January 28, 2023

Winter Classic II


West Fargo, ND

Event Information:

  1. Max Log Clean and Press: This is a max lift event.  Athletes will start with the log on crash pads, pick and clean into a final position for Judge’s “down” command, then bring the log down in front of the athlete.  Beating the “down” command is a no-lift, dropping the log behind the athlete is a no-lift.  Athlete will have 45 seconds to complete the lift.  Athlete can split press the log, but feet have to be in the same plane for the “down” command.  Wrist wraps, elbow and knees sleeves, soft and hard belts, and grip shirts are allowed.  Novice Lightweight Men and all Women classes will start at 100 pounds, Novice Heavyweight Men and all Open Men and Master’s will start at 185 pounds.  Jumps will be in 10-pound increments.  Athletes will only get 3 attempts.  Failure on any attempt, athlete is done.  Biggest press wins the event.
  2. Celtic Cross Carry: Athletes will pick the implement from the floor, carry 40 feet, set implement down, turn, pick implement back up and carry back 40 feet.  Implement must finish in the upright position.  Elbow and forearm sleeves, soft and hard belts, grip shirts, wrist wraps, and gloves are allowed.  Use of stone tacky will result in disqualification.  Intentional dropping of the implement will result in disqualification. If athlete doesn’t complete event, implement will be measured to the back. 60 seconds to complete, fastest time wins the event.
  3. Deadlift Ladder From Hell: This event will involve three bars, Axle Bar, Texas Bar, and Texas Deadlift Bar.  The first two bars are single lift attempts, the final bar is for max reps.  The event is limited to 75 seconds.  So, for example, if an athlete completes the Axle and Texas Bars in 30 seconds, they will have 45 seconds to get as many reps as possible with the Texas Deadlift.  Athletes will not be able to be in contact with the Axle Bar at the start.  Lifting straps, figure eights, soft and hard belts, knee and elbow sleeves are allowed.  Each lift needs to be done conventional style, or legs inside the hands.  Down command will need to be given on every rep by the Judge to be counted.  Baby powder is allowed however any liquid lubricants will result in disqualification.  The shins will need to be covered to prevent any blood on the bar.  Most reps wins the event.
  4. One-Way Farmer's Carry: The implement will start behind the line and need to completely finish over the line to be considered complete.  The distance is 40 feet down.  Two second penalty for sliding or early start.  Multiple picks are allowed.  Soft and hard belts, knee and elbow sleeves, and chalk are allowed.  If unable to complete the full distance in one minute, implement will be measured to the back. 60 seconds to complete, fastest time wins the event.
  5. Stone Over Bar For Reps: Max reps in 60 seconds.  Stone sleeves, stone tacky, athletics tape, grip shirt, soft belt, hard belt, and knee sleeves are allowed.  Competitor must bring their own tacky.  Stone height for women is 46 inches and men is 54 inches.  Most reps wins the event.

Hotel Information: Details Forthcoming

Weigh-In Information:

Weigh-ins will be at Edgar's House of Pain (5131 51st Ave S #121 Fargo, ND 58104) from 7-9am and 4-7pm on Friday, January 27th.  If unable to make these times, contact Jason Ehlert @ 701.200.9208 or dakotabarbell@yahoo.com to arrange a time.  We prefer to avoid day-of-show weigh-ins.

Red River Valley Fair Association
1805 Main Ave W
West Fargo, ND 58078
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Jan 28, 2023

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Jason Ehlert

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Events and Weights
Division Max Log Clean and PressCeltic Cross CarryDeadlift Ladder From HellOne-Way Farmers CarryStone Over Bar For Reps
Novice W LW (165-)TBD140235-255-275120120
Novice W HW (165+)TBD180295-315-335150150
Open W LW (132-)TBD180295-315-335150150
Open W MW (165-)TBD190325-345-365170180
Open W HW (198-)TBD200355-385-405200200
Open W SHW (+)TBD220375-405-425220220
Novice M LW (220-)TBD200355-385-405200220
Novice M HW (220+)TBD280485-505-535260260
Open M LW (181-)TBD280485-505-535260260
Open M MW (220-)TBD300525-555-585290300
Open M HW (275-)TBD320555-595-635320320
Open M SHW (+)TBD340575-615-655340350

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jan 04, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
67 spots remain.