July 1, 2023

Rise of the Strong(Wo)men


Tomball, TX

Welcome to the Inaugural Rise Gym strongman competition! 

This event will cater towards first-time, cross-sport, and semi-retired athletes. If you’ve ever thought about trying your hand in this amazing sport, this is your time! We will have a crowd of your family and friends, sponsors with fun booths, and competitors that may become your lifelong friends. So sign up, get training, and have a good time!

We are full on spots! I would only allow 1 more spot for masters or open W HW. E-mail me is that's you.


Sponsors: We have over 11 awesome sponsors and 10 booths that will provide food/drinks/treats/fun for all! Tell your friends/family to come watch you compete then shop in-between your lifts!

Afterparty is confirmed at Bearded Fox across the street!


Prizes: Our wonderful sponsor Cr8iv Designs is making awesome custom trophies! Only 1st and 2nd will earn them. Special trophies for best overall M and F 1st-3rd. This will be based on a combination of performance and sportsmanship.

1st place every division gets a FREE first beer at Bearded Fox after party!

1st-3rd overall M and F get a FREE $20 gift card to Kolache Kafe!



We will be have events in the new parking lot for Rise Barbell! Please plan to bring a tent, lawn chairs, sunscreen, and plenty of water as shaded space may be limited if a high number of spectators come. Event order/type/location may change depending on weather, per meet director's discretion. 

We want to make this exciting for all your family and friends to support you so please spread the word! Food, sponsor booths, and exciting strongman action is awaiting them. *Rise members are FREE. All other spectators are required to pay $10 entrance fee Venmo/cash


REQUIRED rules meeting and check in for all athletes/coaches 9am in rise barbell.

Bars up at 10 am!

Event will be fast paced. Will attempt to finish by 3pm.



This event caters to 1st time or returning athletes. The weights are adjusted to this skill level for ALL classes. However, the Novice class is reserved for TRUE novices (Meaning you have never competed in any lifting sport before). Sign up for OPEN if you have experience in lifting sports, even if it’s not strongman.

for example: if you’re a powerlifter who has never competed in strongman, but you can deadlift 500 lbs in comp, then you belong in the OPEN division. Save the novice class for athletes truly beginning their lifting journey!

If you competed in strongman before, but it's been years since: you belong in Open because you have some lifting experience

Master's are a single class reserved for ages 45 and up. 

The meet director reserves the right to combine divisions to a single class to maintain competition. Weight would be adjusted up or down per director's judgement.


Weigh ins: 

(you MUST weigh in to qualify for lower weight classes. If you are a heavyweight or masters you DO NOT have to weigh in)

at Rise gym 8am-5pm 6/30/23 or Rise gym 7/1/23 8am-9am.


General Rules

  • Being late to an event will result in a ZERO for that event
  • Please wear complimentary contest shirt during all events (except stones and overhead event, grip shirts allowed)
  • Shoes must be worn during all lifting
  • Any disrespect for equipment, gym, competitors, or staff/volunteers may result in disqualification
  • This is a family friendly event. Please be amped up, but excessive vulgarity will result in a warning, then disqualification.



  1. Max Axle Deadlift
  • Wessel's rules. You will have 3 attempts to find your 1 Rep Max. There will be one knurled axle bar from floor height. Weights will start at 50 lbs and increase by 10-20 lbs per jump. All athletes can jump in to warm-up at any time.
  • If you would like to make an official bid for an attempt please state this for the judge before lifting. You will have 60 sec to lift each bid. You may try to lift multiple times within that 60 sec. If you fail a bid you must lift a higher weight or repeat same weight before the next jump. Weights will NOT jump down.
  • A fourth bid is allowed, only as a tiebreaker for athletes in same class.
  • As long as you are conventional stance (NO SUMO!!!) then hitching, ramping, or any other technique is allowed.
  • Lift is only valid when judge gives DOWN command. They must see control of weight and hips, knees locked out and stacked on top of feet to give command.

Equipment Allowed:

Chalk, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, deadlift straps, figure 8's encouraged, 1 soft belt and 1 hard belt.  No suits, no tacky of any kind. 


