February 17, 2024

Waco Winter Wrecker United States Strongman


Waco, TX

This is a charity strongman competition for two of our brothers in iron at Underground Performance Training Compound in Waco, Texas. Come help us support our fellow long time members Robert Pogue and Martin Jimenez. They are struggling with major health issues that have them unable to work. Proceeds from the event will help with medical and family living costs.

Early check in and weigh ins will be Feb 16th 5pm to 7pm at the Underground Performance Gym Waco, Tx

USS National Qualifier for 2024      2 State Record Attmpts 

Lifting starts 10:00 am 

Rules briefing 9:30 am 

Day of Weigh ins 8:00 am to 9:00 am 

Either 2 lanes or 2 events will run together. 

Spectator Admission: $10

*Weights subject to minor adjustment*

Event #1 - Max Log Clean & Press **Texas State Record**12" for men, 10" for women. 60 second time limit per attempt. 3 attempts. Feet parallel, knees and elbows locked, head through to receive down command. Please notify judge if it is a State record attempt to ensure the correct ref is in place

Scored by max lift

Allowed: Wrist wraps, elbow and knee sleeves, grip shirt, hard and/or soft belt

not allwed: built up belts, elbow and knee wraps, tacky, briefs

Event #2 - Deadlift Ladder - 90 secs to complete all 4, must wait for down command before moving to next bar

1st bar  - stiff;    2nd bar - stiff;    3rd - deadlift bar;    4th - Mammoth bar 

Scored by # of bars completed and split times

Allowed: Suits, Briefs, soft and or hard belt, wrist wraps, knee sleeves, chalk, hitching 

Not allowed: built up belts, knee wraps, baby powder, 

Event # 3 - Sand bag / Keg over Yoke 30 ft - 90 secs to complete, start with hands on bag or keg (athlete choice), pick up and carry 30 ft to yoke and load over top. 48 inches for women 52 inches for men, can shoulder 

Scored by split times 

Allowed: Suits, Briefs, soft and or hard belt, wrist wraps, knee sleeves, chalk, 

Not allowed: tacky or tacky chalk, no build up belt

Event #4 - Farmer Hold for Time **State Record** - Max time. Time starts on lockout, ends when either implement hits the floor. Handle height must be 17" or lower and less than 1.25" diameter

Allowed: hard and or soft belt, wrist wraps, chalk

Not allowed: tacky, tacky chalk, hooks, straps, figure 8s, and device to assit in holding the farmers besides your hands, suits, or briefs

Event #5 - 3 Stones to Platform  - 54 inches - lightest stone; 52 inches - medium stone; 48 inches - heaviest stone 

Athlete can start with hands on the first stone, must complete stone to platform before starting next stone

Scored by split times 

Allowed: Suits, Briefs, soft and or hard belt, wrist wraps, knee sleeves, chalk, tacky, tacky towel, stone sleeves

Not allowed: using platform edge to heave the stone on to it, removal of tacky in the bathroom, 

Any claraficiations or questions please call or text Jade Dickens 254-223-1954


Underground Performance Gym
5312 Franklin Ave
Waco, TX 76710
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Feb 17, 2024

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Jade Dickens
Events and Weights
Division Log Press *State Record Event*Deadlift Ladder (4) Farmers Hold *State Record Event*Sand bag / Keg over Yoke 30ft Medley Stones to Platform (3)
Novice W HW (165+)Call your # 3x225,275,315,365120 per hand100/100100/115/130
Novice W LW (165-)Call your # 3x185,225,275,315100 per hand75/7575/100/115
Open W LW (123-)(110 rec)Call your # 3x185,225,275,315120 (1:38.97 rec)75/75100/115/130
Open W HW (198-)no rec Call your # 3x255,315,375,405180 (no record)125/125130/160/170
Open W SHW (+)(165) Call your # 3x275,335,405,435210 (35.44 rec)150/150160/175/205
Open W LW (132-)(150) Call your # 3x185,225,275,315120 (no record)75/75100/115/130
Open W SHW (242-)no rec Call your # 3x255,315,375,405210 (no record)150/150160/175/205
Open W HW (181-)(155) Call your # 3x255,315,375,405180 (no record)125/125130/160/170
Open W MW (165-)(180)Call your # 3x225,275,315,365150 (no record)100/100115/130/160
Open W MW (148-)(125)Call your # 3x225,275,315,365150 (no record)100/100105/130/140
Masters W LW (165-) 50+Call your # 3x185,225,275,315120 (no record)100/100100/115/130
Masters W MW (165-)(175)Call your # 3x225,275,315,365120(:45.19)100/100115/130/160
Masters W HW (+)(155)Call your # 3x225,275,315,365150 (1:16.87)100/100115/130/160
Masters W LW (132-)(115)Call your # 3x185,225,275,315120(1:06.33)100/100100/115/130
Masters W HW (165+) 50+Call your # 3x225,275,315,365120 (no record)100/100115/130/160
Masters Women 60+Call your # 3x185,225,275,315120 (no record)75/75100/115/130
Teen W LW (165-)no rec Call your # 3x185,225,275,315120 (no record)75/7575/100/115
Teen W HW (165+)no rec Call your # 3x225,275,315,365150 (no record) 100/100100/115/130
Novice M HW (220+)Call your # 3x275,335,405,435240 per hand200/200210/255/280
Novice M LW (220-)Call your # 3x255,315,375,405200 per hand150/150170/205/255
Open M LW (165-)(230) Call your # 3x315,365,415,455220 (1:09.68)225/225210/255/280
Open M HW (275-)(380)Call your # 3x405,455,505,555280 (48.77)275/275280/315/355
Open M SHW (+)(430) Call your # 3x455,515, 585,655310 (41.81)300/300315/355/400
Open M LW (181-)(300)Call your # 3x315,365,415,455220 (no record) 225/225210/255/280
Open M SHW (308-)(380)Call your # 3x455,515, 585,655310 (no record)300/300315/355/400
Open M HW (242-)(340)Call your # 3x405,455,505,555280 (1:06.06)275/275280/315/355
Open M MW (220-)(330)Call your # 3x405,455,505,555250 (1:12.24)250/250255/280/315
Open M MW (198-)(300)Call your # 3x355,395,445,495250 (1:01.00)250/250255/280/315
Masters M LW (220-) 50+Call your # 3x315,365,415,455TBD225/225255/280/315
Masters M HW (+)(320)Call your # 3x355,395,445,495250 (50.64)250/250255/280/315
Masters M MW (220-)(210)Call your # 3x315,365,415,455220 (47.8)225/225255/280/315
Masters M HW (220+) 50+Call your # 3x315,365,415,455220 (no record)225/225255/280/315
Masters Men 60+Call your # 3x275,335,405,435180 (no record)200/200210/255/280
Teen M LW (220-)no rec Call your # 3x255,315,375,405180 (59.97)150/150170/205/255
Teen M HW (220+)(315) Call your # 3x275,335,405,435220 (34.25)200/200210/255/280

Regular Price
Registration Closes Feb 17, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 40 athletes.
9 spots remain.