May 20, 2023

Southeast Regional Championship


Montgomery, AL

Welcome to Southeast Regional Championship!

WEIGH-IN: TBD May 19, 9-11am and 2-4pm or by appointment.

Strongman Corporation Sanctioned Competition

  • Athletes will qualify for 2024 Arnold Amateur Strongman & Strongwoman World Championships and/or 2023 Strongman Corporation Nationals depending on the number of athletes in each division.
    • 1st place - Arnold and Nationals
    • 2nd place - Nationals
    • 3rd place - Nationals
    • 4th place - Nationals with 9 or more competitors per class
    • 5th place - Nationals with 12 or more competitors per class.
  • All athletes must have active Strongman Corporation membership to compete.
  • Potential Weight Classes:
    • Women:
      • u125=0-125.4lb
      • u140=125.5-140.4lb
      • u160=140.5-160.4lb
      • u180=160.5-180.4lb
      • Open=180.5lb+
    • Men
      • u175=0-175.4lb
      • u200=175.5-200.4lb
      • u231=200.5-231.4lb
      • u265=231.5-265.4lb
      • Open=265.5lb+



  1. Max Deadlift (Deadlift Bar)
    • Every athlete will have 60 seconds per attempt to complete a rep once given the start command.
    • Strap in, look to judge for a ready signal.
    • Athletes do not have to complete every weight jump - miss one and you're out.
    • Last Man Standing Style - weight jumps 20lbs for women, 40lbs for men.
    • Last successful attempt will count towards the score.
    • Athletes must have knees, hips, and shoulders locked out before the head judge is allowed to give them the down command.
    • The athlete MUST wait for the down command or a no rep will be given.
    • The athlete MUST follow the bar back down to the ground or a no rep will be given.
    • Equipment allowed:
      • Belts, chalk, sleeves, wraps, straps, figure 8's, baby powder.
    • Equipment not allowed:
      • Suits, Briefs, tacky, dropping from the top, sumo, baby oil/vaseline.
  2. Sandbag Press to Load Race
    • Athletes will have a 75 second time limit to complete.
    • Athletes will start on the judges command and proceed to clean and press a sandbag once. Then immediately transition to another sandbag that the athlete will pick and carry 30' down, around a cone, and back 30'. Finally the athlete will load the bag over a yoke twice - once on the return and another from the ground. Time stops when the bag hits the ground on the second load over yoke.
    • Fastest time wins - 1 rep for the press, 1 rep for carry, 1 rep per load over bar.
    • Load Height = 42” women, 46” men.
    • Equipment allowed:
      • Strongman Corporation Grip Shirts, chalk, sleeves, belts, gloves, straps, and briefs
    • Equipment not allowed:
      • Deadlift suits, non-Strongman Corp grip shirts, and anything sticky
  3. Yoke Walk 
    • Athletes will have a 60 second time limit to complete.
    • Down 50' and back 50' for 100' total.
    • The athlete must pick the yoke from the start on judge’s signal, carry for 50' so the front crosses the line. Drop. Turn around and repick to carry for 50'.
    • Front of the implement must cross the line.
    • Fastest time wins.
    • Unlimited drops.
    • No intentional sliding - 2 second penalty will be added.
    • Equipment allowed:
      • Strongman Corporation Grip Shirts, chalk, sleeves, belts, and briefs
    • Equipment not allowed:
      • non-Strongman Corp grip shirts, and anything sticky
  4. Log Clean and Press for Reps
    • Athletes will have 60 seconds to get as many reps as possible.
    • Athletes must wait for DOWN command from judge.
    • The log must touch the floor between each rep, AKA, CLEAN EVERY REP.
    • Log Diameter = 10" women, 12" men.
    • Athletes must demonstrate control of the log at all times.
    • No dropping the log from overhead.
    • Power belts must be turned around to back
    • Equipment allowed:
      • Strongman Corporation Grip Shirts, chalk, sleeves, belts, and briefs
    • Equipment not allowed:
      • non-Strongman Corp grip shirts, and anything sticky
  5. Atlas Stone to Shoulder
    • Athletes will have 60 seconds to get as many reps as possible.
    • Stone must be cleaned to the shoulder.
    • Opposite arm has to be extended for the rep to count.
    • Athletes must maintain control of the atlas stone at the top.
    • Equipment allowed:
      • Wrist / Knee wraps, belts, chalk, Strongman Corporation grip shirts and tacky towels are allowed.
      • Stone sleeves are allowed, apply and remove tacky in designated area ONLY.
    • Equipment not allowed:
      • gloves!

*All Events/Weights are subject to change. 

T-shirts order needs to be sent by April 29th, register before to ensure you get a shirt! 

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Montgomery, AL
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May 20, 2023

Start Time
8:30 AM
Meet Director
Matt Firneno & Brandon Spivey

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Events and Weights
Division Max Deadlift Sandbag Press to Load RaceYoke Walk Log C&P for RepsAtlas Stone to Shoulder
Open W LW (125.4-)Starting 245100 to 132 (42")34590 (10")130 (16")
Open W LW (140.4-)Starting 265100 to 132 (42")385110 (10")130 (16")
Open W MW (160.4-)Starting 285100 to 176 (42")425130 (10")165 (16")
Open W MW (180.4-)Starting 305100 to 176 (42")465150 (10")165 (16")
Open W HW (+)Starting 325132 to 220 (42")505170 (10")205 (20")
Open M LW (175.4-)Starting 405132 to 220 (46")605200 (12")225 (20")
Open M MW (200.4-)Starting 445176 to 265 (46")655225 (12")225 (20")
Open M MW (231.4-)Starting 485176 to 265 (46")705250 (12")255 (20")
Open M HW (264.5-)Starting 525220 to 309 (46")755275 (12")285 (20")
Open M SHW (+)Starting 565220 to 309 (46")805300 (12")315 (22")

Regular Price
Registration Closes Apr 29, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 150 athletes.
139 spots remain.
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