May 11, 2024

Catalina Strongman Mixer 2 - Partner Throwdown


Wilmington, DE

"Did we just become best friends?!?"

Grab your best friend, and join us for the 2nd annual (g*damn) Catalina Strongman Mixer Partner Throwdown!

All teams will be same-gender teams of two (i.e. female-female or male-male). The weight class is determined by the total weight of both partners. For example, a female-female team with a 180lbs athlete and a 130lbs athlete would be in Lightweight because their combined weight is 310lbs (cap for LW is 350lbs). A female athlete may compete in the male-male division, but must lift the mens weights and meet the mens weight requirements. (See registration details below to sign your team up correctly.)

NEW THIS YEAR: We're introducing the Catalina Kids competition! Up-and-coming strongman kids age 6-12 are invited to participate in our first-ever kids competition. All the equipment is designed specifically for our younger lifters, but looks just as cool as the grown-up toys. Details and registration are on this page: https://ironpodium.com/browse/event/catalina-kids-strongman

Now back to the grown-ups...

Available Weight Classes (subjected to being combined if needed):

  • Women - Novice (no weight limit) - for newbies and smaller athletes
  • Women - Intermediate (no weight limit) - for more experienced and bigger lifters
  • Men - Novice LW (combined weight under 425lbs) - for newbies who are also small-ish
  • Men - Novice HW (combined weight 426+) - for newbies who are also big-ish
  • Men - Open (no weight limit) - more experienced and/or bigger lifters

Event Videos and Photos: keep an eye on the Facebook event page and PPG's Instagram page

Event Details:

1. Harness Truck Pull (for time): Teams will be harnessed to a vehicle and pull it 50ft for time. Fastest time wins. Time starts at "3-2-1-Go" and ends when the vehicle reaches the designated line. Distance will be measured for any incomplete pulls. Time will be capped at 60 seconds. Both partners will be attached to the vehicle at the same time and wearing identical SPUD harnesses. Click here for a video and photo of the setup on the Facebook event page. There will not be a rope to assist in the pull. Equipment Allowed: belt, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, whatever shoes you want. Equipment NOT Allowed: suits/briefs

2. Press and Hold (for reps): One teammate will do a static sandbag front hold while the other teammate cleans and presses a Circus Dumbbell for max reps in 90 seconds. The dumbbell may only be pressed when the holding teammate is fully in control of their hold. Teammates may switch at any point during the allotted time. The sandbag may only be held in front of the body and completely unsupported by a belt (i.e. you can't rest it on top of a belt) or by the legs (i.e. you can't just squat down with it or create a shelf with your legs). The dumbbell must touch the ground (not just the mat) between reps. The athlete may use two hands to clean the dumbbell to the shoulder, but must remove one hand before starting the press. A "down" command will be given when the DB is fully locked out overhead (elbow locked out, knees and hips locked out, feet on a straight line, bell under control). After receiving a "down" command, both hands may be used to bring the dumbbell back to the ground. The DB must be controlled to the ground (NO purposeful drops from overhead). If an athlete has a physical limitation that prevents a full elbow lockout, they must inform their judge BEFORE their time starts. Women will use a custom 8" dumbbell with 1.5" handle that is 35lbs empty. Men will use a custom 10" dumbbell with 2" handle that is 70lbs empty. Equipment Allowed: wrist wraps, elbow sleeves (but not the crazy built-up kind), belt, knee sleeves, chalk (liquid or powder). Equipment NOT Allowed: grip shirts, suits/briefs, built-up elbow sleeves (like the kind with buckles or a series of velcro straps), tacky or anything sticky.

3. Stone to Shoulder (for reps): Teams will have 75 seconds to accumulate as many reps as possible of stone to shoulder, alternating reps. Athletes will stand facing each other with a stone between them. At "3-2-1-Go" Athlete A will lift the stone from the ground to their shoulder (either shoulder is fine). Athletes must wait for a "down" command, which will be given when the stone is held with control on the shoulder, one hand is fully removed from the stone, and the athlete is completely stationary. After receiving the "down" command, Athlete A may drop the stone and Athlete B may begin their attempt. Athletes MUST alternate reps. For example, if Athlete B is unable to shoulder the stone, Athlete A may not lift again. All classes will use standard concrete atlas stones. Equipment Allowed: wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, tape or tacky-free stone sleeves on arms, belt, knee sleeves, tacky towel (the ones that come in a bag), chalk (liquid or powder). Equipment NOT Allowed: traditional tacky (the sticky kind that comes in a jar), grip shirts, suits/briefs.

