April 9, 2022

Texas Legends


Fort Worth, TX

Texas Legends is back at the Round Up Inn for The Texas Legends festival. 

This will be a Strongman Corporation Nationals invite for qualifying classes. This is a Strongman Corporation sanctioned event.

All athletes must prove valid Strongman Corporation membership status before being able to compete. No membership/No compete.

The final day to register to receive a complimentary event shirt with your entry fee is March 26th

Weigh-ins will be at Battle Axe Barbell 1494 West Buckingham Rd. Garland, Texas Friday April 8th from 8a.m.-11a.m. & 5p.m.-8p.m.

Each weight class must have at least 3 or more competitors the day of competition or they will be combined.

All competitors must have a valid Strongman Corporation Card to be able to compete the day of the event.



Max silver dollar deadlift  (9" bar height)

Standard deadlift height. Competitors will have only 3 attempts. All Straps, Knee Sleeves, Soft/Hard Belts are allowed. Suits/briefs are not allowed. Shoes must be worn every event.

Axle Clean & Press Away

Competitors will have 60 seconds to clean and press away an axle. Athletes will begin with their hands off of the bar. Must wait for down command from head judge for every rep to count. Shoes must be worn for ever event. Wrist wraps, elbow/knee sleeves, hard/soft belts are allowed. Strict, Push, Power/Split Jerks are allowed. Feet must be together and shoulder width apart as well as knees and elbows locked out for a rep to count.


Novice W LW (160-) 120lbs

Novice W HW (160+) 140lbs

Open W LW (125-) 120lbs

Open W LW (140.4-) 120lbs (Masters W)

Open W MW (160.4-) 150lbs

Open W MW (180.4-) 150lbs

Open W HW (180.5+) 170lbs


Novice M LW (200-) 200lbs

Novice M HW (200+) 230lbs

Open M LW (175.4-) 230lbs (Masters M)

Open M MW (200.4-) 260lbs

Open M MW (231.4-) 260lbs

Open M HW (264.5-) 280lbs

Open M HW (265+) 320lbs

Timber Frame Carry For Max Distance

Competitors will start with their hands on the frame and begin carrying the implement once giving the "Go" command. Athletes will carry the frame back and fourth 40ft for max distance. Competitors will be allowed to drop and repick the frame to change directions once they have completely crossed the 40ft distance marker on each side. Dropping the frame in between the set distance markers will end competitors run and max distance will be calculated by the front of the implement. To clarify: dropping the implement inside the set 40ft markers will end the competitors run. Competitors are allowed to drop the frame to reset and change directions once the ENTIRE frame has crossed the lines. STRAPS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Chalk only. Shoes must be worn for every event.


Novice W LW (160-) 235lbs

Novice W HW (160+) 285lbs

Open W LW (125-) 285lbs

Open W LW (140.4-) 285lbs (Masters W)

Open W MW (160.4-) 305lbs

Open W MW (180.4-) 305lbs

Open W HW (180.5+) 325lbs


Novice M LW (200-) 455lbs

Novice M HW (200+) 475lbs

Open M LW (175.4-) 495lbs (Masters M)

Open M MW (200.4-) 525lbs

Open M MW (231.4-) 525lbs

Open M HW (264.5-) 555lbs

Open M HW (265+) 585lbs

4 Sandbag Throw Over 11ft/13ft for fastest time

Competitors will start with their hand on the apparatus 10ft away from the bags. All 4 bags will be lined next to each other lightest to heaviest/left to right. Athletes will beginning throwing bags behind and over their heads to clear the set bar height. Chalk only. No tacky allowed. Shoes must be worn for all events.


Novice W LW (160-) 10/20/20/30

Novice W HW (160+) 10/20/20/30

Open W LW (125-) 20/20/30/30

Open W LW (140.4-) 20/20/30/30 (Masters W)

Open W MW (160.4-) 20/30/30/40

Open W MW (180.4-) 20/30/30/40lbs

Open W HW (180.5+) 20/30/30/40lbs


Novice M LW (200-) 20/30/30/40lbs

Novice M HW (200+) 20/30/30/40lbs

Open M LW (175.4-) 20/30/30/40lbs (Masters M)

Open M MW (200.4-) 20/30/40/50lbs

Open M MW (231.4-) 20/30/40/50lbs

Open M HW (264.5-) 30/40/50/50lbs

Open M HW (265+) 30/40/50/50lbs

3400 Burnett Tandy Dr
3400 Burnett Tandy Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76107
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Apr 09, 2022

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Derek Owens

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Events and Weights
Division Max Silver Dollar deadliftAxle Clean & Press AwayTimber Frame Carry for Max Distance4 Sandbag Throw Over Bar
Novice W LW (160-)MAX120lbs235lbs15/20/25/30lbs
Novice W HW (160+)MAX140lbs285lbs15/20/25/30lbs
Open W HW (180.5+)MAX160lbs325lbs25/30/35/40lbs
Open W LW (125-)MAX120lbs285lbs15/20/25/30lbs
Open W LW (140.4-)MAX120lbs285lbs20/25/30/35lbs
Open W MW (160.4-)MAX140lbs305lbs25/30/35/40lbs
Open W MW (180.4-)MAX140lbs305lbs25/30/35/40lbs
Masters W 40+MAX230lbs285lbs20/25/30/35lbs
Novice M HW (200+)MAX230lbs495lbs25/30/35/40lbs
Novice M LW (200-)MAX200lbs455lbs25/30/35/40lbs
Open M HW (265+)MAX320lbs585lbs30/35/40/45lbs
Open M LW (175.4-)MAX230lbs495lbs25/30/35/40lbs
Open M MW (200.4-)MAX260lbs525lbs25/30/35/40lbs
Open M MW (231.4-)MAX260lbs525lbs25/30/35/40lbs
Open M HW (264.5-)MAX280lbs555lbs30/35/40/45lbs
Masters M 40+MAX230lbs495lbs25/30/35/40lbs

Regular Price
Registration Closes Apr 08, 2022

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 120 athletes.
114 spots remain.
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