May 14, 2022

Warpath Strength Windy City's Strongest Man/Woman


Chicago, IL

The Warpath Strength Windy City's Strongest Man/Woman competition will take place on Saturday, May 14, at Chicago Barbell Compound, IL, and will feature five events:

  1. Press Medley: Sandbag/Steel Block/Sandbag
  2. Deadlift for Reps
  3. Crucifix Carry
  4. Sandbag-To-Shoulder
  5. Farmers Hold

This competition is taking place six weeks before the United States Strongman (USS) National Championship in New Hampshire. The events in this competition are almost identical to the events at that show in order to allow athletes an opportunity to use this one as a last chance qualifier or a "dry run" (event training day) for Nationals. The registration deadline for USS Nationals is May 28, so if an athlete qualifies at this competition, he/she will have two weeks to sign up.


There will be a $10 admission fee for all spectators ages 13 and older. Children under 12 will be admitted for free. This entry fee will be CASH ONLY at the door on the day of the competition. There will NOT be any advanced ticket sales.


All competitors MUST weigh-in and complete their check-in before 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 14. If you show up after 9 a.m., you will not be allowed to compete. Please be respectful of the promoter and staff and DO NOT show up at the last minute.

There will be weigh-ins on Friday, May 13, but the timing is TBD. They will likely happen around noon and again later in the evening (5-7 p.m.), but please check back on this page and/or follow the Warpath Strength Facebook and Instagram pages for regular updates.

There will also be weigh-ins from 8-9 a.m. on Saturday, May 14 (the morning of the competition).


There will be a rules meeting for all athletes at 9:30 a.m. on the day of the competition, which is why we require all competitors to weigh-in/check-in before 9 a.m. We will review all of the rules in this meeting.

EVENT 1: Odd Object Press Medley

  • Athletes will be required to clean and press each object/implement in this order: lightest sandbag, steel press block, heaviest sandbag.
  • Once the athlete has successfully locked out the press, the judge will give a "Down" command. Please wait for the judge's command or else you may be instructed to re-clean and press the object.
  • Athletes will have :60 seconds to clean and press all three objects.
  • Equipment allowed: Belt, knee and elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, chalk (powder or liquid), gloves. BELTS MUST BE WORN WITH BUCKLES IN THE BACK.
  • Equipment NOT allowed: No grip shirts and absolutely no tacky of any kind (not from a jar, no spray, no towels, no tape).

EVENT 2: Deadlift for Reps

  • Athletes will NOT be allowed to strap in until the judge gives the "Lift" command.
  • Once given the “Lift” command, athletes will deadlift the bar to a full lockout position (the hips must come through) for as many reps as possible in :60 seconds.
  • Athlete MUST wait for the “Down” command in order to be given a successful rep. There will NOT be an “Up” command, so athletes may complete the reps in a “touch-and-go” manner as long as each rep is completely locked out and the judge has given the “Down” command.
  • If an athlete does not wait for the "Down" command and lowers the bar prematurely, he/she will be given a warning the first time only. If the athlete ignores the "Down" command after being given the warning, any subsequent reps will not be counted by the judge.
  • Athletes will be allowed to hitch.
  • No sumo-pulling. Athletes hands must be placed outside the knees.
  • An athlete's palms MUST remain in contact with the bar. No one is allowed to ONLY use their straps to hang onto to bar.
  • Absolutely NO BOUNCING. Any athlete who attempts to "bounce" the bar off the floor will be disqualified from the competition.
  • Equipment allowed: Belt, knee and elbow sleeves, knee and wrist wraps, wrist straps, chalk.
  • Equipment NOT allowed: No deadlift suits, no hook-grip straps, no tacky.

EVENT 3: Crucifix Carry (also know as The Iron Cross, Magnusson or Barry Carry)

  • Athletes will carry a loadable, steel crucifix implement down and back a 25' course (total distance will be 50') as quickly as possible in :60 seconds or less.
  • The athlete will start the event in a standing position with his/her hands on the cross arms.
  • Once the judge gives the "Go" command, athletes will pick the crucifix with their arms underneath the cross members of the implement, which MUST be carried in front of the body. At no point during the event can any part of the Crucifix be supported or carried over the shoulder.
  • Athletes will carry the crucifix down the course, turn around a cone, return to the start/finish line and place it upright at the finish line. Once the athlete’s hands come off the implement, time stops. Fastest time wins.
  • The crucifix MUST remain in the upright position at the finish. Time will only stop when both of the athlete's hands are raised overhead.
  • No drops are allowed. If the athlete drops the crucifix and cannot complete the course, a distance will be measured.
  • Only the implement must cross the finish line to complete course, BUT the crucifix MUST be placed upright and remain upright at the finish line in order for the attempt to be counted. If the crucifix falls over, a :10s penalty will be added to the athlete's time.
  • Equipment allowed: Belt, knee and elbow sleeves, knee and wrist wraps, USS-approved grip shirts, chalk (powder or liquid).
  • Equipment NOT allowed: No gloves, no tape and no tacky of any kind (not from a jar, no spray can, no tacky towels, no tape).