4. Yoke & Sandbag Medley (for time) : Teams will have a max of 75 seconds to carry a yoke down a 50ft course, and carry a sandbag and load it over the yoke. Each team member will need to complete 1 yoke carry and 1 sandbag carry & load. Partner A will complete the first yoke carry. Once Parter A crosses the designated line, Partner B may pick and carry the sandbag down and load it over the yoke. Partner B must then pick the yoke and carry it back to the start line. When Parter B reaches the line, Partner A can pick and carry the sandbag and load it over the yoke. (Yes, this means Parter B will go directly from sandbag into yoke.) Partner A may help move the sandbag out of the way when Partner B loads it over the yoke (to facilitate a speedy transition), however Partner A may not help get the sandbag over the bar. Each team will select ONE yoke height prior to the start of the run and may not change the height during their run. The starting athlete will start behind (not underneath) the yoke. Hands may be on the yoke if desired. Time starts at "3-2-1-Go" and stops when the final sandbag hits the ground. Yokes will be Rogue Y-1 yoke. Sandbags are from Cerberus. Equipment Allowed: wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, belt, knee sleeves, non-sticky gloves, chalk (liquid or powder). Equipment NOT Allowed: tacky or anything sticky, grip shirts, suits/briefs.

5. Car Deadlift (for reps): Teams will deadlift a car for max reps in 90 seconds. Athletes will lift one at a time. Each athlete must lift/attempt for at least 30 seconds, and you may only switch partners ONCE. We'll use a car deadlift frame with a bar in the front, height is about 15.5 inches. Straps are allowed and partners may assist each other in adjusting straps, but athletes must strap in on their own time (i.e. after "3-2-1-Go"). Hands must be placed outside knees/legs (i.e. NO sumo pulling). Ramping/hitching/whatever is fine. Athlete will receive a "down" command when hips and knees are fully locked out at the top of the lift. Absolutely NO dropping from the top is allowed - first offense is a no-rep; second offense is a zero for the event. There will be no "up" commands, so "touch-and-go" reps are okay, BUT no bouncing is allowed and the full frame must contact the ground at the bottom of each rep. Athletes will receive 1 warning, then any subsequent offenses will result in a no-rep. Athletes must wear something on their feet (socks are fine) - no bare toes on the floor, please. Equipment Allowed: straps (including Figure-8s), wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, belt, knee sleeves, chalk (liquid or powder). Equipment NOT Allowed: supportive suits/briefs (neoprene is fine), anything sticky, weird non-standard grip aids (like hooks)

Registration Details:

  • The price listed ($70) is PER PERSON, and each person on the team will register individually.
  • Pick one teammate to start the registration process. After the first athlete registers there is a screen that allows the athlete to create a new team and make invitations to that team.
  • After the first athlete creates the team, that athlete will invite the other teammate. It is important that you invite your teammate using their Iron Podium email address. Life is much easier this way. The invited teammate will register using the invitation and opt to join an existing team during the registration process.
  • Each athlete will select their own shirt size and sign their own individual waiver during this process.
  • Athletes that have registered can get back to the team editing page from their account at anytime.

Other Info:

  • This competition is unsanctioned, so you do not need a membership to any federation to compete.
  • All weights, distances, rules, etc are subject to change.
  • We will not be adding any additional classes, but some classes may be combined depending on registration numbers.
  • Please keep your team names clean (PG-13 or kinder). Bonus points for Step Brothers-themed names.
  • Pricing is per person ($70 each), and each teammate registers individually (see above).

Volunteer Sign-up: https://forms.gle/4DZQrz2EUZEY6tyK8

Follow the event on Facebook for updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/1080067079864407

Follow Power Plant Gym on Instagram for event demos and other info: @powerplantstrength

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May 11, 2024

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Katie Feeley

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Events and Weights
Division Harness Truck PullPress & HoldStone to ShoulderYoke & Sandbag MedleyCar Deadlift
Women - Intermediatetruck65lbs DB / 150lbs sandbag143lbs350lbs yoke / 150lbs sandbagJohn Deere X758
Men - Open (no weight limit)truck110lbs DB / 225lbs sandbag204lbs500lbs yoke / 200lbs sandbagSubaru Forester Sport
Women - Novicetruck50lbs DB / 125lbs sandbag112lbs310lbs yoke / 125lbs sandbagJohn Deere X758
Men - Novice HW (no weight limit)truck100lbs DB / 225lbs sandbag204lbs500lbs yoke / 200lbs sandbagSubaru Forester Sport
Men - Novice LW (combined under 425lbs)truck90lbs DB / 175lbs sandbag175lbs450lbs yoke / 175lbs sandbagSubaru Forester Sport

Regular Price
Registration Closes Apr 29, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 42 athletes.
2 spots remain.