October 12, 2024

Clash of the Tridents IV at the Mr. America All Sports Festival


Atlantic City, NJ

Clash of the Tridents IV

*US Strongman 2025 Nationals Qualifier


Hotel Block links:    Click link below for room block (can be used for athletes, spectators, volunteers...whoever!) 

TRAVEL INFO | Mramerica



Weigh-Ins (all weight classes must weigh in….no exceptions) will be offered on Friday and Saturday. 


  • 10/11/24:

                -10a-12p OR 2p-4p weigh ins offered (exact location will be emailed to registered athletes and posted on social media).


  • 10/12/24:

               -8:30-9:30A last call for weigh ins. Any athletes not weighed in/checked in by 9:30A will be marked as a drop out

               -9:30A rules

               - 9:45A warm ups begin


America's Strongest Athlete with Disabilities (run by Vachio)


ENTRY: $125 (competitors are given entrance to Fitness expo and all sporting events occurring all weekend).

Confirmed sports: Bodybuilding, powerlifting, kettlebell sport, strict curl and more to be announced   

TEENS: Use code OURSTRONGFUTURE for a free entry


Spectator fee: 

*ATHLETES have entrance to all weekend events and do not need a spectator pass

*10 years and under are free

  • website will be posted here once it's live



OPEN classes

1st Place- $250 cash prize (*for classes with 7+ athletes), trophy, swag bag from sponsors     

2nd and 3rd- medals and swag bags from sponsors

*1st place in novice and top 3 in open classes (including masters and teen) get bid to USS Inc Nationals 2025! 


SPONSORED BY: United States Strongman, LiftEvil, Cerberus, A7, Egg Whites International, Fat Gripz, Pioneer, LMNT, LadyArik, Angies Place, Tidy Mama Cleaning, Coast Transmission & Performance, OC Towing, Mr America and more to be announced

FB Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/359983056599659


Solid Axle Clean & Press: 

  • Athlete has 60 seconds to press a solid axle above their head as many times as they can for reps
  • This event is scored by reps.
  • All reps MUST be controlled down to the ground. No tree topping or letting implement drop from overhead or you will receive a 0 for the event
  • A good rep will have the athletes arms over head, head through, elbows locked, hips through and knees locked. If athlete is jerking the bar; they must return their feet to a neutral position
  • Allowed: wrist wraps, sleeves, grip shirts, belts (must be turned around if they have a metal clasp so as to not ruin the implement), chalk
  • Not Allowed: grip shirts from any other federation, liquid chalk, tacky, tacky towels, tree topping from above

Husafell Carry:

  • Athlete has 90 seconds to pick a husafell stone from the ground, carry it 50' and then carry it back 50'
  • The athlete may begin with their hands on the implement but cannot pick until the judge gives the "lift" command
  • This event is scored via distance and time
  • Athlete must carry it out in front of them (no overhead or shouldering of the implement)
  • If the athlete throws the husafell to gain distance, they will be given a zero for the event
  • No drops allowed
  • Athletes front of their foot must cross the line at both 50' lines to turn or complete the run (one foot is fine)
  • Allowed: Chalk, wrist wraps, sleeves, belts (turn them backwards if there is a metal clasp), gloves and grip shirts OK (no SC/OSG shirts)
  • Not Allowed: NO Tacky, no liquid chalk

Car Yoke: 

  • Athlete may start within the car under the yoke but may not stand until the judge gives the "lift" command
  • Athlete has 60 seconds to pick a car via their back to the 50' line
  • This event is scored via distance and time
  • The front of the vehicle must cross the 50' line to count
  • Two drops allowed
  • Allowed: Chalk, wrist wraps, sleeves, belts, gloves and grip shirts OK (no SC/OSG shirts)
  • Not Allowed: NO Tacky, no liquid chalk

Stone of Steel over Bar : 17” stone for women, 20” stone for men. 

  • Athlete will have 60 seconds to pick the stone of steel from the floor and load it over the bar.
  • Bar height 46” for women, 48” for men.  
  • A volunteer will roll the stone back to the athlete.
  • This event is scored by reps.
  • Allowed: tacky towel, chalk, any standard strongman supportive equipment you need (sleeves, wraps etc).
  • Not allowed: tacky, liquid chalk, grabbing the crossbar or uprights to push the stone over the bar, throwing the stone at volunteer....show control to the best of your ability

Car Deadlift: 

  • Athlete will have 60 seconds to deadlift the car for as many reps as possible.
  • This is a side handle car deadlift set up
  • This event is scored for reps
  • A good rep has the athlete's hips, knees, and shoulders locked out and getting a "down" command from the judge. NO TOUCH AND GO ALLOWED! Athletes will lower the rig down to the ground and wait for a "lift" command to start the next rep
  • Allowed: wrist wraps, sleeves, belts, chalk, gloves, straps
  • Not allowed: liquid chalk, tacky, tacky towels, deadlift suits, deadlift briefs, touch and go


*Weights and rules are subject to change (all athletes will be notified via email in addition to social media posts). 

Tropicana Atlantic City
2831 Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
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Oct 12, 2024

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Anchor Point Strength : Liz Demato

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Events and Weights
Division Solid Axle Clean & PressHuss CarryCar YokeStone of Steel over barCar Deadlift
Novice W LW (165-)100125YOU145SEE
Novice W HW (165+)115135GOT155CAR
Open W LW (132-)135145THIS155YOKE
Open W MW (165-)155165JUST 175WEIGHTS
Open W HW (198-)175185KEEP 195SAME
Open W SHW (+)195205SWIMMING215RULES
Masters Women (Single Class)155165SWIMMING175APPLY
Teen W HW (165+)100115SWIMMING125OR
Novice M LW (220-)215230FOR 215CHECK
Novice M HW (220+)225240REAL225OUT
Open M LW (181-)235260DONT 225LAST
Open M MW (220-)255280WORRY250YEARS
Open M HW (275-)275300WE275TRIDENTS
Open M SHW (+)295320BELIEVE300CAR
Masters Men (Single Class)255280IN 250PRESS
Teen M HW (220+)215230YOU200WEIGHTS

Regular Price
Registration Closes Oct 01, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 80 athletes.
1 spots remain.
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