May 11, 2024

Catalina Kids Strongman


Wilmington, DE

"Did we just become best friends?!?"

New this year, we're adding a kid's strongman showdown to our Catalina Strongman Mixer. Kids will compete in age groups (no gender or weight classes). Events to include a log press for max reps using a custom built kid's log, kid's car deadlift, and sandbag carry for time. Event weights pending testing. An adult needs to stay with the kid, so if you're competing in the adult competition, please be sure there is an adult who can stay with your pint size competitor.

The Events:

  • Log Press: Max clean and press reps in thirty seconds. Each rep must go from the floor to locked out overhead using our custom built kid's log for weights under 65lb. The 65lb log will be an 8 inch CFF log. Any form of press is allowed (strict, power jerk, split jerk). No resting the log on your head.
  • Kid's Car Deadlift: Frame deadlift with a custom built kiddie tank on it, additional weight added for older age groups. Max reps in 30 seconds.
  • Sandbag Carry: 50 ft carry with sandbag for time. Distance will be measured if not able to complete within one minute. Unlimited drop and repick permitted. No shoulder carry, or dragging the bag, but any form of front carry is permitted.

Other Info:

  • This competition is unsanctioned, so you do not need a membership to any federation to compete.
  • All weights, distances, rules, etc are subject to change.
  • We will not be adding any additional classes, but some classes may be combined depending on registration numbers.

Volunteer Sign-up: coming in March/April

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512 Justison St
Wilmington, DE 19801
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May 11, 2024

Start Time
11:00 AM
Meet Director
Jess Brock-Pitts

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Log PressKiddie Car DeadliftSandbag Carry
Age 11-1245 lbtank + 115 lbs70 lb
Age 6-818 lbtank + 45 lbs35 lb
Age 9-1035 lbtank + 90 lbs45 lb
Age 13-1465 lbtank + 135 lbs90 lb

Regular Price
Registration Closes Apr 27, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 30 athletes.
16 spots remain.