May 20, 2023

Stone City Showdown II


Sioux City, IA

This is the second annual Stone City Showdown!!!

Its my pleasure to announce our second Stone City Showdown Strongman/Strongwoman competition! 

Our goal is make this a super fun show and has a family atmosphere. We will have snacks and drinks FREE for all athletes. We will have prizes for the podium finishers and an extra surprise reward for the best lifter of the day. 


Yoke Run - Sled Arm Over Arm Pull. Athletes will carry a yoke 40ft then immediately go over and pull a sled 40ft with a rope arm over arm. Best time wins, 120 second time limit. 

Allowed: chalk, grip shirt, knee sleeves, knee wrap, glove, soft and or hard belt

Axle Press for Reps. Athletes will clean and press each rep and perform as many repetitions as possible for 60 seconds. 

Allowed: belt cleans, chalk, wrist wrap, elbow sleeve, knee sleeve, grip shirt, soft and or hard belt

Truck Pull Athlete will be hooked up with a harness and given a lead rope. Athlete will then pull the vehicle 50 ft Fastest time wins, 120 second time limit.

Allowed: gloves, knee sleeve, knee wrap, chalk, soft and or hard belt

Bag Toss Athlete will have 120 seconds to throw 3 bags of ascending weight as fast as possible over a bar.  Bar is set to 12ft for all womens divisions and 15ft for all mens divisions.  Fastest time wins  

Allowed: chalk, soft and or hard belt

Atlas Stone Run Athletes will have 120 seconds to load 4 Atlas stones to a 48” platform as quickly as possible. Fastest time wins. Clean up station provided outside 

Allowed: tacky, chalk, soft and or hard belt, stone sleeves or tape, grip shirt

Weigh ins: May 20th Comp Day at check in. Please show up early We will start check in and weigh ins by 8:30 am  

Friday May 19th evening, via appointment only. Please contact me for this option and we will arrange a time.




Shawn Frankl's Big Iron Gym
505 Chambers St
Sioux City, IA 51101
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May 20, 2023

Start Time
9:45 AM
Meet Director
Brandon Bramblett

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Events and Weights
Division Yoke Run - Sled Arm Over ArmAxle Press for RepsTruck PullBag TossAtlas Stones
Novice Women (Single Class)350/2501006,00015/20/25100,115,140,168
Open W LW (123-)350/2751106,00015/20/25100,115,140,168
Open W MW (148-)400/3001206,00020/25/30100,115,140,168
Open W HW (181-)450/3251406,00020/25/30115.140.168,215
Open W SHW (+)500/3501606,00025/30/35115,140,168,215
Masters W LW (132-)400/3001106,00015/20/25100,115,140,168
Masters W HW (+)450/3251406,00020/25/30115,140,168,215
Teen W LW (165-)300/2501106,00015/20/25100,115,140,168,
Teen W HW (165+)350/2751306,00020/25/30100,115,140,168
Novice Men (Single Class)500/4001806,00020/25/30140,168,215,250
Open M LW (181-)500/45022030,00020/25/30140,168,215,250
Open M MW (220-)550/50024030.00025/30/35168,215,250,275
Open M HW (275-)650/55026030,00030/35/40215,250,275,300
Open M SHW (+)700/60028030,00035/40/45250,275,300,330
Masters M MW (220-)500/50024030,00025/30/35215,250,275,300
Masters M HW (+)550/55026030,00030/35/40215,250,275,300
Teen M LW (220-)500/4002206,00020/25/30140,168,215,250
Teen M HW (220+)600/5002406,00025/30/35140,168,215,250

Early Bird Price
Available until Feb 20, 2023

Regular Price
Registration Closes May 06, 2023

Refund Policy
Refunds available until 30 days prior to event.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
28 spots remain.