August 24, 2024

OSG Southwest Regional


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Mesquite, TX

Welcome to The Official Registration page for the 2024 OSG Southwest Regional Qualifier held at the Mesquite Convention Center, August 24th & 25th, during the North Texas Strength Expo. This will held across two days of competing with 3 events each day. Athletes do not need to qualify to compete at this competition.

This is your closest chance of experiencing what Official Strongman Games is all about. Find out if you have what it takes.





SPECIEL HOTEL RATES: Please use the link below to save money on your rates during your stay.


The hotel is directly connected to the expo hall for your convenience. FREE parking as well.



Weigh-in/Check-in Times & Locations (no weigh-in/check-in allowed on Saturday or Sunday)


Morning Weigh-in/Check-in: 10:00a.m.-12:00p.m. at Battle Axe Barbell (1494 W Buckingham Rd, Garland TX 75042)

Evening Weigh-in/Check-in: 5:00p.m.-7:00p.m. at Mesquite Convention Center (1700 Rodeo Dr, Mesquite TX 75149)



Athletes will receive TWO different complimentary SW Regional shirts as well as ONE free Coaches Pass and ONE free weekend pass to the North Texas Strength Expo. Coach passes must be picked by during Weigh-in/Check-ins Friday ONLY. No passes will be handed out Saturday or Sunday Morning.



1- Axle Press Athletes will have 60 seconds to clean & press the axle as many times as possible while receiving the down command from their judge for each rep to count. Each rep must be cleaned from the floor. No bouncing reps. Max reps. Grip shirts are not allowed.

2- Nicol Stone Carry Athletes will start with their hands on each handle of the stones and when given the Start command, athletes will carry the stones as far as they can without dropping them while making turns every 50ft. Only one foot needs to cross the 50ft marker before changing direction. Athlete’s attempt will end once either of the stones touch the ground. Distance will be marked by the front of the furthest stone. Straps of any kind are NOT allowed. Max distance.

3- Sandbag Death Medley Athletes will carry and load 2 sandbags 50ft each and load them to a sled before dragging the sled an additional 50ft to finish. Athletes will start at the 'Sled side' of the course (not the side where both sandbags are kept) and sprint 50ft to the first sandbag to begin the medley. All athletes must carry the lighter sandbag first before carrying the heavier one. Time ends once the front of the sled loaded with both sandbags cross the Finish line. Fastest time wins. Grip shirt are not allowed.

4- Yoke/Log Medley Athletes will begin underneath the yoke and carry the first implement 25ft before dropping it and carrying back an additional 25ft. Competitors will then begin cleaning & pressing the log for the remainder time. 75 second time limit. 10" for women. 12" for men. Grip shirts are not allowed.

5- Monster Deadlift Athletes will start strapped in and begin pulling as many reps as possible for 60 seconds once given the 'GO' command. Athletes must wait for judges down command after every successfully locked out repetition. No suits or assisted briefs of any kind. No hooks allowed. No bouncing or touch n' go allowed. 12" pick height.

6- Sandbag Gauntlet Using one sandbag, athletes will have 60 seconds to accumulate as many points as possible by either loading, shouldering, or pressing the bag. Athletes can use any combination of the three movements in any order they’d like to. Athletes must receive a down command for each of the 3 movements to obtain points. Athletes are responsible for removing their bag from the platform once given the down command. Grip shirts are not allowed.

Women’s load height: 48”.

Men’s load height: 52”.

Press = 5 points

Shoulder = 3 points

Load = 1 point


Class Qualifications for Official Strongman Games invite:

Women's Class qualifications:

1-3 in a class = 1st only

4-5 in a class = top 2

6 or more in a class = top 3

Men's Class Qualifications:

1-4 in a class = 1st only

5-7 in a class = top 2

8 or more in a class = top 3




Mesquite Convention Center
1700 Rodeo Dr
Mesquite, TX 75149
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Aug 24 - 25, 2024

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Derek Owens
Events and Weights
Division Axle PressNicol Stone CarryDeath MedleyYoke/Log MedleyMonster DeadliftSandbag Gauntlet
Women's Open195200/165175/200555/180485175
Women's U64kg (140.8-)135140/115100/125455/120365125
Women's U73kg (160.6-)155160/135125/150485/140405150
Women's U82kg (180.4-)175180/150150/175525/160455150
Women's Masters 50+135140/115100/125455/120365125
Women's Masters 40+155160/135125/150485/140405150
Masters W U73kg (160.6-)135140/115100/125455/120365125
Men's Open315280/235300/325900/320765300
Men's U80kg (176-)245220/175225/250615/240585225
Men's U90kg (198-)265240/195250/275685/260635250
Men's U105kg (231-)285260/215275/300795/290675275
Men's Masters 50+245220/175225/250615/240585225
Men's Masters 40+285260/175275/300795/290675275
Masters M U105kg (231-)265240/195250/275686/260635250

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jul 26, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
43 spots remain.
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