February 28, 2021

Winter Wreckage


Colmar, PA

*US Strongman, Inc. Nationals 2021 Qualifier

2021 USS, Inc membership required

Weigh-Ins (no exceptions): The Lions Den
Saturday 2/27/21 9am-1pm
Sunday 2/28 8am-9am

Athlete Meeting: 9:00am(Mandatory for all athletes)
Contest Time: 9:30am

Location: The Lions Den - 311 Bethlehem Pike, Colmar, PA

Events: fingle finger, max log, deadlift + carry medley, mystery event 

Weight Classes:

LWW (132.4 and under)
MWW (132.5-165.4)
HWW (165.5-198.4)
SHW (198.5 and above)

LWM (181.4 and under)
MWM (181.5-220.4)
HWM (220.5-275.4)
SHM (275.5 and above)

Entry Fee: $65 
Spectator Fee: $10 

Fb page with all information on event: https://fb.me/e/1UgSGH63L

Finger fingers: 

Athletes will have 60 seconds to flip the finger back and forth as many times as possible. The athlete will start with their hands off the finger and can pick it up once given the "go" command. The finger will be going back and forth and landing on a tire. Once the athlete picks up the finger the tire is removed by a judge. (so you can clean it off the bounce of the tire, but once you pick it up there will be no tire so if you drop it, the pick is from the ground). 

woman's fingle fingers are 8' long 

Guys fingle fingers are 10' long 

Allowed: belts, chalks, gloves, grip shirts, sleeves

Not allowed: tacky, baby oil etc... 


Max Log Clean and Press: 

Athlete will get 3 attempts to build up to a max log clean and press. We will be using Wessels rules so if you fail the first attempt you are DONE. You CAN declare a rep as a warm-up rep but make sure your judge knows. Once you pick your first weight for the score keeper you CANNOT declare another warm up weight after that. We are looking for a full lock out on the press, feet stable, head through on the press, and you MUST wait for a down command. If you do not wait for the down command that will be a NO REP. You have 60 seconds to make the rep, so if you drop it you still time to go for it again. 

Novice woman will be using a 8in rogue log (50 lbs) with 10 lb jumps 

Woman will be using a 10 inch Titan log (75 lbs) going up with 10 lb jumps 

Men will be using a 12 inch Pitbull log (90 lbs) going up with 20lbs jumps 

Tie?? If there is a tie whoever has a higher warm up weight will win the event 

Allowed: Belts, chalk, lifting shoes, sleeves, wraps, grip shirts, Any press variation 

not allowed: Resting the log on your head, tacky etc... 


Deadlift + carry medley

Athlete will start at the first deadlift bar (rogue deadlift bar) and pull 5 reps (waiting for down commands) then athlete will pick up a sandbag (rogue sandbags) and run 50' with the bag. They will then pull 5 reps on a rogue axle bar (waiting for down commands) and then pick the sandbag back up and run it 50ft back to cross the finish line. Time stop when the bag is over the line. 

Time cap is 90 seconds. Completed time will be score

If you do not complete the event will will give points based on reps & distance. 

*judges will allow you tp strap in for the first deadlift, but not the second you will be on the clock*

Allowed: Belts, straps, chalk, sleeves 

Not allowed: tacky, baby oil, 


Mystery Event: max hot dogs in 60 seconds? Hack squat for reps? 21-15-9 thrusters and pull ups? 

311 Bethlehem Pike
311 Bethlehem Pike
Colmar, PA 18915
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Feb 28, 2021

Start Time
9:30 AM
Meet Director
Joey Szatmary
Events and Weights
Division Fingle Finger Max log clean and press deadlift + carry medley Mystery Event
Novice Women (Single Class)190TBD250/225/150TBD
Open W LW (132-)190TBD250/225/150TBD
Open W MW (165-)190TBD275/250/150TBD
Open W HW (198-)190TBD300/275/150TBD
Open W SHW (+)190TBD300/275/150TBD
Masters W HW (+)190TBD250/225/150TBD
Novice Men (Single Class)220TBD450/405/200TBD
Open M LW (181-)220TBD485/450/200TBD
Open M MW (220-)250TBD500/450/250TBD
Open M HW (275-)300TBD600/550/300TBD
Open M SHW (+)350TBD600/550/300TBD
Masters M HW (+)220TBD485/450/200TBD

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jan 31, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 70 athletes.
32 spots remain.
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