July 1, 2023

Uncle Sam's Strongest


Idaho Falls, ID

Welcome to the 4th annual Uncle Sam's Strongest! For the first time, this will be a Strongman Corporation sanctioned event. Join us in Idaho Falls on Saturday,  July 1st at Empire Strength and Fitness. 

In each open division with at least 6 competitors, first place competitors will take home $1000! Second and third place competitors in the open divisions will take home $300 and $110.


Truck Tire Deadlift

Competitors will have 3 attempts at a max deadlift. Rising bar- jump in at the weight you want to attempt. Competitors will not be allowed any further attempts after a missed attempt--your last successful lift will count in your placing. 

The barbell will be at a standard deadlift height, 9". No sumo allowed. Straps and belts are allowed. Competitors must complete a full lockout to be credited with a good lift. 



The stone will be placed 10' from the throwing line. Competitors will have 30 seconds to pick up the stone, have a running start to the line, and throw from chest height or higher. Athletes must be facing forward and can not cross the throw line. The throw is for max distance and will be measured from the throw line to the first point of impact.

Knee and elbow sleeves (1 pair each), belts, and chalk are allowed.


Vehicle Pull

Competitors will wear a harness and have a lead rope. There will be indicator lines 60' apart. The vehicle will start behind the first line and the front of the vehicle must cross the second line. 90 second time cap and the fastest time wins this event. 

Knee and elbow sleeves (1 pair each), wraps, belts, and chalk are allowed.


Rising Axle Clean and Press

This is a 2 part event. 

Part 1: There will be 3 axles loaded in a line from light to heavy. Competitors will start with hands off axles. On go, athletes will have 60 seconds to clean and press every axle in the ladder. Athletes must receive a "down" call from the judge after full lock out before moving on to the next axle. Competitors who complete all 3 axles within the time cap will move on to part 2 of this event.

Part 2: Any athlete who completes the ladder from part 1 will move on to part 2. This is a rising axle clean and press max lift. Competitors will have 30 seconds per attempt and must receive a down call from the judge after full lockout. The men's axle will have 30 lb jumps. The women's axle will have 15 lb jumps. No jumps--everyone must attempt at every weight increase until failure. The heaviest axle clean and press wins this event.


Mystery Event (Revealed)

This event has a 90 second time cap. Athletes will complete a 30 foot hand over hand pull for 1 point, a 30 foot yoke carry for 1 point, then a stone over bar with the remaining time. Every rep over bar is another point. The athlete with the most points wins this event. The stone over bar height will be 52" for men, 48" for women. Tacky towels will be allowed for the stone portion of the event only.

Event weights are posted above as hand over hand, yoke, stone.


All competitors must have a valid Strongman Corporation Card to be able to compete the day of the event.

COMPETITOR MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION: https://app.joinit.com/o/strongman-corporation/bdqyxJnNiCuihWmx5

NOVICE COMPETITOR MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION: https://app.joinit.com/o/strongman-corporation/MEz3De7PfALCQyr6p

ATTENTION: NOVICE memberships are only valid for one event and five days from purchase date. Please plan your purchase accordingly with your competition date in mind.

Empire Strength and Fitness
3166 Lockheed Cir
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
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Jul 01, 2023

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Garet Butikofer

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Events and Weights
Division Max truck tire deadliftSteinstossenVehicle pullRising axle clean and pressMystery event
Novice W HW (+)max65TBD75, 95, 115TBD, 315, 145
Open W MW (160.4-)max65TBD115, 135, 155TBD, 365, 175
Open W MW (180.4-)max65TBD135, 155, 175TBD, 405, 220
Open W HW (+)max65TBD160, 180, 200TBD, 455, 245
Novice M SHW (+)max125TBD160, 180, 200TBD, 455, 220
Open M MW (200.4-)max125TBD180, 200, 220TBD, 550, 245
Open M HW (264.5-)max125TBD220, 240, 260TBD, 650, 285
Open M SHW (+)max125TBD260, 280, 300TBD, 750, 305

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jun 11, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 50 athletes.
13 spots remain.