September 23, 2023

Texas Titan Deadlift Seminar


Harlingen, TX

Do you want to usher in a new wave of EXPLOSIVE GROWTH with your Deadlift? Look no further! 

We invite you to join us at Gentry Gym in Harlingen, Texas for an exclusive strength seminar led by the Texas Titan himself, Pro Strongman Gabe Peña. 

Gabe Peña is a Rio Grande Valley native. He is the only professional strongman in all of South Texas, the first Hispanic Latino to compete at the World's Strongest Man, and one of the elite few men on this world to ever have barbell-deadlifted 1,000 lbs in competition. Gabe is also the current world record holder in the 18" Axle Deadlift with a massive 1,100 lbs (500 kg), and has locked out many other high-gravity pulls, such as an enormous 1,150 lbs Hummer Tire Deadlift at the 2022 Shaw Classic! Since gaining his pro-athlete status in 2019, Gabe Peña has taken tremendous pride in representing his home region of South Texas at various world stages and gained the reputation of being one of the greatest deadlifters to have ever walked the earth. 

Now, he is here to share his knowledge and experience with YOU

On September 23rd, Gabe will be holding a 3-hour Deadlift seminar to enhance your skill, forge your power, and help you knock down PR after PR as you push onward in your strength journey.

The seminar will encompass:

  • Introduction & Deadlift Philosophy - Lecture to start the day teaching a comprehensive understanding of the Deadlift.
  • Warming Up - Gabe will lead an active learning session on 'Warming Up'. (Exercises, strategies, and "the whys" on how to effectively prime your body for a big pull)
  • Group Deadlift Session - Athletes will split into stations and will work into their moderate to heavy zones. Gabe will actively work with each station and coach in real-time.
  • Post Deadlift Talk - After getting to actively deadlift and learn on the spot, athletes will gather, and Gabe will speak to them as a group. The talk will touch on what was learned, ongoing training strategies, the best accessories, working with injury, and preparing for contest.
  • Q & A - Final portion of the seminar. (~20 min)
  • Photo Ops

Regardless of your sport, skill level, or training background, this seminar offers a rare chance to get coached by a pro-athlete who has successfully taken his own strength journey to the upper echelons of human potential. We hope you take advantage of this special event, and use it to turbo-charge your own progress in achieving all of your goals.

See you at GENTRY!

6908 W Expy 83
Harlingen, TX 78552
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Sep 23, 2023

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Gabriel Pena

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Division Deadlift Seminar
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Registration Closes Sep 16, 2023

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No refunds.
This event is limited to 40 athletes.
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