November 13, 2021

Winter Siege IV


Dubuque, IA

Weigh-ins: Friday- November 12th 5p-8p at event site. Saturday- 7a-8a at event site.


  1. Last Man Standing Dinnie Stone- This is a simulated Dinnie Stone w/ pins. Starting weight for Men is 400lbs. Starting weight for Women is 250lbs. The weight will be offset as are the original Dinnie Stones. 20lb jumps on each attempt. Athlete will stand up with the implement and get a down command when fully locked out. If athlete misses the attempt they fall out of this event and the weight they’ve successfully lifted will be recorded. Athlete with heaviest pull wins. No straps.
  2. Press Medley- Circus DB, Sandbag & Keg. Athlete must lockout each implement overhead. Once the down command is given the athlete can move onto the next implement. Fastest to complete the three implements wins this event. If an implement is not completed, a zero will be recorded on the scoresheet.
  3. Sandbag Load for Reps- Athlete will start with their hands on the 48” bar. Once the start command is given, the athlete will get the sandbag over the bar and run to the other side to toss it back and so on. This is for reps in 60sec. Athlete that gets the sandbag over the bar the most times wins.
  4. Yoke Walk- 50ft course. One drop allowed. Must get whole implement across the finish line. If the implement is dragged across, a time penalty of two seconds will be applied to finished time. Athlete with the fastest time wins.
  5. Hercules Hold- Hold onto the handles for as long as possible. Athlete with the longest hold wins. No straps.

No Official Meet Hotel but we do highly recommend the Hotel Julien Dubuque located at 200 Main Street Dubuque, Iowa

Spectator Fee: $10

Awards: Awards will be given to 1st-3rd in Open divisions. 1st place in Novice and Masters.

Grand River Conference Center
500 Bell St
Dubuque, IA 52001
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Nov 13, 2021

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Ken Johnson

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Events and Weights
Division Last Man Standing Dinnie StonesPress Medley (Circus DB, Sandbag, Keg)Sandbag LoadYoke WalkHercules Hold
Novice Women (Single Class)MAX75, 100, 100132300200/per
Open W LW (132-)MAX75, 100, 100176350200/per
Open W MW (165-)MAX90, 132, 135176400200/per
Open W HW (198-)MAX110, 132, 160220450200/per
Open W SHW (+)MAX120, 132 160265500200/per
Masters Women (Single Class)MAX90, 132, 135176400200/per
Novice Men (Single Class)MAX120, 132, 185220500300/per
Open M LW (181-)MAX120, 132, 185265600300/per
Open M MW (220-)MAX140, 176, 200265650300/per
Open M HW (275-)MAX160, 200, 220309700300/per
Open M SHW (+)MAX180, 220, 240353800300/per
Masters Men (Single Class)MAX140, 176, 200265600300/per

Regular Price
Registration Closes Nov 05, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 40 athletes.
9 spots remain.