September 17, 2022

WV's Strongest


Ronceverte, WV


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Registration and Weigh-ins:

09/16/22  from 5pm to 7pm

09/17/22 from 9 am to 10 am

Rules meeting:  

9/17/22 10:15 am


    • Belts, sleeves, wraps, and chalk are allowed.
    • No double dipping.  This includes any form of jerking.  You may bend your knees to dip and drive as in a push press, but once the press begins the knees must not rebend until the next rep. Strict pressing is also fine.
    • Arms must be locked with head through and feet parallel with straight legs for a successful repetition.
    • When a successful repetition is completed you will receive a down signal.
    • 60 sec time limit
    • Belts, suits, straps, sleeves, chalk are allowed.
    • Up and down commands will be given.
    • Legs must be straight with shoulders in line with hips to get a successful repetition.
    • Ladies and LW teens will be given 30 sec to complete a repetition with the car if they like. If a repetition is completed with the car there will be a total of 60 sec to complete as many reps as possible.   If they start with the car and are unable to complete a repetition at the end of the 30 sec they will have 1 min to complete as many reps as possible with a trap bar.  One repetition with the car will trump any repetitions on the trap bar.
    • 60 sec time limit(only one exception stated above)
    • You must pick your opening attempt during registration.  No opening attempt information will be given out by staff until after registration.
    • weights 10, 20, then 7lb jumps
    • 3 Attempts allowed
    • 30 sec per attempt
    • If unable to complete a successful throw in 30 sec your out
    • Belts, chalk, sleeves, and wraps are allowed.
    • The order will be the same as above.
    • Competitors must start with fingers on the cross bars of the crucifix.
    • The Crucifix must be standing upright prior to proceeding to the sandbag.
    • Allowing the Crucifix to fall long side flat to the ground will result in a 20 sec penalty.
    • Setting the Crucifix down and not allowing it to fall long side flat is ok.
    • All implements must cross the line completely
    • 60 sec time limit.  If unable to complete in allotted time then a distance will be taken.
  • Atlas Stone Over Bar
    • Start with hands on the bar
    • 44in bar for women, novice, and teens.
    • 48in bar for all open men.
    • Tacky, belts, chalk, and sleeves are allowed.
    • Max reps in a minute.


Greenbrier Valley Fitness (SOUTH)
113 Davis Stuart Rd
Ronceverte, WV 24970
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Sep 17, 2022

Start Time
11:00 AM
Meet Director
Dan Caraway
Events and Weights
Division Viking Press (nuetral grip)Car deadlift (side handle approximately 13 in pick)Max Weight Single Arm Bag Toss 15ftCarry Medley: Crucifix, Sandbag, and Duck Walk (25ft each)Atlas Stone Over Bar
Open W MW (165-)150Car and/or 285lb trap bar(see rules) Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3 Name Lifts Name Lifts Name Lifts Car and/or trap bar(see rules) MAX WEIGHT155, 150, 175 175
Novice Men (Single Class)165CARMAX WEIGHT170, 200, 220 200
Open M LW (181-)190CARMAX WEIGHT170, 200, 250 240
Open M MW (220-)235CAR+100MAX WEIGHT230, 220, 275 270
Open M HW (275-)260CAR+200MAX WEIGHT305, 265, 285 300
Open M SHW (+)285CAR+250MAX WEIGHT305, 265, 310330
Masters M MW (220-)190CARMAX WEIGHT175, 200, 250 240
Masters M HW (+)235CAR+100MAX WEIGHT230, 220, 275270
Teen M LW (220-)150Car and/or 285lb trap bar(see rules)MAX WEIGHT155, 150, 175200
Teen M HW (220+)165CARMAX WEIGHT170, 200, 220240

Regular Price
Registration Closes Sep 03, 2022

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 55 athletes.
33 spots remain.