November 19, 2022

USS Maryland’s Strongest Man & Woman 2022


Columbia, MD

Event 1: Monster Dbell Press: Athlete will clean and press away the dbell overhead for as many reps in 60 seconds. Wraps, sleeves, belts, chalk and grip shirts allowed. No tacky or dropping the dbell. Max reps wins

Event 2: Deadlift & Grip Death Medley: (Axle/Axle/Frame) Athlete will deadlift the first axle twice, the second axle once and the the frame once WITH HOLD at the top of the lift. Event will be scored with the athlete holding the frame for as long as possible. Failing to lift the frame will result in a score from the amount of reps on the previous 2 implements. Any recorded time on the frame hold will beat any reps on the first two implements. Athlete must pick the frame up within 10 seconds of completing a lift on the second axle. Time will start when the frame leaves the ground. Chalk, belts allowed. No tacky, straps suits or briefs. This one is going to hurt! We are using the MB Power Sled. All Men's Class will use the THICK handles. Women's Classes will use the thinner handles.

Event 3: Super Yoke. 50ft Yoke run for time. Fastest time wins. Failure to complete the 50ft course will result in zero points. 60 second time limits. Unlimited drops. No sliding. Grips shirts, belts, sleeves, chalk allowed. 

Event 4: Callus Killer Farmers Walk: 50ft course with a turn at each 50ft marker. Max distance wins. No time limit. No drops. No straps, tacky or tacky towels. Wrist wraps, belts allowed. Torn calluses' optional!

Event 5: The Conan's Wheel of PAIN!: Athlete will pick up the Conan's Wheel and begin to walk/run at their own pace. No drops allowed. Max distance wins. Grip shirts, elbow sleeves, chalk, belts allowed. No resting on belts. One drop and done. Must travel a minimum of 5ft to register a score.

The Colosseum Gym & Personal Training
9159 Red Branch Rd
Columbia, MD 21045
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Nov 19, 2022

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Jon Ward
Events and Weights
Division Monster Dbell PressDeadlift & Grip Medley YokeFarmers WalkConans Wheel
Novice Women (Single Class)85200/225/240340135300
Open W LW (123-)95225/255/290390135300
Open W LW (132-)95225/255/290390135300
Open W MW (148-)105275/305/330480155350
Open W MW (165-)105275/305/330480155350
Open W HW (181-)115305/355/380510175375
Open W HW (198-)115305/355/380510175375
Open W SHW (242-)125325/365/400540185400
Open W SHW (+)125325/365/400540185400
Masters Women (Single Class)85225/255/240390155350
Masters Women 60+85215/245/240340135300
Teen W LW (165-)75185/215/240340135275
Teen W HW (165+)75185/215/240340135275
Novice Men (Single Class)115305/355/470540225450
Open M LW (181-)135425/475/560610225500
Open M MW (198-)145475/500/610660245550
Open M MW (220-)145475/500/610660245550
Open M HW (275-)175550/600/650790275600
Open M SHW (308-)185585/635/700840315650
Masters Men (Single Class)135425/475/560550225500
Teen M LW (220-)105275/305/330490225400
Teen M HW (220+)105275/305/330490225400

Regular Price
Registration Closes Nov 02, 2022

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 85 athletes.
16 spots remain.