September 8, 2024

USS Masters PRO Worlds


Tampa, FL

USS Masters Pro Worlds / USS Florida Masters State Championships


The USS Pro Masters Worlds / Florida Amateur Masters State Championships will be held inside The FITFEST EXPO - Florida's Biggest Annual Health and Fitness Expo which includes powerlifting, weightlifting, crossfit, jiu jitsu, exhibitors, a kids zone, seminars, AND MUCH MORE!



This is a PRO/AM Event

This registration page is open to both PROS and AMATEURS. I will be reaching out to you directly to confirm status. Pros and Amateurs will be categorized separately on different scoring pages for the actual event day.



Top 3 in Each Class at USS Nationals 2024 Masters class qualify for MASTERS WORLDS



Tentative Order: 

1 Firetruck Pull

2 Max Axle

3 Deadlift

4 Dinnie Carry

5 Sandbag Pyramid


Power Bar Deadlift

60 Seconds, Max Reps. Athletes are allowed to strap in before time starts

ALL reps must be dead stopped. Athletes will receive a "Down" command upon each lockout

Hitching allowed. Suits allowed for PRO division only.


Sandbag Pyramid

This event is scored by sandbag to shoulder reps.


Athlete will begin standing over the bag (you can orient it any direction that you want at the start) and shoulder the bag ONE time into a 25’ carry. Then, athlete will drop the bag after the line and shoulder the bag TWO times, followed by a 25’ carry.

This pattern repeats infinitely until time limit (2 minutes)

1 Shoulder —> 25’ carry —-> 2 shoulders —-> 25’ carry back to start —-> 3 shoulders —--> 25’ carry back to start —--> 4 shoulders —--> 25’ carry —--> 5 shoulders —--> 25’ carry back to start

Etc etc

Athlete can begin the carry once a good rep is called on the shoulder. Standard rules apply - bag on shoulder with opposite side hand out to demonstrate control. On the carry, athletes can carry with both hands on the bag. Athlete and bag must be completely behind the line on each side to begin the next round of shouldering.

IF bag is dropped midway through the carry, the bag does not have to be shouldered upon pickup - any carry method is allowed.

All reps completed count as a point. If an athlete is in the round of 5, but only completes 2 reps, their score will be 2+4+3+2+1 = 12.

No sticky material of any kind allowed. Chalk, grip shirts, sleeves, belts and all other supportive equipment allowed. NO deadlift suits or briefs (why you should even ask about this is beyond me but every year there’s always one person that asks).


Cerberus Dinnie Carry

Athletes will carry cerberus dinnie rings as far as possible within 75 seconds. There will be 50 foot lengths. Only one foot must cross the end lines before athletes return the other direction. UNLIMITED DROPS.

In Traditional Stone Carry Style, Weights will be different per hand, approximately a 10% difference per hand. Athlete will have the choice which side is heavier/lighter.


Chalk, liquid chalk acceptable.


Max Axle Clean and Press

***National and State Record Eligible


3 Attempts, Max weight, Axle C&P

20 pound jumps for Men, 10 pound jumps for women.

Athletes are allowed all 3 attempts regardless if the previous lift failed.

Athletes will have 30 seconds upon “start” command to complete their attempt.

IF axle is off the ground before the 30 second time limit, the lift can still be completed.

No sticky material of any type allowed. Chalk, grip shirts, etc all okay. One soft belt and one hard belt allowed. No "built up belts"
Belt cleans acceptable



Firetruck pull with harness and lead rope. 50' for time or distance completed in 60 seconds. Athletes are allowed to bring their own harness. This event WILL BE OUTDOORS. All others inside expo hall.




24 Hour Weigh Ins will be held. Details forthcoming.




Florida State Fairgrounds
4800 US-301
Tampa, FL 33610
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Sep 08, 2024

Start Time
9:30 AM
Meet Director
Steve Coyne
Events and Weights
Division Power Bar DeadliftSandbag PyramidDinnie CarryMax Axle Clean and PressTruck Pull
Masters W MW (165-)31512590/13510lb jumpsHEAVY
Masters W LW (165-) 50+31512590/13510lb jumpsHEAVY
Masters W HW (+)365165100/14510lb jumpsHEAVY
Masters W HW (165+) 50+315150100/14510lb jumpsHEAVY
Masters Women 60+27510090/13510lb jumpsHEAVY
Masters M MW (220-)585220180/22020lb jumpsHEAVY
Masters M LW (220-) 50+545185180/22020lb jumpsHEAVY
Masters M HW (+)635245205/24520lb jumpsHEAVY
Masters M HW (220+) 50+585220205/24520lb jumpsHEAVY
Masters Men 60+545185180/22020lb jumpsHEAVY

Regular Price
Registration Closes Aug 01, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
35 spots remain.
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