD
Open W MW (165-)Max300 plus 5025.5K Dump Truck w/ lead rope160175TBD
Open W HW (198-)Max300 plus 9025.5K Dump Truck w/ lead rope190200TBD
Masters Women (Single Class)Max30025.5K Dump Truck w/ lead rope130150TBD
Novice Men (Single Class)Max82525.5K Dump Truck w/ lead rope225225TBD
Open M LW (181-)Max82525.5K Dump Truck w/ lead rope225225TBD
Open M MW (220-)Max825 plus 5025.5K Dump Truck250275TBD
Open M HW (275-)Max825 plus 8025.5K Dump Truck275300TBD
Open M SHW (+)Max825 plus 9025.5K Dump Truck300325TBD
Masters Men (Single Class)Max82525.5K Dump Truck250250TBD

Early Bird Price
Available until Jan 31, 2023

Regular Price
Registration Closes Feb 26, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 66 athletes.
8 spots remain.