July 6, 2024

Uncle Sam's Strongest


Idaho Falls, ID

Welcome to the 5th annual Uncle Sam's Strongest--hosted by Empire Strength and Fitness in Idaho Falls, ID. 



Athletes will stand on a raised platform with an implement underneath the platform. Athletes will have a bar in hand that is connected to the implement with a chain. Athletes will hold the weight in hand as long as possible. Athletes will not have to deadlift the weight- it will be raised to the athlete's preferred height and the weight released when time is started. 

Belts are allowed. No lifting straps.


Competitors will wear a harness and have a lead rope. There will be indicator lines 60' apart. The fire truck will start behind the first line and the front of the truck must cross the second line. 90 second time cap and the fastest time wins this event. 

Knee and elbow sleeves (1 pair each), wraps, belts, and chalk are allowed.


Athletes will have 60 seconds to carry a 3-person Crossfit worm 50 feet. The worm cannot touch the ground. After crossing the 50' mark, athletes will press a yoke overhead as many times as possible with the remaining amount of time. The athlete with the most yoke presses or furthest worm carry wins this event.


Athletes will press a natural stone (weight TBD) overhead, load an atlas tone onto a platform, then lift a natural stone (weight TBD) to shoulder. The athlete to complete all 3 stone lifts the fastest wins this event.

Empire Strength and Fitness
1539 Piper St
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
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Jul 06, 2024

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Garet Butikofer

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Events and Weights
Division Tower HoldFire Truck PullCarry/Press MedleyStones Medley
Novice W HW (+)380FIRE TRUCK100/95105
Open W MW (160.4-)380FIRE TRUCK100/95105
Open W MW (180.4-)380FIRE TRUCK120/115165
Open W HW (200.4-)380FIRE TRUCK140/135205
Open W HW (+)380FIRE TRUCK160/155220
Novice M SHW (+)680FIRE TRUCK185/185205
Open M MW (200.4-)680FIRE TRUCK210/215220
Open M MW (231.4-)680FIRE TRUCK230/235265
Open M HW (264.5-)680FIRE TRUCK250/255295
Open M SHW (+)680FIRE TRUCK270/275330

Early Bird Price
Available until Apr 30, 2024

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jun 22, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 50 athletes.
26 spots remain.