November 18, 2023

USS Maryland's Strongest Man & Woman 2023


Columbia, MD

Event 1: Super Yoke. Max distance in 45 seconds with a stop, drop and turn at 50ft. Max distance wins. Unlimited drops. No sliding. Grips shirts, belts, sleeves, chalk allowed. 

Event 2: Log Lift Ladder. Three logs lifted lightest to heaviest. 60 second time limit. Athlete will clean and press each implement and lock it out overhead, under control until judge gives the down command. Wraps, sleeves, belts, chalk and grip shirts allowed. No tacky, tacky towel or dropping the weights. Women 8"/10"/12" Logs. Men 10"/12"/12"

Event 3: Max Deadlift (eligible for State Records). Athlete will have 3 attempts (Wessels Rules). Jump in when you want. 45lb and 25lb plates used for jumps. Smaller jump will be considered in potential tie situations or State Record attempts. Straps, suits, briefs, sleeves, belts, chalk allowed. Not allowed-Tacky.

Event 4: Deadsled Frame Carry and Drag. Athlete will pick up the frame, carry it 50ft, drop and then using the attached handles DRAG the frame backwards. Athlete will be facing the implement and walking back to the start line 50ft. Fastest time wins. Chalk, belt, sleeves allowed. No tacky or straps. 60s time limit 

Event 5: Athlete will hold the Implement at shoulder height in front of them for as long as possible. Athlete will be stood with their back against the wall. Back and butt will be against the wall. Time will end when athlete lowers the bag. Longest time wins. 

The Colosseum Gym & Personal Training
9159 Red Branch Rd
Columbia, MD 21045
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Nov 18, 2023

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Jon Ward
Events and Weights
Division Yoke Max DistanceLog LadderMax DeadliftFrame Carry & DragFront Hold
Novice Women (Single Class)340100/115/125Max33025
Open W LW (123-)390120/140/160Max35025
Open W LW (132-)390120/140/160Max35025
Open W MW (148-)480140/160/180Max38025
Open W MW (165-)480140/160/180Max38025
Open W HW (181-)510160/180/200Max42030
Open W HW (198-)510160/180/200Max42030
Open W SHW (242-)540180/200/220Max47030
Open W SHW (+)540180/200/220Max47030
Masters Women (Single Class)390120/140/160Max35025
Masters Women 60+340100/120/140Max33025
Teen W LW (165-)340100/120/140Max33025
Teen W HW (165+)340100/120/140Max33025
Novice Men (Single Class)540180/200/220Max47035
Open M LW (165-)550200/220/240Max51040
Open M LW (181-)610220/240/260Max56040
Open M MW (198-)660240/260/280Max60045
Open M MW (220-)660260/280/300Max60045
Open M HW (242-)790280/300/320Max65050
Open M HW (275-)790280/300/320Max65050
Open M SHW (308-)840300/320/340Max70055
Open M SHW (+)880320/340/360Max70055
Masters M LW (220-) 50+TBDTBDTBDTBDTBD
Masters Men (Single Class)610220/240/260Max56035
Masters M HW (220+) 50+TBDTBDTBD51030
Masters Men 60+550200/220/240Max47030
Teen M LW (220-)490160/180/200Max43025
Teen M HW (220+)490160/180/200Max43025

Early Bird Price
Available until Nov 20, 2022

Regular Price
Registration Closes Nov 04, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
49 spots remain.