January 20, 2024

Battle Axe Showdown V


Garland, TX

Battle Axe Showdown V is back, bigger and better than ever FOR ITS 5TH YEAR IN A ROW!


We are giving away exclusive Battle Axe Showdown V posters (100/100) to the first 25 athletes that register.

LIVESTREAM https://www.ironvision.media/livestream



Weigh Ins/Athlete Check In:

  1. EVERYONE MUST check-in on the 19th (weigh-ins are NOT allowed the day of the event), including SHW Classes- under age of 18 must have parent at check in
  2. Location: 1494 W Buckingham Rd. Garland, Texas
  3. Date: January 19th
  4. Time:  10a.m.-12p.m. & 5p.m.-7p.m.

Rules Meeting:

  1. DATE: January 20TH
  2. TIME: 9:00a.m.

Registration Deadline: 

  1. January 18th 2024 at 11:59pm.  Online entry must be submitted by this date.
  2. Contest will cap at 100 Athletes
  3. Iron Podium is the only way to Register.
  4. www.ironpodium.com

Spectator Admission:

  1. All tickets will be sold at door (Cash or Card ONLY)
  2. Entry will be at door $10
  3. Free for ages 12 & under

Qualifying for Nationals: 

  • If there is 1 athlete in a class, they will get combined with another class or just get a regionals bid.

If there are 2-5 athletes in a class:

  • 1st place - Qualifies for Nationals (2024) and Regionals (2024)
  • 2nd - Qualifies for Regionals (2024)
  • 3rd - Qualifies for Regionals (2024)

If there are 6+ athletes in a class:

  • 1st - qualifies for Nationals (2024) and Regionals (2024)
  • 2nd - qualifies for Nationals (2024) and Regionals (2024)
  • 3rd - qualifies for Regionals (2024)
  • 4th - qualifies for Regionals (2024)


Events and Rules: 

note all events are subject to change**

*For all events:

  1. No deadlift suits or Multi-ply of any kind
  2. No tacky/ tacky towel or spray tacky
  3. No Bare feet (shoes must be worn at all times)
  4. Contest shirt must be worn at all times
  5. No build up belts (Only 1 hard and 1 soft allowed)


Max Axle Clean & Press

Athletes will have 30 seconds per attempt to clean & press an axle off of the floor and press it overhead. Athletes must complete every weight jump. All athletes will start at the listed starting weight in the matrix for their weight class. 10lb jumps for women and 20lb jumps for men. 

Nicol Stone Carry/Car Deadlift

Athletes will start with their hands on the handles of Nicol Stones then carry the offset pair 25ft before strapping in and repping out the car deadlift for the remainder of their attempt. 60 second time limits for all competitors. Straps are not allowed for the carry, but straps ARE allowed for the car deadlift. Car Deadlift is side handle with a 14" pick height. 

Semi Truck Pull

Truck Pull for fastest time. Athletes will be strapped in and attached to a semi truck behind them and will drag the vehicle while using a rope to pull themselves forward. Semi weight is 18,000lbs. Distance is 40ft.

Sandbag Load/Shoulder/Press

Athletes will have 60 seconds to accumulate as many points as possible by either loading the sandbag over bar, loading the sandbag to their shoulder or pressing the sandbag overhead. Athletes can perform any of the movements in any combination or order they would like. Athletes are not allowed to use the bar to assist them in loading the sandbag over. Athletes must wait for judges down commands for both the sandbag to shoulder and sandbag press. Sandbag must be reset to floor after every completed point or points received. Women's load height is 48". Men's load height is 52".

Load over bar: 1 Point

Load to Shoulder: 3 Points

Sandbag Press: 5 Points



This will be a Strongman Corporation Nationals invite for qualifying classes. This is a Strongman Corporation sanctioned event so all athletes must prove current valid Strongman Corporation membership status before being able to compete. No membership/No compete.


The final day to register to receive a complimentary event shirt with your entry fee is January 6th. 


Each weight class must have at least 3 or more competitors the day of competition or they will be combined.

All competitors must have a valid Strongman Corporation Card to be able to compete the day of the event.



1494 W Buckingham Rd
1494 W Buckingham Rd
Garland, TX 75042
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Jan 20, 2024

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Derek Owens
Events and Weights
Division Max Axle Clean & Press (start weight) Nicol Stone Carry/Car Deadlift MedleySemi Truck PullSandbag Load/Shoulder/Press
Novice W LW (140.4-)95lbs115/95lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY100lbs
Novice W MW (160.4-)95lbs115/95lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY100lbs
Novice W MW (180.4-)115lbs135/115lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY125lbs
Novice W HW (180.5+)135lbs145/125lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY125lbs
Open W LW (125.4-)95lbs115/95lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY100lbs
Open W LW (140.4-)115lbs125/105lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY125lbs
Open W MW (160.4-)135lbs135/115lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY125lbs
Open W MW (180.4-)145lbs145/125lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY150lbs
Open W SHW (+)155lbs155/135lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY150lbs
Masters W (40+)115lbs135/115lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY125lbs
Masters W (50+)115lbs125/105lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY100lbs
Masters W (60+)95lbs115/95lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY100lbs
Novice M LW (175.4-)165lbs175/145lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY150lbs
Novice M MW (200.4-)185lbs195/165lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY150lbs
Novice M MW (231.4-)205lbs215/185lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY175lbs
Novice M HW (264.5-)225lbs235/205lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY200lbs
Novice M SHW (265.5+)225lbs235/205lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY200lbs
Open M LW (175.4-)185lbs 195/165lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY175lbs
Open M MW (200.4-)205lbs215/185lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY200lbs
Open M MW (231.4-)225lbs235/205lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY225lbs
Open M HW (264.5-)245lbs255/225lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY250lbs
Open M SHW (+)265lbs275/245lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY275lbs
Masters M (40+)205lbs235/205lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY200lbs
Masters M (50+)185lbs215/185lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY175lbs
Masters M (60+)165lbs195/165lbs/ HEAVYHEAVY150lbs

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jan 20, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 111 athletes.
10 spots remain.