September 25, 2021

USS 82.5kg & Masters 105kg World Championships


Liverpool, NY

Must Qualify thru Nationals

All Weights Subject to Change 


Max Silver Dollar Deadlift (Wessels Rules Miss and you are out)

- Each attempt will have a 60 second time limit

Height will be set at 18inches with a stiff bar.

- 3 attempts

- Hitching allowed 

- Competitor must wait for judges down command

- Men 50lbs jumps

- Women 25lbs jumps

Allowed: Straps, chalk

Not allowed: SUITS, Sumo, tacky, baby oil


Circus Dumbbell Press (clean every rep)
- 60 second time limit

- Complete as many reps as possible.

- Competitor will clean the CDB to their shoulder with two hands but MUST press with ONE hand

- A successful lift will have the competitor standing with hips through, locked knees and elbow locked at the top with head through

- Competitor must wait for judge’s down command. Competitor must clean and press every rep. 

Allowed: Wrist wraps, sleeves, chalk, grip shirts




Competitor will have Back and Butt against a Board with A line on the ground the feet cannot go past, Implement lifted and arms locked out to the front. Clock goes on and you hold for as long as possible. 

Allow: Chalk, belts, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves 



Each competitor will have 2 Duck-walk implements Duckwalk them 30 ft and load to a step.

Clock stops when both implements are on the step. fastest time wins

Allow: Chalk, belts, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves 

Not Allowed Straps or Tacky 


Arm over Arm Truck Pull

Athlete will be seated with rope in hand. (no you can not start standing)

Pull a truck arm over arm 50 feet.

Clock stops when front of truck crosses the line. 


Sharkey's Bar and Grill
7240 Oswego Rd
Liverpool, NY 13090
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Sep 25, 2021

Start Time
9:30 AM
Meet Director
Jamie Hantke

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Events and Weights
Division Max Silver Dollar DeadliftCircus DB for RepsFranken-BeerStein front holdDuckWalkArm over Arm Truck Pull
Open M LW (181-)50014545300/325Truck
Masters M MW (220-)50014545300/325Truck

Regular Price
Registration Closes Sep 10, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 30 athletes.
24 spots remain.