April 30, 2022

Pillar Strength Gym Presents: 2022 Strongman/Stongwoman Battle of the Beasts


Broken Arrow, OK

Weigh ins will be Friday April 29th from 5 pm until 7 pm at Pillar Strength Gym 830 S. Elm Pl.

Meet hotel is the Hampton Inn, 2300 W. Albany St. Broken Arrow, OK 74012. 

Use this link to book your room: https://www.hilton.com/en/book/reservation/deeplink/?&ctyhocn=TULBAHX&corporateCode=0003309529

You will receive a discounted rate through the Pillar Strength Gym corporate account

For now, I will list the event site as Pillar Strength Gym but I am trying to negotiate another deal at Broken Arrow Brewing Company with a food truck on site.


  1. Anderson Squat: the implement height will be determined at weigh in. The height will be set at just above parallel and the rep counts start once the competitor stands up. Squat briefs/ suits, knee wraps, knee sleeves are all ok to use. Competitors must wear shoes.
  2. For the sandbag toss for height, the women will throw at 12', the men will throw at 15'. There will be two different bag weights: 25 lb and 40 lbs. Each competitor will choose their bag weights at weigh in. Men's novice class will throw at 12', men's open classes 220 and under will throw at 12' and 221 bw and above will throw at 15'. The women will throw at 12' with the 25# bag.
  3. Farmer's walk implement hold for time: the clock starts as soon as the competitor stands up with each implement in his/her hands. The time will stop as soon as the weight touches the ground. Wrist straps are not allowed!
  4. The yoke walk for distance. This is a distance event. The event starts as soon as the competitor lifts the yoke up and begins walking and ends when the competitor cannot continue. Time will be kept so that in the event of a tie, the competitor that reached the distance faster will place higher. For novice, if there ends up being two classes, light and heavy. The heavy novice class weight will be 500 lbs.
  5. Hand over hand truck pull. The competitor will stand inside a large tire for leverage and time will start as soon as the competitor begins pulling and will end as soon as the truck reaches the tire. This is a timed event so fastest time wins.


Broken Arrow Brewing Company
333 W Dallas St
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
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Apr 30, 2022

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Jim Gorrell
Events and Weights
Division Max Anderson squat for reps Sandbag toss 12' - 15' total for timeFarmers walk implement hold for timeYoke walk for distanceHand over hand truck pull
Novice Women (Single Class)150TBD85200Car
Open W LW (132-)180TBD85230Car
Open W MW (165-)220TBD120250Car
Open W HW (198-)275TBD140300Truck
Novice M LW (220-)275TBD150350TBD
Novice M HW (220+)400TBD200500TBD
Open M LW (165-)300TBD150450Truck
Open M LW (181-)325TBD170500Truck
Open M MW (198-)375TBD200550Truck
Open M MW (220-)400TBD230600Truck
Open M HW (242-)450TBD255625Truck
Open M HW (275-)500TBD275650Truck
Open M SHW (308-)550TBD300700Truck
Open M SHW (+)600TBD320800Truck
Masters M HW (+)450TBD230550Truck

Regular Price
Registration Closes Apr 15, 2022

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 30 athletes.
2 spots remain.