November 19, 2022



Glendale, AZ

Welcome to Fitness 1 Gym's first ever Strongman Competition.  Weigh ins Friday the 18th from 8am-4pm. Also Saturday the 19th from 7am-8:30am.  Mandatory athlete meeting at 9:30am & event 1 starting at 10am. All information provided is subject to change & will be updated as soon as new information is known. Family fun with food & vendors galore. 

Cash prize & Trophy for First place winners in each class IF a minimum of 3 athletes enter per class. 

All divisions will first compete in the Max Axle Deadlift then will all split into rotations per other events for a speedy day.

  1. EVENT 1-MAX 18INCH AXLE DEADLIFT-Starting weight is 225lbs. Jumps are 50lbs. Jump In when you desire. Last man standing style. So as it nears the end, rest time will decrease. Athlete may start already strapped in. 30 seconds to pull. Unlimited attempts within the 30 seconds. NOTE-please be respectful of everyones time. We understand warm ups help however please do not have 8+ unnecessary pulls. Will be pulled using silver dollar-end attachments so please set down carefully or the implement will roll away. EQUIPMENT ALLOWED-Straps/figure 8. Wrist wraps,elbow/knee sleeves. Soft/Hard Belt, chalk/liquid chalk.-NO TACKY/KNEE WRAPS/SUITS-
  2. YOKE WALK FOR MAX DISTANCE IN 60 SECONDS-Athlete may start already under yoke. Athlete will run 50ft, drop, and reset until athlete gives or 60 seconds expires. Unlimited drops but no sliding. Feet penalty will be applied for slides. Athlete will decide yoke height prior to their lift.EQUIPMENT ALLOWED-WRIST/KNEE WRAPS. ELBOW/KNEE SLEEVES. SOFT/HARD BELT. CHALK/LIQUID CHALK.-NO TACKY/SUITS-
  3. FARMER  CARRY FOR MAX DISTANCE IN 60 SECONDS-Similar to the yoke event. Athlete will carry the implements 50ft, drop, reset,& repeat until athlete gives or 60 seconds expires. Unlimited drops however no slides. Feet penalty will be applied. Athlete  may start with hands already on implement. EQUIPMENT ALLOWED-WRIST/KNEE WRAPS.ELBOW/KNEE SLEEVES. SOFT/HARD BELT.CHALK/LIQUID CHALK. -NO TACKY/SUITS/WRIST STRAPS-
  4. OVERHEAD MEDLEY-DUMBBELL TO AXLE TO LOG IN 60 SECONDS-NOTE-This is currently a normal dumbbell not a circus dumbbell. This may or may not change. Athlete will start with hands off the dumbbell, athlete will press dumbbell overhead one time with full lockout & wait for the judges down command. Once completed successfully athlete will repeat with axle press for one rep. Finally athlete will clean & press the log & press away if capable for reps until time expires. Athlete must wait for down command on all reps to receive credit. Athlete must lock out elbows & show control of the implement to receive the down command. Push press, split jerk, etc are allowed. Just get it up! SLAMMING THE IMPLEMENTS IS AN INSTANT ZERO! EQUIPMENT ALLOWED-WRIST/KNEE WRAPS. ELBOW/KNEE SLEEVES. SOFT/HARD BELT. CHALK/LIQUID CHALK-NO TACKY/SUITS-
  5. TRUCK PULL FASTEST IN 100FT-60 second to pull using a harness & lead rope. More information will be provided soon regarding the truck weight + added weights. Thank you.
  6. TIE BREAKER SANDBAG OVER BAR-Athlete will have 15 seconds to load the sandbag over the yoke for each rep. Last man standing wins. This event will demonstrate how bad you really want this victory. EQUIPMENT ALLOWED-WRIST/KNEE WRAPS.ELBOW/KNEE SLEEVES.SOFT/HARD BELT.CHALK/LIQUID CHALK-NO TACKY/SUITS.



Fitness 1 Gym
3515 W Union Hills Dr
Glendale, AZ 85308
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Nov 19, 2022

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Christopher Laux
Events and Weights
Division Yoke Walk for Max DistanceFarmer Walk for Max DistanceMax 18inch Axle DeadliftOverhead MedleyTruck PullTie Breaker-Bag Over Bar
Open W 141.2+395175 PERMAX75,135,140HEAVY150
Open W LW (141.1-)345145 PERMAX65,115,120HEAVY100
Open M MW (230-)545245 PERMAX120,225,240HEAVY235
Open M HW (231+)645275 PERMAX130,245,250HEAVY260
Open M LW (181-)445205 PERMAX110,205,220HEAVY200

Regular Price
Registration Closes Nov 18, 2022

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
85 spots remain.