November 18, 2023

The Fourth Annual Rougarou Classic


Kenner, LA

The Fourth Annual Rougarou Classic

The Atlas Strength Shop will be hosting the 4th Annual Rougarou Classic on Saturday November 18th at 10:00am.

Weigh ins the day before are to be determined based on our access to the Venue but they will be the day of on November 18th at 8am

Rules meeting Starts at 9:00am on Saturday November 18th

Rules:(Copies will be handed out at weigh ins as well)

Event 1: Circus Dumbbell Max Reps :60; On the command “START” the athlete will clean the Circus Dumbbell and Press it over their head for as many reps as possible in 60 seconds.  The athlete must wait for the down command and clean the dumbbell with each rep.  While two hands may be used for the clean, the press must be completed with one hand only. The athlete will be standing behind the implement with their hands on the handle when time starts.

Equipment Allowed: Grip Shirts, Knee Sleeves, Chalk, Elbow Sleeves, Wrist Wraps, Belts, (soft belts too)

Event 2: Max Deadlift Last Man Standing; On the command “START” the Athlete will have :60 seconds to complete their rep.  The athlete can jump in at ANY time but once they do they cannot skip weights unless all other athletes in the weight class agree to skip.  Wessels Rule is in effect so once they miss an attempt they’re OUT!  The Athlete will be standing behind the bar and can begin their set up once the time starts.  If it’s your turn and you’re still putting on your suit you WILL be skipped at the judges discretion 

40lbs jumps for Men, 20lbs jumps for Women. We’ll be using Deadlift Bars and Standard Plates

Equipment Allowed: Deadlift Suits, Chalk, Knee Sleeve, Knee Wraps, Elbow Sleeves, Wrist Wraps, Straps, Belt (soft belts too)

Event 3: Fingal’s Fingers (format subject to change based on the specifications of our equipment but it WILL be Finagle’s Fingers); On the command “START” the Athlete will have 60 seconds to flip the implement back and fourth for as many reps as possible in the time frame.  A rep will count as long as it falls in the attended directions (ex. If time is called and the implement is falling in the intended direction it counts). The athlete will start behind a line 10 feet away from the implement  

Equipment Allowed: Chalk, Knee Sleeves, Elbow Sleeves, Wrist Wraps, Belt, Soft Belt, 

Event 4: Carry Medley; On the command “Start” the Athlete will have 60 seconds to pick up each implement and carry them 50 feet in the following order; Sandbag, to Husafell stone, to Keg.  The Husafell Stone and Keg must be sitting upright at the end of the lane in order for you to proceed to the next implement or for your time to end.  If you drop the keg and it rolls you MUST bring it back to where you dropped it to re pick or you will receive a :15 second penalty.  (Kegs roll fast so try not to drop it) Athlete will begin the event standing behind the Sandbag and can grab the sandbag once the time starts.

Equipment Allowed: Gloves, Chalk, Knee Sleeves, Elbow Sleeves, Wrist Wraps, Belt, Soft Belt

Event 5: Keg to Shoulder Max Reps :60, on the command “Start” the Athlete will proceed to pick up their Keg and place it on their shoulder for as many reps as possible.  The keg must return to the ground between each rep using the provided crash pads.  In order for a rep to count the Athlete must show control and remove one arm before receiving a Down Command.  Athlete will begin the event behind the implement.  They may grab the implement when time begins.

Equipment Allowed: Gloves, Chalk, Grip Shirts, Knee Sleeves, Elbow Sleeves, Belt, Soft Belt

Pontchartrain Convention & Civic Center
4545 Williams Blvd
Kenner, LA 70065
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Nov 18, 2023

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Cameron Ray

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Events and Weights
Division Circus Dumbbell Max Reps :60Max Deadlift Rising BarFingal’s FingerCarry MedleyKeg to Shoulder
Novice Women (Single Class)65185TBD100, 110, 110110
Open W LW (132-)65200TBD100, 130, 140110
Open W MW (165-)75225TBD100, 130, 140110
Open W HW (198-)85225TBD150, 150, 165140
Open W SHW (+)85250TBD150, 175, 165165
Masters Women (Single Class)75225TBD100, 130, 140140
Novice M HW (220+)105405TBD200, 220, 220200
Novice M LW (220-)95365TBD200, 200, 200165
Open M LW (181-)125405TBD200, 220, 220200
Open M MW (220-)145455TBD220, 250, 260220
Open M HW (275-)165495TBD265, 275, 280240
Open M SHW (+)165550TBD265, 275, 280260
Masters Men (Single Class)125405TBD200, 220, 220200

Early Bird Price
Available until Jul 18, 2023

Regular Price
Registration Closes Nov 10, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
72 spots remain.