July 2, 2022

Star Spangled's Strongest


Rio Rancho, NM

Weigh-In Times

Friday July 1st – 8:00-9:00am or 5:00-6:00pm; Saturday July 2nd – 7:00-8:00am

Rack height for the Yoke will be determined at the time of weigh-in.


Spectator Fee: $5

T-shirts: Athletes will receive a t-shirt as a part of their registration fee. Extra t-shirts will be sold to attendees for $25; wear a new patriotic shirt for the 4th!



Last Man Standing Frame Carry

Most weight wins. The distance will be 25’. The weight will only increase. Feel free to jump in wherever comfortable or to skip whatever weight. But once the weight moves up, it will not go back down. No time limit to carry the frame the full 25’. If the frame is dropped between the 25’ or at the start of the course, you are out. Your heaviest successful attempt up to that point will be recorded as your score.

   Women - Start at 210# and make 20/30# jumps

   Men - Start at 300# and make 40/50# jumps

Allowed – Chalk, Sleeves, Belt, Wraps

Not Allowed – Suit, Straps, Tacky


Circus DB Clean and Press Away AMRAP :75 Time Limit

Most Reps wins. Athlete will start standing over but with hands off the DB. The athlete can use both hands for the clean. Clean once and press away. Once on the shoulder, the athlete must show one-handed control of the DB before initiating the press. The initial drop for the push press or push jerk cannot be done with both hands on the DB. A “Down” command will be given at lockout and control. If the athlete decides to drop the DB, they may re-clean it and continue pressing with the time remaining. The athlete must control the DB onto the crash pad provided. If the other hand touches the DB at any point in the press portion of the lift, the rep will not count. The athlete can alternate between hands or use the same hand for all the reps.

Allowed – Chalk, Sleeves, Belt, Wraps, Push Jerks or Push Press

Not Allowed – Suit, Straps, Tacky, Grip Shirts, Tree-topping


DL Medley 2x2xAMRAP :75 Time Limit

Most Reps wins. “Up” and “Down” commands will be given. No bouncing at the bottom of the rep or touch and goes. If a competitor bounces the weight off the ground or doesn’t wait for the judge’s “up” command, the rep will not count. Straps are allowed. The athlete may strap in before time starts, but time will not stop for athlete to put straps on the successive deadlift. The medley must be done in the order below.

   2 reps at Conventional Height w/ Rogue Deadlift Bar

   2 reps on Wagon Wheel w/ 2" Axle Bar

   AMRAP for the remainder of the :75 on Hummer Tire w/ 3" Axle Bar

Allowed – Chalk, Sleeves, Belt, Wraps, Straps, Hitching

Not Allowed – Suit, Tacky, Touch and Go, Bouncing, Sumo


Axle Clean and Press AMRAP :75 Time Limit

Most Reps wins. Belt Cleans are allowed. The athlete can start standing over axle bar but must have hands off the axle. The athlete must clean each rep. This is not a rep away event. A “Down” command will be given at lockout. The athlete must control the weight down to the ground. Bumper plates will be used, but the athlete must be in control of the weight.

Allowed – Chalk, Sleeves, Belt, Wraps, Push Jerks or Push Press

Not Allowed – Suit, Straps, Tacky, Grip Shirts, Tree-topping


Yoke and Sandbag Medley

Fastest time wins. Competitor will lift yoke and carry it the full 50’. Drops and repicks are allowed. Once the competitor has carried the yoke 50’, they will run back to the starting line where there will be a sandbag. The competitor will have to pick and carry the sandbag. Time will stop when the sandbag is loaded over the yoke bar. A :75 time limit will be implemented. If the course is not finished in :75, scoring will be based on distance.

Allowed – Chalk, Sleeves, Belt, Wraps, Repicking, Shouldering the Sandbag

Not Allowed – Suits, Straps, Tacky, Grip Shirts

The McDermott Athletic Center
801 Loma Colorado Blvd NE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
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Jul 02, 2022

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Seth Posey

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Events and Weights
Division Last Man Standing Frame CarryCircus DB C&PDeadlift Medley (Conv/WW/HT)Axle C&PYoke/Sandbag Medley
Novice W HW (165+)Max55225/250/290145300/130
Novice W LW (165-)Max50200/225/290115250/100
Open W LW (132-)Max55225/250/290145300/130
Open W MW (165-)Max65275/300/325155350/150
Open W HW (198-)Max75300/325/350165400/180
Open W SHW (+)Max85325/350/375185450/180
Masters W MW (165-)Max55225/250/290145300/130
Masters W HW (+)Max65275/300/325155350/150
Novice M HW (220+)Max105350/400/450185500/200
Novice M LW (220-)Max95300/350/400155450/180
Open M LW (181-)Max105425/475/525205600/200
Open M MW (220-)Max135475/525/575235650/250
Open M HW (275-)Max165500/550/600255700/300
Open M SHW (+)Max185525/575/625275750/300
Masters M MW (220-)Max105425/475/525205600/200
Masters M HW (+)Max135475/525/575235650/250

Early Bird Price
Available until Apr 29, 2022

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jun 17, 2022

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 75 athletes.
37 spots remain.