January 22, 2022

Winter Wreckage


Colmar, PA

Hey everyone! Super stoked to be running this competition!
Just a few reminders...
WW is a *US Strongman, Inc. Nationals 2022 Qualifier

***2022 USS, Inc membership required before the comp*** Make sure you purchase a membership online and use the same email that you registered for the event.

Spectators are $10 per person kids under 12 are free. **NO PETS**
Weigh-Ins (no exceptions): The Lions Den
Friday 1/21/22 9am-1pm
Sunday 1/22/22 8am-9am
comp will start at 10AM with rules meeting and then right into warm ups.
Our competitions run FAST once they start =].

Parking: please park along Advance lane and do not park in the handicapped parking in front of acropolis granite and marble.

Farmer walk + farmer deadlift : Athlete will pick up farmers and proceed to do 3 deadlifts with the farmers. After they complete 3 deadlifts they are then allowed to walk 50' across the finish line to receive their time. They have 60 seconds to complete the event.

Notes: Athletes must start with hands off of the handles until the "go" command is given. They also must cross the back of the farmers past the finish line otherwise time continues. Athletes must also wait for a down command before proceeding to next rep. 

We will be using top loaded handles 

Allowed: belts, chalk, sleeves, as many drops as possible 

Not allowed: straps 

Log clean & press away: 

Athlete will have 60 seconds to clean and press the log as much as possible in 60 seconds. They must wait for the down command on the press before moving to the next rep. Athletes are able to clean as much as they want during the 60 seconds. However it is a PRESS AWAY event so the clean can just be done once and you can press away =]. Lock out must be under control (hips, knees, elbows locked out, weight stabilized overhead). You can do a strict, push, jerk with the log. We don't care as long as it's not resting on your head at any point to get the press. ALSO: if you drop the log like an A-hole you will ZERO the event. Please put the log down gently and respectfully. Accidents happen and we understand. However, you know what is respectful and what isn't. 

woman: Novice 8 inch rogue log all other classes 10 inch titan log 

Men will be using Pitbull 12 inch log 

Allowed: Belts, shoes, sleeves, wraps, chalk, grip shirts

Not allowed: dropping the log like an A-hole 

Wagon wheel deadlift: Athlete will have 60 seconds to get as many reps as possible. You will be allowed to strap in prior (just don't take forever). Athlete must wait for the down command before lifting the next rep. We will be using rogue wagon wheels. 

Allowed: suits, briefs, wraps, straps, belts 

Not allowed: mental hook straps 

Anvil Hold: Athlete will hold the anvil as long as possible before dropping it. Once it drops time will be recorded. You only get one pick so make sure you pick it up properly and under control. This is a one arm grip event (for those wondering for training) 

Rogue anvil is what we are using 

allowed: Belts, chalk, sleeves

not allowed: Tacky or grip support on they hands of any matter besides chalk (no liquid chalk) 

Sandbag Load: Athlete has 60 seconds to load 4 sandbags to blocks which will go from highest to lowest (lightest to tallest and heaviest to shortest height) Athlete will start with hands off of the sandbags prior to go command. However they will be able to arrange them how they want before going (you can stand them how you want). Time stops when the last bag is on the block. 

Allowed: belts, sleeves, shirts, chalk 

not allowed: tacky 


Woman: 55"/51"/47"/39"

Men: 59"/55"/51"/47"

The Lions Den Elite Training
311 Bethlehem Pike
Colmar, PA 18915
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Jan 22, 2022

Start Time
8:00 AM
Meet Director
Joey Szatmary
Events and Weights
Division Farmer walk Log clean and press away Wagon wheel deadlift Avil hold Sandbag load
Novice Women (Single Class)1501252754580,100,100,150
Open W LW (132-)1501252754080,100,100,150
Open W MW (165-)1651453004080,100,100,150
Open W HW (198-)18516532545100,100,150,175
Open W SHW (+)18516532550100,100,150,175
Masters Women (Single Class)1501252504580,100,100,150
Novice Men (Single Class)22522555070150,200,250,275
Open M LW (181-)22522555070150,200,250,275
Open M MW (220-)25025060080150,200,250,275
Open M HW (275-)27527565090200,250,275,300
Open M SHW (+)300300700100200,250,275,300
Masters Men (Single Class)22522555070200,250,275,300

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jan 15, 2022

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
64 spots remain.