October 2, 2021

Tournament of Titans II


Denver, CO

Tournament of Titans annual show is back and ready to see who has what it takes to come out victorious after battle!  This show will be the FIRST Colorado show that offers the Pro Division for men.  Stop talking about how strong you are to your friends and family and prove yourself at the show.  1st place payout is $500, 2nd place $300, and 3rd place $200 for the Pro Division.  All 1st place winners in their class will bring home a trophy.  2nd and 3rd place finishes will be awarded a medal.  Rules for the events are:

Axle / Keg Press Medley – Competitor will have 60 seconds to complete as many reps as possible.  You can start at either implement you want, but if you cannot complete the first rep, you are not allowed to move to the second implement.  Competitor must get a down command for a rep to count.  A down command will be given after elbows are locked and feet are parallel.  Chalk, warmer belts, and hard belts are allowed.  No build up belts.  Grip shirts can be worn under your competition shirt. 

Car Deadlift – Competitor will have 60 seconds to complete as many reps as possible.  Time will start after you’re strapped in and give the start command.  Competitor will be given a down command once hips are through and shoulder are back.  No up command will be given, but bouncing is NOT allowed.  Implement will be set up with side handles.  Chalk, warmer belts, and hard belts are allowed.  No deadlift suits or briefs. 

Yoke / Farmers Medley – Competitor will have 90 seconds to complete the course of yoking 50 feet down and running the farmers walk 50 feet back.  Competitor will be given the lift command from the judge and that will start the time.  As many drops as needed are allowed.  If the course is not completed in time, you will be scored on distance.  Chalk, warmer belts, and hard belts are allowed.  Grip shirt can be worn under the competition shirt.

Sandbag Toss for Height - Starting height will be 10ft for women and 12 ft for men.  Competitor can jump in an any height but once you miss, you're out.  You will be given a second chance if the first attempt doesn't go over.  The second attempt will be immediately after the first attempt.   

Stone Over Bar – Competitor will have 60 seconds to complete as many reps as possible.  Women’s bar height will be 48” and men’s will be 52”.Hands can not touch the bar to chest bump the stone over.  Tacky is allowed.  Any shirt can be worn for this event.  Competitor MUST bring cleaning materials before washing their hands in the restroom.

Spectator fee of $5 will be taken at the door.  Bring some extra cash for a chance at a raffle package!

Niks Performance Training Facility
1338 S Valentia St
Denver, CO 80247
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Oct 02, 2021

Start Time
9:30 AM
Meet Director
Justin Menning

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Events and Weights
Division Axle / Keg Press MedleyCar DeadliftYoke / Farmers MedleySandbag Toss for HeightStone Over Bar
Open W LW (132-)100/75TBD350/13020145
Open W MW (165-)125/100TBD400/16020165
Open W HW (198-)150/125TBD450/19020175
Masters Women (Single Class)100/75TBD350/13020145
Teen W LW (165-)75/50TBD250/10020100
Pro Men315/275Bronco Sport plus 225 Keg905/33055402
Open M LW (181-)220/175TBD600/22540300
Open M MW (220-)240/200Bronco Sport725/25040330
Open M HW (275-)260/225Bronco Sport775/27540345
Open M SHW (+)280/250Bronco Sport plus 100lb keg825/30050360
Masters Men (Single Class)220/175TBD600/22540300

Regular Price
Registration Closes Sep 28, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
21 spots remain.