February 12, 2023

Will You Be My Training Partner?


Sacramento, CA

THIS IS A STRONGMAN CORPORATION SANCTIONED EVENT. ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED. Purchase membership or renew existing membership here: https://www.strongmancorporation.com/contest-licence-1

Early Bird price = $45/person if paid before Jan 9, 2022

Regular entry fee = $55/person if paid on or after Jan 9, 2023

After the normal signup is done you will come to a "Team Creation" page where you will make a note of who your teammate is. Both teammates need to sign up. 

Winning Teams receive a Steak Dinner gift card! and an invitation to Strongman Corporation Nationals 2023. 


24 hours weighs will be held at Untamed Strength gym on Saturday February 11, 2023 from 9am-11am. 

Contest day weigh-ins will be held on Sunday February 12, 2023 from 7am-8:30am

2 Person Teams

Since many of these events require both competitors to lift the same implement, this contest is designed for all-female teams and all-male teams. Every female team competes for the title of "Strongest Female Team." Every male team competes for the title "Strongest Male Team." This means the lightweight women compete alongside the heavyweight women, and the lightweight men compete alongside the heavyweight men. Men vs. Men, Women vs Women.

If a male and female want to team up, they can, but the weights used will be the men's weights. The contest is also designed for 2 lightweights or 2 heavyweights. If a lightweight and a heavyweight want to team up, they can, but the weights used will be the posted heavyweight weights.

Both competitors from the winning teams will qualify for Strongman Corporation Nationals 2023. If there are 6 or more teams, the top 2 female teams and top 2 male teams will qualify for Strongman Corporation Nationals 2023. You will qualify for your respective weight class. For example, Bill and Bob win as Lightweight men. Bill weighs 195 lbs and Bob weighs 225 lbs. Bill qualifies for Nationals in the 200 lbs division, Bob qualifies for Nationals in the 231 lbs division. 

  • LOG PRESS FOR REPS: Both competitors will press a log, one person at a time, for as many reps as possible in 2 minutes. Clean and press each rep. Set, reps, rotation, and rest is up to the competitors. Most total reps in 2 minutes wins. Both competitors must successfully lift the log at least once. Any equipment allowed. Any style of press allowed.
  • TRUCK PULL + ARM OVER ARM PULL: First competitor will pull a vehicle 40-60 feet with a shoulder harness (exact distance TBD). Forward pull only, no backwards drag. There will be no forward rope (think bear crawl). Once the first athlete finishes the vehicle pull they will remove their harness and connect a rope to the front of the vehicle. The second competitor will arm over arm pull the vehicle 40-60 feet while seated in a tire. Fastest time wins. Any equipment allowed.
  • HERCULES HOLD: Each competitor will hold the Hercules pillars for max time. Both times will be added for a total team time. Longest time wins. For example, Bill holds for 50 seconds, Bob holds for 45 secs, their team's time is 1 minute 35 seconds. No hookgrip allowed.
  • TIRE FLIP + FARMER'S CARRY: First competitor will flip a tire 6-8 times. Once first competitor completes the tire flips, the second competitor will farmer's carry 90-120 feet (exact number of flips and farmer's walk distance TBD). Fastest time wins. No straps on farmers. All other equipment allowed.
  • CONAN'S WHEEL: Competitor's will work together to carry the Conan's wheel as many rotations as possible in 2 minutes. Competitors will carry the Conan's wheel 1 at a time. Sets, distance, and rest is up to the competitors. No sliding allowed. The Conan's wheel will move in the same direction for the entire 2 minutes, competitor will pick up where their teammate left off. Unlimited drops. You cannot build up a belt-shelf for the Conan's wheel to rest on. Each competitor must carry the implement at least 5 feet. Longest total distance wins.
Untamed Strength
5780 Auburn Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95841
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Feb 12, 2023

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Alan Thrall
Events and Weights
Division Tire / FarmersTruck Pull + Arm Over Arm PullLog Press For RepsHercules HoldConan's Wheel
HWW 160+125 lbsTBD-450 lbs + 160 lbs/handWheel + 90 lbs
HWM 231+250 lbsTBD-640 lbs + 280 lbs/handWheel + 330 lbs
LWW u160105 lbsTBD-350 lbs + 140 lbs/handWheel + 45 lbs
LWM u231200 lbsTBD-570 lbs + 250 lbs/handWheel + 230 lbs

Early Bird Price
Available until Jan 10, 2023

Regular Price
Registration Closes Feb 09, 2023

Refund Policy
Refunds available until 30 days prior to event.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
30 spots remain.