January 23, 2021

Strongman Showdown


Anchorage, AK

~Weigh In details below. ~

1/22/2021 early weigh ins are available for those in weight classes needing to be in certain ranges for both women and men Light weight, middle weight and heavy weight. These are by appoinment text Candace 561-315-4054. 

1/23/2021 Day of   at CrossFit Northern Exposure During Registration Starting at 10 am.

1st place awards given to each weight class for Females and Males.


Update 1-14-2021

We currently have a total of 22 competitors men and women signed up. The Anchorage Municipality COVID-19 orders have been updated to allow gyms to operate at 50% of their max fire code capacity. Which in the space will be using is limited to 37 people in their gym at one time. We have caped the limit of competitors to 33 so can account for the few personal we need to operate this meet.

With 22 competitors signed up we will be able to host everyone in the building at one time. This is great news! The question regarding spectators. At this time we won’t be allowing any spectators. Now this could change in the coming weeks and will update as we find more info out.

Anchorage municipality COVID-19 orders for Fitness centers & gyms below

Click the link or copy & paste into the web browser.

Then scroll down & click on “Attachment F-Fitness and Gyms”



Event Rules these will be gone over in detail during competitors meeting. We appreciate the support see you all soon!


Tire Flip for Distance

60 second time limit. Athlete may start with hands on the tire. On the command GO athletes will flip the tire end over end for as far as they can go, once the tire breaks the opposite sideline, Athlete must turn around and flip the tire back in the opposite direction back. Same must be completed if Athlete reaches the opposite sideline again. Athlete keeps going until time runs out or can no longer complete a flip.

Athletes will all use the same size tire !

Equipment Allowed: Chalk, Belts, Knee & Elbow sleeves or Wraps, Wrist wraps,

Equipment NOT Allowed: Hook grips, Supportive Suits, Tacky or Tacky Towel,




Log Clean & Press for Reps

60 second time limit. Athlete may start with their hands on the implement. Log must be cleaned from starting position, once cleaned athlete can then begin to press log for as many reps as possible. Athlete must wait for a “down” command from judge to before pressing next rep. athlete may set the log back in the starting position but will have to clean the log again in order to press the log. Time stops when 60 seconds is reached, or athlete can no longer continue.

Women log Diameter: 10”

Men log Diameter: 12”

Equipment Allowed: Chalk, Knee & elbow sleeves, Wrist & Elbow wraps, belts

Equipment NOT Allowed: Tacky or Towel Tacky, no “built up belts”, Supportive suits,

Novice women: 90lbs

Women Master: 105lbs

LW women: 105lbs

MW women: 125lbs

HW / SHW women: 150lbs


Novice Men: 180lbs

Men Master: 190lbs

LW Men: 190lbs

MW Men: 230lbs

HW / SHW Men: 270lbs




Apollo Axel Deadlift MAX EFFORT

This will be ascending weight; athletes will have three attempts to try for a max effort deadlift. Weight will increase by 10 pounds jumps. The Athlete is given 1 minute to complete the lift; during that minute, there is no limit to how many times the athlete may try to complete the lift. The Apollon's Axle must be gripped with the knuckles on both hands facing forward (away from the body) with a double overhand grip. Thumb less and hook grip are prohibited). The lifter must fully straighten up (back erect, legs and hips locked out); once standing straight, the Athlete must maintain control of the lift for 1 second before getting a down signal and must then return the weight to the ground. Contact must be maintained between the lifter’s hand and the Axle until the weight is resting on the floor. Resting the Axle on the thighs or any downward movement will disqualify the lift, as would failure to await the down signal or dropping the bar A sumo style is allowed and the feet may move after the lifter has received the down signal.

Bar Diameter: 2”

Equipment Allowed: Chalk, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, belts

Equipment NOT Allowed: Straps, Figure 8 straps, Supportive Suits, Hook grips, Tacky or Tacky Towel, Liquid chalk, “MIXED GRIP”,


Event 4

Carry Medley

#1 Keg carry, #2 Farmer carry, #3 Sandbag load

60 second time limit. Athlete must complete events in proper order. #1 keg carry, #2 farmer carry, #3 Sandbag load. Athlete may start with their hands on the implement. Athlete must carry keg in front 50ft. Then Athlete will Farmer carry back the opposite direction 50ft. Finally, athlete will load sandbag to 44”. Time stops when athlete’s hands are off the last implement or can no longer complete the event. If athlete cannot complete any portion of the carry distance, they cannot attempt the next implement but will have their distance measured & recorded.

Sandbag load height will be 44” for all weight classes

Equipment Allowed: Belt, Chalk, Knee wraps or sleeves, Elbow wraps or sleeves

Equipment NOT Allowed: Tacky or Tacky Towel, Supportive suits,

Keg / farmer carry per hand / Sandbag

Novice women/masters 135 / 120 / 100

LW women 135 / 140 / 115

MW women 135 / 160 / 135

HW women / SHW women 135 / 180 / 155


Novice men/masters 200 / 180 / 155

LW men 200 / 200 / 175

MW men 200 / 220 / 200

HW men / SHW men’s 200 / 240 / 220


Atlas Stone load

60-second time limit. Athlete must start with hands on loading platform. Athlete must pick up atlas stone from the floor to platform to be a fully counted rep. athlete may not use the uprights for leverage to move stone on to platform. Athletes must complete each height to be able to move to next height for example. Athlete must complete their weighted stone to a loaded height of 44” before being able to attempt next height of 50” & etc.

Atlas stone diameter for all weight classes: 20”

Equipment Allowed: Chalk, Belt, Knee Warps or Sleeves, Elbow sleeves,

Equipment NOT Allowed: Tacky or Tacky towel.

Stone load set heights: women 44” / 48” / 52”

Novice & Master Women: 135

LW Women: 140

MW Women: 145

HW Women: 150

SHW Women: 155


Stone load set heights: women 44” / 52” / 56”

Novice & Master Men: 200

LW Men: 220

MD Men: 240

HW Men: 260

SHW Men: 280



CrossFit Northern Exposure
6239 MacKay St B
Anchorage, AK 99518
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Jan 23, 2021

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Candace Zinn

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Events and Weights
Division Tire Flip for Distance Log Clean and Press for Reps Apollo Axel Deadlift MAX EFFORT Carry Medley Keg/Farmer/SandbagAtlas Stone Load W44"/48"/ 52"M 44"/52"/56"
Open Novice WMax Distance90Max Effort 135/120/100135
Open W SHW (over 198+)Max Distance150Max Effort 135/180/155155
Open W LW (up to 132)Max Distance105Max Effort 135/140/115140
Open W MW (133-165)Max Distance125Max Effort 135/160/135145
Open W HW (166-198)Max Distance150Max Effort 135/180/155150
Masters W Max Distance105Max Effort 135/120/100135
Open Novice MMax Distance180Max Effort 200/180/155200
Open M HW (221-275)Max Distance270Max Effort 200/240/220260
Open M LW (up to 181)Max Distance190Max Effort 200/200/175220
Open M MW (182-220)Max Distance230Max Effort 200/220/200240
Open M SHW ( over 275+)Max Distance270Max Effort 200/240/220280
Masters M Max Distance190Max Effort 200/180/155200

Early Bird Price
Available until Dec 15, 2020

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jan 23, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 28 athletes.
6 spots remain.
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