February 20, 2021

Winter Strongman Assault Presented by Iron Range Performance


Columbia Heights, MN

Masks/social distancing rules will be announced as regulated by local guidelines at the time of the contest. Please see the event FB page "The Winter Strongman Assault" for most up to date information. USS membership will be required of all athletes and must show card at registration. 

Hotel: TBD

Parking: Parking lot in front of the gym.

Spectator fee: $5 at the door 

Awards: Each open class overall winner will receive a Venator grip shirt! Prize packages from sponsors will include Massenomics apparel (Maybe a pair of Lift shorts??), Contraband Sports products, trophies etc... and possibly a social distanced high five for athletes placing 1-3rd.

Late registration is allowed but a competition shirt is not guaranteed at that point.

Top 3 in each open class and overall winner of each novice class will receive invites to USS 2021 Nationals in Minneaplolis.

Athlete weigh in/registration info:

Weigh ins will be held at Iron Range Performance Friday February 19th from 10-12pm/5-7pm as well as at registration the day of the comp. If you plan to break a national record, you must weigh in for the sub class record you are breaking as well. For example, if you sign up as a HW male which is up to 275lbs but want to break the 242 record, you must weigh in at 242. Registration/weigh ins day of the comp begins at 8am. The rules meeting will be at 9am, warm up with implements from 9:15-9:45 and starting the max log event at 10am.

Description of Events:

*For the entire contest, athlete must wear the competition shirt or Venator grip shirts are allowed (other brand grip shirts must be worn under the competition shirt.) Sign up by January 31st and you will receive at 15% off discount code through Venator. No self made grip shirts allowed that cover any logos on the competition shirt. 

*No stone tacky allowed at any point

Venator Strength Max Log: 3 attempts allowed, rising bar, wessels rules, once you fail you are out. 60 second time limit. Must control the log back to the ground, dropping from overhead will receive a no lift. Titan logs will be used. If attempting a national record, it is up to you to let the judges know before attempting the lift. Sleeves, belts, wraps, etc... allowed.

Arsenal Strength Mammoth bar max deadlift: 3 attempts allowed, rising bar, wessels rules, once you fail you are out. 60 second time limit. Must control the bar back to the ground, dropping from lockout will receive a no lift. Suits, straps, sleeves, belts, etc.. allowed. If attempting a national record, it is up to you to let the judges know before attempting the lift.

**Scoring for the first two events will be done via a "strongman total" by combining your best log and deadlift and scored accordingly.

Contraband Sports Ascending Farmers Carry: Two pairs of farmers of ascending weight will be placed at the beginning of a 40' course. The lighter pair must be carried first, front of implement must cross the line. 60 second time limit. Distance will be taken if the course isn't finished. 

Sandbag/Keg Carry & Load: 3 implements of rising weight will be placed on a course, lightest object placed at 40', 2nd implement at 20' and final/Heaviest implement placed at 10' away. 60 second time limit. Splits will be taken. The height for Novice and open women is 48" and open men is 52"

Massenomics arm over arm: The athlete will pull a weight vertically into the air for time until the implement hits a designated flag ending the course, an additional flag will be half way up as well. Splits will be taken. If athlete doesn't reach the halfway point, they will receive a zero in the event. 60 second time limit. 

*Please direct all further questions to the fb page or email drbrad@ironrangeperformance.com 

*If contest is postponed due to Covid related reasons, it will be rescheduled and all entries will be rolled forward to the new date.

Iron Range Performance
2201 37th Ave NE
Columbia Heights, MN 55421
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Feb 20, 2021

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Brad Neitzel

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Venator Strength Max Log and Arsenal Athletics Max Mammoth Bar DeadliftContraband Sports Ascending Farmers CarrySandbag/keg Carry & LoadMassenomics Arm over Arm
Novice Women (Single Class)MaxMax120/140120/120/140
Open W LW (132-)MaxMax120/140120/120/140
Open W MW (165-)MaxMax140/160120/140/160
Open W HW (198-)MaxMax160/180140/160/180
Open W SHW (+)MaxMax180/200160/180/200
Masters Women (Single Class)MaxMax140/160120/140/160
Novice Men (Single Class)MaxMax200/220200/220/240
Open M LW (181-)MaxMax200/220200/220/240
Open M MW (220-)MaxMax260/280240/260/280
Open M HW (275-)MaxMax280/300260/280/300
Open M SHW (+)MaxMax300/320280/300/320
Masters Men (Single Class)MaxMax260/280240/260/280

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jan 26, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
63 spots remain.