   2. Overhead Press Medley

  • There will be two platforms with a knurled axle bar and a log (8-10" for females, 10-12" for males).
  • Athletes may pick either implement to start. Hands off the first implement. They will have 60" to perform as many reps as possible, alternating between each implement. Implements will be side to side and must alternate every rep.
  • Judges must see knees/elbows locked out, feet parallel, and head through to give DOWN command and score.
  • Jerk, split jerk, push press, viper, any technique is allowed. This is strongman, just get the weight up!
  • Please let judges know beforehand if you have a medical condition (elbows don’t lock) that will alter your down calls
  • Implements must be LOWERED to floor, not tree-topped. By lowered, I mean guided down from overhead or dropped from chest level or lower. We will give you guys grace and warnings, but any blatant violation will disqualify athlete from rest of competition.

Equipment Allowed:

Chalk, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, grip shirts,  wrist wraps, 1 soft belt, and 1 hard belt allowed.  No suits, briefs, tacky of any kind, or wraps.


   3. Carry Medley

  • Athlete will start with hands on farmer's handles. On GO athlete will carry farmer's 40 ft to finish line. Athlete will be given a DOWN command when the judge sees the implement pass the line. If you drop before the command the judges will give GOOD command if you're past the line and can go to sandbag, or they will say NO GOOD if you are short and need to move the farmers further
  • Dragging implement will result in 1" time penalty per drag.
  • The athlete must then run back to lift a sandbag, run it 40 ft, and load it over a in yoke. (42" W/48" M)
  • As soon as bag hits ground, timer will stop.

Equipment Allowed:

Chalk, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, 1 soft belt and 1 hard belt. Chalk recommended. No suits, wrist straps, figure 8's, tacky of any kind. 


   4. Head to Head Stone Over Bar Tournament

  • The ultimate test of grit! This event will be tournament style based on current rankings. Athletes will be head to head on either side of a 42" yoke. Athletes will have 30" to lift stone over bar to their opponent and then timer will repeat.
  • Athletes will load stone back and forth until one athlete fails.
  • Aiming stone violently or "air mailing" stone at opposing competitor will not be tolerated.
  • The winning athlete will collect points and move up to the next match up in their division bracket until a champion is crowned. Scoring will primarily be based on tournament ranking, and secondarily based on reps.
  • if there is an odd number of athletes, for example 3 in a class: the bottom ranked two will battle and the winner will face the current lead of the class.
  • If more than 5 reps are achieved for both athletes, a modification will take place per the meet director (higher yoke height, heavier stone, reduced time limit).
  • We are not allowing true tacky, but Tacky towels will be provided!
  • Tell your friends and family to come see this LEGENDARY battle!

Equipment Allowed:

Chalk, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, forearm tape/wraps, wrist wraps, stone sleeves, 1 soft belt and 1 hard belt. Alternate shirts encouraged to protect your comp shirt. No suits, no outside tacky except provided tacky towels


   Tiebreaker will be a grip event. Most likely head-to-head axle hold for time.

Please send all questions to Coach Zach: zachzam76@yahoo.com @zama_dpt @risegymtx

Detailed rule videos are live on above pages 

And join us for Strongman Saturday Class 10am at Rise Barbell to prepare for the competition!


Rise Gym | Rise Barbell - 24/7 Access | Rise Fit -
11703 Spring Cypress Rd
Tomball, TX 77377
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Jul 01, 2023

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Zachary Zamarripa

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Max axle deadlift Overhead medleyCarry medley Stone head to head
Novice W LW (165-)MAX50 (8") log/62 axle66/hand; 75 sandbag50
Novice W HW (165+)MAX60 (8") log/67 axle76/hand; 75 sandbag70
Open W HW (165+)MAX70 (10") log/84 axle120/hand; 125 sandbag115
Open W LW (165-)MAX70 (10") log/72 axle110/hand; 100 sandbag100
Masters Women (Single Class)MAX70 (10") log /67 axle76/hand; 75 sandbag70
Novice M LW (220-)MAX110 (10") log/106 axle132/hand; 150 sandbag145
Novice M HW (220+)MAX120 (10") log/116 axle142/hand; 150 sandbag145
Open M HW (220+)MAX175 (12") log/160 axle176/hand; 200 sandbag175
Open M LW (220-)MAX145 (12") log/136 axle154/hand; 175 sandbag165
Masters Men (Single Class)MAX115 (10") log/94 axle132/hand; 150 sandbag145

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jun 17, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 40 athletes.
2 spots remain.