December 9, 2023

ZoeysDojo Ugly Sweater Classic Oregon: Presented by Cerberus Strength


Albany, OR


Welcome back to the 5th annual Ugly Sweater Classic presented by Cerberus Strength USA! We appreciate what all of you have turned this event into. Last year we sold out in the first 48 hours, thank you all for wanting to be a part of this event and making it what it is. This year we will be back with 5 new events.

Weigh ins will once again be day before (Friday Dec 8, 2023) noon - 6:30pm

Briefing will be 8am Dec 9, 2023

Start time 9 am Dec 9, 2023

Pro class will have CASH prize for 1-3 place along with (depending on how many in the class) a chance to go to pro nationals to become a paid athlete. Pro class will HAVE to have a minimum of 6 athletes to have pro weight class. If we get over 12 in the pro class top 2 will be invited to pro nationals.


Event 1: Log Press 3 reps for time

After 3..2..1 .. go the athlete will clean and press EACH rep once all 3 reps are complete or 60 second time cap hits the athlete will be done. Reps and times are recorded for points. Belts, grip shirts, wraps , sleeves allowed. NO TACKY OR TACK CLOTH!


Event 2: 18 inch deadlift- WESSEL RULES

Athlete will get MAX 3 attempts to find max 18 inch deadlift. Classes will be split up into 36 inch wagon wheels, silver dollar coin boxes and Hummer Tires depending on weight class. If at any of the 3 attempts the athlete fails a lift in the allotted 30 second time cap the athlete will be awarded their last successful lift and will be out. Suits, belts, wraps, figure 8s, straps allowed. NO TACKY OR TACK CLOTH. 


Event 3: "Husafel" Natural Stone and Farmer Carry 

After 3...2..1.. go the athlete will first pickup the husafel (natural stone) walk it 30 feet drop onto a pad (if the husafel doesn’t get dropped onto the pad it’ll be 10 second penalty) then the athlete will go back pickup the farmer carry and walk it 30 feet. Once both implements are to final destination the time will stop. You will be awarded distance and time on this event. Athletes will have a 60 second time cap for this event. chalk, tack cloth and liquid tacky are allowed on this event as well as belts, sleeves, grip shirts and wrist wraps. NO ACTUAL TACKY!


Event 4: Sandbag to Shoulder

After 3...2...1.. go the athlete will go to first bag bring it up to their shoulder show control with off hand away from body then get down command then they will move up to the next bag. Once all 3 sandbags are completed the time will stop. Athlete will have 60 seconds to complete all sandbag ladder. Athletes will be awarded reps and time for this event. Chalk, belts, grip shirts, wrist wraps, sleeves allowed. NO TACKY OR TACK CLOTH.


Event 5: Dinnie Stone MAX TIME -NATURAL STONE

Each lane will run independently just like last years max hold. The athlete will have 15 seconds to break both stones off the ground time will stop when either of the stones touches the ground. Athletes can choose to stagger stance like normal dinnie stone lift or lift like farmer carry at their risk (feet). Belts, wrist wraps, sleeves approved. Pro and SHW will be over real dinnie stone weight at higher pick (walling stones combined weight of 851#)!  NO TACKY OR TACK CLOTH!


Thank you again for making this bigger and bigger each year. We will be back at the Linn Co Expo center for the 3rd year. 


Closest Hotel:

Comfort Inn and Suites

100 opal Ct Albany, OR 97322

Hotel Phone number: 541-497-7782


As always if you have any questions please feel free to reach out for more information. Hope to see you all here once again! Keep training hard!

Linn County Expo Center
3700 Knox Butte Rd E
Albany, OR 97322
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Dec 09, 2023

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Jeffery Walling

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Events and Weights
Division Log Clean and Press18 inch DeadliftHusafel and Farmer MedleySandbag to ShoulderDinnie Stone Hold
Novice W LW (165-)75Wessel Rules100 stone / 100 per hand75,100,130100/100
Novice W HW (165+)90Wessel Rules150 stone/ 100 per hand75,100,130100/140
Open W LW (132-)90Wessel Rules150 stone/ 100 per hand100,130,150100/140
Open W MW (165-)90Wessel Rules150 stone/ 150 per hand100,130,150140/180
Open W HW (181-)100Wessel Rules150 stone/ 150 per hand130,150,175140/180
Open W HW (198-)100Wessel Rules150 stone/ 150 per hand130,150,175140/180
Open W SHW (+)120Wessel Rules210 stone/ 150 per hand130,150,175140/180
Masters W LW (132-)90Wessel Rules100 stone/ 100 per hand75,100,130100/140
Masters W MW (165-)75Wessel Rules100 stone/ 100 per hand100,130,150100/140
Masters W HW (+)90Wessel Rules150 stone/ 100 per hand100,130,150100/140
Teen W LW (165-)75Wessel Rules100 stone/ 100 per hand75,100,130100/100
Teen W HW (165+)75Wessel Rules100 stone / 100 per hand75,100,130100/100
Pro Women160Wessel Rules210 stone / 200 a hand175,200,230180/220
Novice M LW (220-)190Wessel Rules210 stone/ 200 a hand150,175, 200180/220
Novice M HW (220+)210Wessel Rules210 stone /250 a hand175,200,230180/220
Open M LW (181-)210Wessel Rules275 stone/ 260 a hand200,230,250280/300
Open M MW (220-)240Wessel Rules275 stone/ 280 a hand230,250,270280/300
Open M HW (275-)260Wessel Rules305 stone/300 a hand250,270,300280/300
Open M SHW (308-)280Wessel Rules400 stone/ 320 a hand300,320,350Walling Stones 851
Open M SHW (+)280Wessel Rules400 stone/ 320 a hand300,320,350Walling Stones 851
Masters M MW (220-)210Wessel Rules275 stone/ 260 a hand230,250,270280/300
Masters M LW (220-) 50+160Wessel Rules210 stone/ 200 hand150,175,200180/220
Masters M HW (+)240Wessel Rules275 stone/ 280 a hand250,270,300Walling Stones 851
Masters M HW (220+) 50+190Wessel Rules210 stone/ 200 a hand150,175,200180/220
Teen M LW (220-)210Wessel Rules210 stone/ 250 a hand150,175,200,180/220
Teen M HW (220+)230Wessel Rules275 stone/ 250 a hand150,175,200180/220
Pro Men300Wessel Rules400 stone / 350 a hand320,350,400Walling Stones 851

Early Bird Price
Available until Feb 28, 2023

Regular Price
Registration Closes Oct 31, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
30 spots remain.