February 4, 2023

Winter Warriors Strongman/Strongwoman Competition


Princeton, MN

All weights may be subject to slight change.


Press Medley: Clean & Press an Axle, Log, Circus DB and Sandbag for time. Women's Log 10", Men's 12".

Max Deadlift: 3 attempts for a max conventional barbell deadlift. Rising bar.  If you fail your first or second lift, you are out. Straps allowed. No suits. No Sumo.

Carry Medley:  Farmers Carry 40', run back, Carry Yoke 40', run back, Sandbag Carry 40'  and load over yoke bar for time. 1 minute, 30 seconds cap.

Atlas Stone Over Bar: Load Atlas Stone over Bar for reps in 1 minute. 48" for women; 52" for men. Tacky allowed.

Chalk, Grip Shirts, Stone Sleeves, gloves, Belt, Elbow Sleeves, Knee Sleeves and Wrist Wraps are fine for any event. Tacky allowed only on Atlas Stone Event. Bring your own tacky and chalk. Tacky cleanup station will be available.

Weigh-ins will be at Beyond Sport 9am-4pm on February 3 (just stop at the front desk to let them know you are there to weigh-in for the strongman comp) and 8 a.m.-9:00 a.m on Contest Day, Feb 4th.

Nearby Lodging: AmericInn by Wyndham Princeton MN

910 South Rum River Drive, Princeton, Minnesota 55371-2222


Spectator fee: $5 at the door

Regionals/Nationals information: (Open classes only)
If there is only 1 athlete in a class, they will just get a regionals bid. We will review combining of classes if it means 6+ athletes can compete (and thus two Nationals bids available).

If there are 2-5 athletes a class:

1st place - Nationals (2023)and Regionals (2023) invites

2nd - Regionals (2023)

3rd - Regionals (2023)

If there are 6+ athletes in a class:

1st - Nationals(2023) and Regionals (2023)

2nd - Nationals (2023) and Regionals (2023)

3rd - Regionals (2023)

4th - Regionals (2023)

Masters classes: 1st-3rd get Masters Nationals qualification

Strongman Corporation Membership
Current Strongman Corporation membership is required and will be verified for all individuals upon weigh-in / check-in. Purchase of membership Prior only.

Memberships can be purchased prior to the event, online, here: https://www.strongmancorporation.com/contest-licence-1

Beyond Sport Fitness
607 S 2nd St
Princeton, MN 55371
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Feb 04, 2023

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Susan Schuldt Gillson, Jay Grove, Christy Stefanick

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Press Medley (Axle, Log, Circus Dumbbell and Sandbag)Max DeadliftCarry Medley (Farmers, Yoke, Sandbag Carry and Load)Atlas Stones Over Bar
Novice W SHW (+)90/85/60/90TBD115/300/100100 lbs
Open W HW (+)140/130/80/125TBD165/400/175168 lbs
Open W LW (125-)110/105/65/100TBD135/315/125115 lbs
Open W LW (140-)110/105/65/100TBD135/315/125115 lbs
Open W MW (160-)120/115/70/100TBD145/350/150150 lbs
Open W MW (180-)130/120/70/100TBD145/350/150150 lbs
Masters W SHW (+)120/115/70/125TBD145/400/150150 lbs
Novice M SHW (+)175/160/100/150TBD185/400/175168 lbs
Open M SHW (+)260/260/160/250TBD250/650/300300 lbs
Open M LW (175-)200/190/110/150TBD190/450/200168 lbs
Open M MW (200-)220/210/120/150TBD200/500/225200 lbs
Open M MW (231-)240/230/130/200TBD210/550/250240 lbs
Open M HW (265-)250/240/140/200TBD220/600/265265 lbs
Masters M SHW (+)220/210/120/150TBD210/550/265265 lbs
Masters M (50+)200/190/110/150TBD200/500/225200 lbs
Masters M MW (220-)200/190/110/150TBD200/500/225200 lbs

Early Bird Price
Available until Dec 31, 2022

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jan 25, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 50 athletes.
20 spots remain.