September 30, 2023

Florida's Strongest Team


Bradenton, FL

World’s Strongest Manateam 2023


Weight classes are COMBINED weight

for example - if you are 250 and your partner is 205, COMBINED WEIGHT IS 455 therefore you are eligible for the Middlweight (-460) Division


Entry fee is per person ($75) 




 Sandbag Throw Over BarSandbag Carry Max DistanceTeam Sled PullLog + Dead HangAxel Wagon Wheel Double DL

Women’s LW (-280)

Women’s Masters

10’ bar

10, 15, 20, 25

100Heavy75Rising Bar, 3 Attempts

Women’s MW (-360)

Women’s HW (+360)

11’ bar

10, 15, 20, 25


95 for MW

115 for HW

Rising Bar, 3 Attempts

Men’s LW (-380)

Men’s Masters 

12.5’ bar

25, 30, 35, 40

150Heavy165Rising Bar, 3 Attempts

Men’s MW (-460)

Men’s HW (+460)

12.5’ bar

30, 35, 40, 45


185 for MW

225 for HW

Rising Bar, 3 Attempts

Sandbag Throw Over Bar

4 throwbags will be laid out light to heavy. Partners will line up on opposite sides of the uprights. 

Partner A will begin by throwing bag #1 over the bar, then Partner B throws bag #1 back over the bar.

Partner A will then move on to bag 2. Partner B throws the bag back over the bar.

This will proceed until both partners throw all 4 bags over. Bags must be cleared before moving onto the next bag. If one partner is stuck and cannot get the bag over, you cannot advance or switch places.

Partners CAN assist with bags if missed - you can “play outfield” and return the bag to your partner if they miss.

I strongly advise against trying to catch a bag out of the air.

Women’s Height 10’

Men’s Height 12.5’

Log + Dead Hang

This is a log press for reps event. Log must be cleaned / return the floor every single rep.

One partner at all times must be holding from a pull up bar, dead hang position. Reps only count for your team if one partner is holding in a hang. You can switch places an infinite number of times. Boxes, steps, etc will be provided to easily reach bars.

Attention heavyweights, if they can do this at worlds strongest man, you can do this too


90 second time limit.

Sandbag Carry

Teams will have 120 seconds to carry a sandbag as far as possible, with 50 foot lengths. Once the bag is picked up, you can pass it off to your partner at any point in time. The bag can be carried in any way, and passed to a partner in any way.


Team Sled Rope Pull

Team will pull a sled 60 feet with a rope. Teams will be standing and work the rope at the same time.

This is NOT a backwards sled drag, this is more like an arm over arm rope pull. Teams will be stationary and must move the sled with arms/back.


90 second time limit.

Max Axle Wagon Wheel DL

Partners will deadlift together on the same axel bar. This is a custom 8’6” long bar, meaning heavyweights you will be able to fit on this side by side, AND over 1400lbs can be put on it. Jump in when you want: Weight will be announced and you must declare an attempt on the spot. Each team gets 3 TOTAL Attempts, good lift or failed lift.  If you miss your first and/or second lift, you can still try one more. If no other teams attempt your missed weight, you will have a 90 second grace period before re attempt.

Straps allowed, NO DEADLIFT SUITS!

Rising Bar Starting at 200 Pounds: 50 pound jumps to 800, 40 lb jumps to 1000, 20 thereafter.


If any teams tie, there will be a mystery tiebreaker event


Events subject to change AT ANY TIME!



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CrossFit Havoc
801 7th Ave W
Bradenton, FL 34205
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Sep 30, 2023

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Steve Coyne
Events and Weights
Division Sandbag Throw Over BarArm Over Arm + Sled RelaySandbag Carry Max DistanceMystery Overhead EventAxel Double Deadlift

Regular Price
Registration Closes Sep 08, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
83 spots remain.