January 21, 2024

Winter Warrior 2024


Sacramento, CA

Welcome back to Winter Warrior!

We are beyond excited to have everyone back for another fun day. Please read below for further information on the events and weigh ins.


Weigh Ins

  • Weigh ins will be held on Saturday January 20th from 9am-12pm and 5pm-7pm AND Sunday January 21 by appointment only. Please note that morning of weigh ins should be reserved for athletes that are coming from out of town and cannot be there the day before.
  • At weigh ins, please bring your SC membership (a screenshot on your phone is perfect).
  • You will be receiving your competition shirt at weigh ins, it is not required to be worn at the day of the event but I do ask that you wear it for the group photo.


  • Parking anywhere in the parking lot is acceptable as long as you are not parking in front of any of the business's roll up doors. Your vehicle will be subject to tow; if that is the case and it is your responsibility to take care of the tow. I will post a parking map closer to the event date.

Spectator Fees

  • No spectator fee!


  • We will not be having food at the event for spectators. Please pack accordingly.


  • There are 4 bathrooms inside of the gym.


Max Log - 3 Attempts

  • Rising bar format.
  • Each athlete will have 30 seconds per attempt at each weight.
  • Athletes can jump in whenever they want to (no minimum weight).
  • If you fail your attempt or miss the time limit, you are out.
  • You must wait to receive the down command for each lift. Failing to do so will result in that attempt not counting.
  • Grip shirts that are only Strongman Corp, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, belt (soft and hard) and knee sleeves are the only supportive equipment permitted.

Axle Deadlift For Reps

  • Each athlete will have 60 seconds to get as many reps as possible.
  • You must wait for the down command.
  • Full lockout is knees locked out, hips through and shoulders back.
  • Straps, wrist wraps, gloves, elbow sleeves, belts (soft and hard), briefs, suits and knee sleeves are the only supportive equipment permitted.

Yoke Walk

  • Each athlete will have a 60 second time limit to complete a 60ft yoke walk.
  • Unlimited drops.
  • You must end with the entire implement inside the outlined box at the finish line. Your lane judge will tell you when you are in the box.
  • NO SLIDING. If you intentionally slide the implement (trust me, we can tell) you will have a 20 second penalty. No excuses.
  • Wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, belts (soft and hard) and knee sleeves are the only supportive equipment permitted.

Husafell Carry

  • Each athlete will have 90 seconds for a max distance husafell carry.
  • Pick will be from a bench or a keg (not from the ground).
  • Once you drop the husafell, your run will be over.
  • You can stop and rest on your legs but once any part of the husafell touches the ground, you are done.
  • Wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, SC grip shirt, belts (soft and hard) and knee sleeves are the only supportive equipment permitted.

Atlas Stone Series

  • Each athlete will have 45 seconds to load each of the 3 stones over bar.
  • Athletes must start with the lighter stone and work their way up.
  • Women's bar will be set at 48"; men's at 51"



This year we will be having Adaptive Classes. They will be divided by Men/Women and Sitting/Standing. 

Please see the events and weights for the adaptive classes below; weights will be in a "trump" style format with a beginner, intermediate and pro weight options:


Max Log

  • Standing class will use a Circus Dumbbell
  • Seated class will do an Incline Log

Axle Deadlift for Reps

Standing Class - harness, straps, belt and suit allowed

  • Men: Beginner - 275lbs, Intermediate - 375lbs, Pro - 500lbs
  • Women: Beginner - 185lbs, Intermediate - 285lbs, Pro - 405lbs

Seating Class - straps, belt allowed

  • Men: Beginner - 400lbs, Intermediate - 600lbs, Pro - 800lbs
  • Women: Beginner - 285lbs, Intermediate - 405lbs, Pro - 500lbs

Yoke Walk

Standing Class - belt, wrist wraps, grip shirt, sleeves allowed

  • Men: Beginner - 300lbs, Intermediate - 475lbs, Pro - 650lbs
  • Women: Beginner - 250lbs, Intermediate - 350lbs, Pro - 500lbs

Seated Class - Arm Over Arm Pull - belt, gloves, wrist wraps allowed

  • Men: Beginner - 250lbs, Intermediate - 400lbs, Pro - 700lbs
  • Women: Beginner - 150lbs, Intermediate - 300lbs, Pro - 400lbs

Husafell Carry

Standing Class - belt, grip shirt, wrist wraps, sleeves allowed

  • Men: Beginner - 200lbs, Intermediate - 300lbs, Pro - 350lbs
  • Women: Beginner - 100lbs, Intermediate - 175lbs, Pro - 250lbs

Seated Class

  • Hercules hold for time

Atlas Stone Series

Standing Class - belt, grip shirt, sleeves, stone strap allowed - will be loading to a 48" platform

  • Men: Beginner - 200lbs, 222lbs, 240lbs, Intermediate - 222lbs, 250lbs, 300lbs, Pro - 300lbs, 350lbs, 400lbs
  • Women: Beginner - 132lbs, 155lbs, 175lbs, Intermediate - 200lbs, 222lbs, 240lbs, Pro - 222lbs, 240lbs, 265lbs

Seated Class will do the same weights but will be loading to the side to a lower platform.




Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.


Thank you!

Untamed Strength
5780 Auburn Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95841
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Jan 21, 2024

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Jeana Jenkins
Events and Weights
Division Max LogAxle Deadlift for RepsYoke WalkHusafell CarryAtlas Stone Series
Open W LW (125.4-)TBD300400150200, 222, 240
Open W LW (140.4-)TBD300400150200, 222, 240
Open W MW (160.4-)TBD350450175222, 240, 265
Open W MW (180.4-)TBD350450175222, 240, 265
Open W HW (+)TBD375500200240, 265, 285
Masters W LW (120.4-)TBD300400150200, 222, 240
Masters W LW (140.4-)TBD300400150200, 222, 240
Masters W MW (160.4-)TBD300400150200, 222, 240
Masters W MW (180.4-)TBD300400150200, 222, 240
Masters W HW (200.4-)TBD300400150200, 222, 240
Masters W HW (+)TBD300400150200, 222, 240
Open M LW (175.4-)TBD450600250285, 305, 335
Open M MW (200.4-)TBD500650275305, 335, 365
Open M MW (231.4-)TBD500650275305, 335, 365
Open M HW (264.5-)TBD550700300335, 365, 40
Open M SHW (+)TBD550700300335, 365, 400
Masters M LW (150-)TBD450600250285, 305, 335
Masters M LW (175.4-)TBD450600250285, 305, 335
Masters M MW (200.4-)TBD450600250285, 305, 335
Masters M MW (231.4-)TBD450600250285, 305, 335
Masters M HW (264.5-)TBD450600250285, 305, 335
Masters M HW (300.4-)TBD450600250285, 305, 335
Masters M SHW (+)TBD450600250285, 305, 335

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jan 18, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
40 spots remain.