April 29, 2023

Wildcard Strong


Manassas, VA


If there are 2-5 athletes a class:

1st place - Nationals (2023) and Regionals (2023) invites

2nd - Regionals (2023)

3rd - Regionals (2023)

If there are 6+ athletes in a class:

1st - Nationals(2023) and Regionals (2023)

2nd - Nationals (2023) and Regionals (2023)

3rd - Regionals (2023)

4th - Regionals (2023)

Athlete order for the first event will be reverse order of sign up. Then it will be based on current standing, last to first place.

If there is less than 2 athletes in a class, they will be merged into the next higher weight class. 

Weight matrix is subject to slight changes upon further event testing

Weigh-ins available 04/28/23: 10 AM-Noon & 5-7 PM 

                                    04/29/23: 8-9 AM 

Rules meeting at 9 AM, competition starts at 10 AM.

There is no fee for spectators. 

There will be food, alcohol (for spectators and athletes post-show), 50/50 raffle, sponsorship booths, and competition t-shirts available for sale!

Sponsors (To be announced)

All events are outside.


  • Competition shirts must be worn for all events.
  • No headphones during any events.
  • ALLOWED: Belts, chalk, wraps or sleeves, straps.
  • NOT ALLOWED: Tacky or similar product, lifting hooks, supportive suits.

EVENT 1- Max Deadlift (Record Breaker- State)

  • Last man standing
  • Standard deadlift from the ground using a deadlift bar
  • 30 sec per attempt
  • Athletes may skip attempts.
  • Athlete must wait for down command.
  • 20lb weight jumps for Women Classes.
  • Plate and Quarter weight jumps for Men Classes (only 45 and 25 plates used).
  • Athlete may request smaller weight increase, however, this will be their last attempt whether they complete or fail the lift.
  • Conventional stance only. NO SUMO Allowed.
  • Hitching is allowed.

EVENT 2- Keg Toss Over Bar, Max Height (Record Breaker- State)

  • 60 sec per attempt.
  • Pony kegs for all classes.
  • Bar height starts at 10'.
  • Athletes may skip attempts.
  • 6" height jumps.
  • Implements: TBD

EVENT 3- Keg Press, Max Reps

  • 60 sec to complete as many reps as possible.
  • Keg must touch the ground between each rep.
  • Athlete must wait for down command for rep to count.

EVENT 4- Keg Load Over Bar

  • 75 sec time limit.
  • Athlete must load 3 kegs over bar as fast as possible.
  • Light keg at 40', middle keg at 30', Heavy keg at 20'. Kegs must be carried and loaded from light to heavy.
  • 44" bar height for Women Classes.
  • 52" bar height for Men Classes.

EVENT 5- Truck Pull

  • 60 sec time limit to pull the truck 40' to finish line.
  • Athlete will start strapped in to harness with hands on rope.
  • 2" battle rope for all Women Classes.
  • 3" rope for all Men Classes.

Tie Breaker Event- Mas-Wrestling

  • Athletes will sit against each other, their feet on a board. On the command of the referee, they will try to pull their opponent onto their side or pull the stick out of their hands.


  • Awards for 1st-3rd in each class
  • No refunds

If the show is sold-out, email me to be put on the waitlist.

See you all there!

Heritage Brewing Co.
9436 Center Point Ln
Manassas, VA 20110
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Apr 29, 2023

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Mark Magestro

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Max DeadliftKeg Toss Over BarKeg PressKeg Load Over BarTruck Pull
Novice W 2252575100, 125, 150TBD
Open W LW (120.4-)2252575100, 125, 150TBD
Open W LW (140.4-)22525100100, 125, 150TBD
Open W MW (160.4-)22525125125, 150, 175TBD
Open W MW (180.4-)22525125125, 150, 175TBD
Open W HW (+)22525150125, 150, 175TBD
Masters W 22525100100, 125, 150TBD
Novice M31535125125, 150, 175TBD
Open M LW (175.4-)31535150175, 200, 225TBD
Open M MW (200.4-)31535175175, 200, 225TBD
Open M MW (231.4-)31535200200, 225, 250TBD
Open M HW (264.5-)31535225225, 250, 275TBD
Open M SHW (+)31535250250, 275, 300TBD
Masters M31535175175, 200, 225TBD

Early Bird Price
Available until Feb 18, 2023

Regular Price
Registration Closes Apr 08, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
21 spots remain.
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