April 22, 2023

Catalina Strongman Mixer - Partner Throwdown


Wilmington, DE

Grab a friend, and join us for our inaugural STRONGMAN PARTNER THROWDOWN!

All teams will be same-gender teams of two (i.e. female-female or male-male). The weight class is determined by the total weight of both partners. For example, a female-female team with a 180lbs athlete and a 130lbs athlete would be in Lightweight because their combined weight is 310lbs (cap for LW is 360lbs). A female athlete may compete in the male-male division, but must lift the mens weights and meet the mens weight requirements. (See registration details below to sign your team up correctly.)

Available Weight Classes:

  • Women - Novice (no weight limit)
  • Women - Open (no weight limit)
  • Men - Novice (no weight limit)
  • Men - Open (no weight limit)

Event Rules Videos (deadlift, stones, press): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLob5AVkln4ho2mNjBWFyFUFsYFQvhZLRi

Event Details:

  1. Team Max Deadlift: Teams will be given 4 minutes for both partners to establish 1-rep max deadlifts. The team will be given an empty bar (Rogue Westside) and a stack of standard plates (in pounds). Athletes may take as many attempts as they want and lift in any order during the 4 minutes. For an attempt to "count" towards the team's score, the athlete must receive a "down" command from the judge and return the bar to the ground with control. All reps must be pulled in a conventional deadlift style (no sumo). No bouncing is allowed ("ramping" and "hitching" are fine). The team score for the event is the total of the heaviest weight lifted for each athlete. (For example, if Athlete A lifts 300lbs and Athlete B lifts 200lbs, the team score is 500.) Feet must be covered, but shoes are not required (i.e. socks are fine). Equipment Allowed: straps (including figure-8), chalk (liquid or powder), belt, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps. NOT Allowed: suits, briefs, anything sticky, oil, baby powder, hooks (or other grip assists that aren't normal straps).
  2. Carry Medley: Each team will be presented with 5 heavy odd objects, which must be carried 50ft from the start line to the finish line (50ft). Objects can be carried in any order. Both team members may carry at the same time, AND may help each other carry the objects. Objects must be placed upright (except sandbag) and fully over the finish line. Time stops when all hands are off the final implement, and time is capped at 60 seconds. The fastest time to get all the objects across the finish line wins. A point will be awarded for each object successfully carried across the line. No distances will be measured, and no split times will be taken. Final list of objects: single farmer handle, keg, sandbag, duck walk, axle frame (square frame made of strongman axles). Equipment Allowed: chalk (liquid or powder), belt, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps. NOT Allowed: straps, suits, briefs, anything sticky.
  3. Stone Over Bar: Partners will pass an atlas stone back and forth over a bar for max reps in 75 seconds. Partners must alternate reps. The partner going first will start with palms up on the bar. No grabbing of the bar is allowed to assist the stone in going over, and the athlete's hands must stay on their own side of the bar (no assisting in "pulling" the stone over the bar). NO TACKY is allowed for this event. Equipment Allowed: chalk (liquid or powder), belt, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, tape (sticky side on arm), pre-wrap (not sticky), stone sleeves (no sticky residual tacky), gloves (no sticky surfaces or tacky). NOT Allowed: grip shirts, tacky of any variety, tacky towel, anything sticky, suits, briefs.
  4. Press Medley (Log/Axle): Teams will press 2 implements for max reps in 75 seconds. Each partner will press both implements, then switch. (For example, Partner A presses the log, then the axle. Then Partner B presses the log, then the axle. Then Partner A can go again.) The implements must be pressed in order (log first). Athletes must stay in the same order once they start. The rep counts when the athlete receives a "down" command from the judge. "Down" command will be given when implement is locked out overhead (elbows locked out), knees and hips open, and feet on a straight line. The implement must be controlled to the ground or the rep does not count. Score is the total number of successful reps in the allotted time. No split times will be taken. Men will use a 12" Rogue log. Women will use a 10" custom log. All classes will use a Rogue 25# axle with bumper plates. Belt buckles must be turned to the side or back. Any style of clean (including "belt clean") and any style of press (including split jerk) is allowed. Equipment Allowed: chalk (liquid or powder), belt, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps. NOT Allowed: grip shirts, suits, briefs, gloves, anything sticky.
  5. Partner Drag/Push on Sled: Teams will start by pulling a sled backwards for 50ft, then pushing it (forward) 50ft back to the start line. The sled will be loaded with... your partner! Open weight classes will also have some additional weight added to the sled. The team member on the sled must have their full body weight on the sled at all times and cannot physically assist the pushing/pulling partner by doing things like putting a foot on the ground (cheering/moral support is great though!). The event starts with one team member fully on the sled. At "3-2-1-Go" the pulling partner can start pulling. When the full sled crosses the 50ft line, the team will receive a "good" command from the judge and can switch positions. Once the team member is fully on the sled, the team will receive "good" command from the judge and can start pushing. Time stops when the front of the sled crosses the finish line. Fastest time wins. Time is capped at 60 seconds and distance will be measured (from line to front of sled) if the course is not completed. Sled will be a Rogue Dogsled 2.0 with upright posts. Handle will be a strap with loop handles for the pull. This event will (most likely) be on turf. Equipment Allowed: chalk (liquid or powder), knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, gloves, wrist wraps. NOT Allowed: suits, briefs, anything sticky.

Registration Details:

  • The price listed ($65) is PER PERSON, and each person on the team will register individually.
  • After a single athlete registers there is a screen that allows the athlete to either create a new team and make invitations to that team or join an existing team that they have an invitation to.
  • Each athlete will select their own shirt size and sign their own individual waiver during this process.
  • Athletes that have registered can get back to the team editing┬ápage from their account at anytime.

Other Info:

  • As of right now, this competition is unsanctioned, so you do not need a membership to any federation to compete. This is subject to change.
  • All weights, distances, rules, etc are subject to change. We will add more Novice weight classes if needed. We will not have a Masters division for this competition.
  • Please keep your team names clean (PG-13 or kinder).
  • Pricing is per person ($65 each), and each teammate registers individually (see above).

Volunteer Sign-up: closed (email coming on 4/17)

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512 Justison St
Wilmington, DE 19801
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Apr 22, 2023

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Katie Feeley

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Events and Weights
Division Team Max Deadlift (total)Carry Medley (farmer/keg/sandbag/duck/frame)Stone Over BarPress Medley (log/axle)Partner Sled Push/Drag
Women - Open (single class)-135/150/150/180/230145/44"95/105sled + partner + 45#
Men - Open MW (combined weight <480lbs)-205/225/225/405/450250/52"185/205sled + partner + 100lbs
Men - Novice (single class)-185/200/175/225/450175/48"135/165sled + partner
Women - Novice (single class)-115/125/125/135/190115/44"75/95sled + partner

Regular Price
Registration Closes Apr 05, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
6 spots remain.