EVENT 4: Sandbag-to-Shoulder

  • Athletes may start with their hands on TOP of the sandbag, but NOT underneath.
  • When the judge gives the "Go" command, athletes will load the sandbag to his/her shoulder to a full lockout position, demonstrate control of the sandbag and wait for the judge to give a “down” command before lowering the sandbag and reloading it.
  • The sandbag MUST be cleaned to the shoulder and the opposite arm must be extended in order for the rep to count.
  • Athletes must maintain control of the sandbag at the top, and wait for a “Down” command from the judge in order to be given a successful rep.
  • Athletes will have 60 seconds to load the sandbag for as many reps as possible. Athletes may load the stone to either shoulder. Athlete with the most reps in 60 seconds wins.
  • Equipment allowed: Belt (worn with buckle in the back), knee and elbow sleeves, knee and wrist wraps, chalk, USS-approved grip shirts, gloves.
  • Equipment NOT allowed: Absolutely NO tacky of any kind (not from a jar, no spray can, no tacky towels, no tape).

EVENT 5: Farmers Hold

  • There is no time limit for this event.
  • Once the judge gives the “Lift” command, athletes will lift a pair of farmers handles off the ground.
  • Time will start once BOTH of the farmers handles are off the ground.
  • Time ends when ONE of the handles hits the ground.
  • Athletes will hold the handles for as long as possible and may use a “hook” grip if they choose.
  • Equipment allowed: Belt, knee and elbow sleeves, knee and wrist wraps, chalk (powder or liquid).
  • Equipment NOT allowed: No wrist straps of any kind (traditional, figure 8, hook), no tacky of any kind (not from a jar, no spray, no towels, no tape) and no deadlift suits will be allowed.


TBD. Please check back for updates.


There is a decent sized parking lot at Chicago Barbell Compound, but about half of it will be blocked off on the day of the competition because we will be doing at least two of the events outside. There is also plenty of street parking and another large parking lot located about 100 feet south of the building where the gym is located that has about 75-80 additional parking spaces.


My Mighty Meals is our food sponsor and they will be onsite with two different (and delicious) meal options for competitors, volunteers and spectators: sweet potato nachos and buffalo turkey with rice and roasted vegetables. Both meals will cost $7 each.

Chicago Barbell Compound
6325 N Avondale Ave
Chicago, IL 60631
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May 14, 2022

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Mike Lohman

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Press Medley (SB/Block/SB)Deadlift For RepsCrucifix CarrySandbag-To-ShoulderFarmers Hold (Max Time)
Novice W HW (165+)60/80/80315155100115
Novice W LW (165-)50/80/602251258085
Open W LW (123-)60/80/80315155100115
Open W LW (132-)60/80/80315155100115
Open W MW (148-)80/100/100335185132145
Open W MW (165-)80/100/100335185132145
Open W HW (181-)100/125/132355205150175
Open W HW (198-)100/125/132355205150175
Open W SHW (242-)100/125/132355205150175
Open W SHW (+)100/125/132355205150175
Masters Women (Single Class)60/80/80315155100115
Teen W LW (165-)50/80/602251258085
Teen W HW (165+)50/80/602251258085
Novice M HW (220+)132/150/150455225176205
Novice M LW (220-)100/125/132405215150185
Open M LW (165-)150/175/176495250200220
Open M LW (181-)150/175/176495250200220
Open M MW (198-)176/200/200555275225250
Open M MW (220-)176/200/200555275225250
Open M HW (242-)200/225/225605300250280
Open M HW (275-)200/225/225605300250280
Open M SHW (308-)200/225/225605300250280
Open M SHW (+)200/225/225605300250280
Masters M MW (220-)132/150/150455225176205
Masters M HW (+)176/200/200555275225250
Teen M LW (220-)100/125/132355205150175
Teen M HW (220+)100/125/132355205150175

Early Bird Price
Available until Mar 14, 2022

Regular Price
Registration Closes May 07, 2022

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 50 athletes.
11 spots remain.