March 19, 2022

TSC Stone Series at Sherman Celtic Festival "Husafell"


Sherman, TX


You read that right! These stones are made by the one and only David Accardo, owner of Stix and Stones.  They are concrete stones made to the exact specs of the actual husafell stone in Iceland.  David has made the trip to Iceland and picked up the stone himself.  Rest assured, he got this mold right and it's the closest one to the real thing (outside of the Arnold Pro Strongman that did something similar). 


All three stone weights are the same size as the actual stone, but with varying densities to alter the weights.  

Just like in Iceland, you will pick up this stone and carry it as far as you can in a rectangular pattern.  

You will have 2 attempts to Pick the stone, once you take a step while standing, that will be considered forward motion and no longer a pic.  If you drop the stone after taking a step forward your run is over, you may not attempt to pick again.  


There will be Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in each class, and an award for furthest carry.  

$20 to compete and a chance for prizes. (Sat only)  You can sign up here or day of in person.

$10 to attempt the stone without a chance for prizes.  (Sat and Sun)  You can sign up day of in person with cash/venmo/cashapp/zelle

This is a single event at the Sherman Celtic Festival and Highland Games! 

Weigh-ins will be conducted at check-in.  This will be a CLOTHES ON weigh-in, so don't come in expecting a bathroom/area to strip down.  We're not doing that here, we'll be in the middle of an active festival.

It costs $5 to enter the festival

Parking, Times, Etc.. will be updated soon, we are still finalizing details with the committee.  


Please reach out if you have any questions


Pecan Grove West Park
3200 Canyon Creek Dr
Sherman, TX 75092
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Mar 19, 2022

Start Time
11:58 PM
Meet Director
Robert Spence

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Husafell Carry Max Distance
Open W SHW (+)220
Open M MW (198-)220
Open M HW (242-)300
Open M SHW (+)410

Regular Price
Registration Closes Mar 19, 2022

Refund Policy
Refunds available until 30 days prior to event.
This event is limited to 200 athletes.
200 spots remain.