August 24, 2024

Super Series Part 2 Armlifting USA


Mesquite, TX


Event 1: One Hand 1.75" Raptor DL

Event 2: Two Hand DOH Blue Fat Gripz DL

Event 3: Rogue Grandfather Clock DL

Stage 2:

1.75" Raptor Deadlift  - rules video

1.75" Raptor written rules

Blue Fat Gripz DOH DL - written rules

Blue Fat Gripz DOH DL - rules video

Rogue Grandfather Clock/Grip Genie Hilt - written rules

Rogue Grandfather Clock/Grip Genie Hilt - rules video

FORMAT: Unlimited attempts (60 sec. time limit on each attempt) in a last man standing contest.  If the athlete misses an attempt, he or she is done for that event. THE ATHLETE IS NOT ALLOWED TO GO BACK DOWN AND TRY A LIGHTER WEIGHT.

SCORING:  Places and scores will be percentage based.  Stage 1 and Stage 2 will be cumulative.   There would be three events each stage, plus additional events if the promoter wanted to run them.  The top score could be 600 points if an athlete won every event of both stages.

WEIGH-INS: The weigh-ins have to be on the morning of the contest.  Contest promoters are responsible for providing an accurate scale to conduct weigh-ins.

PRIZE MONEY: An undetermined amount of prize money will be divided among the men’s and women’s classes based on participation.  We will have a better idea on July 15, 2024 after Stage 1 is complete.

Please contact Jade Dickens for more information 254-223-1954 / jdi6096@gmail.com

Must purchase a membership for lifts to count @  https://armliftingusa.com/ 

For further information please contact Jade Dickens 254-223-1954 

Mesquite Convention Center
1700 Rodeo Dr
Mesquite, TX 75149
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Aug 24, 2024

Start Time
12:00 PM
Meet Director
Jade Dickens
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No refunds.
This event is limited to 50 athletes.
50 spots remain.
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